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- Carle headed quarterback Derek (Derek Carr) said he was ready to participate in the offseason after the event, four teammates also has signed a contract to express their determination. one is Carle over the past two years trusted passing target -- over Seth Roberts (Seth Roberts), he signed an exclusive privilege of free agent contract bidding, and Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) and Cooper (Amari Cooper) - Ammari to provide fire original works of Carle. Last season Roberts finished 38 ball, 397 yards and 5 touchdowns, but dropped the ball has been bothering him. The arrival of Cordarrelle Patterson may also reduce his chances of coming into play. is a restricted free agent defensive attack German Nico aoteli (Denico Autry) also signed his bid for the contract, he participated in the 690 season kickoff, made 2.5 sacks, is expected to continue in rotation, ammunition and Mario Luis Felipe Edwards (Mario Edwards) competition. guard Denver - Cochran (Denver Kirkland) and proximal frontal (Gabe Holmes) - Gaby Holmes signed his bid for the contract.The official website of NFL | Daliusi - Marcel and Bill signed 6 years | football Buffalo Bill has locked out one of the best young players in the future. According to ESPN reporter Adam Xie Taft (Adam Schefter), Marc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping el (Marcell Dareus) Daliusi - and Bill has been renewed for 6 years. The total value of the contract is $108 million, with an average annual salary of $18 million. This makes his salary reached the top ranks in defensive players, leading to J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) and Houston of Dezhou signed a $100 million contract for 6 years, the annual salary of Bean Damm (Ndamukong Suh) - Su hole and the Miami dolphins signed a 6 year contract for $114 million to about $1 million less. According to the special Alexeff reports, Daliusi would receive a $60 million guaranteed income, which is the highest amount of NFL non quarterback in the guarantee of income. Although the contract details have not been disclosed so that this $60 million is not only guarantee full protection or injuries, but enough to think Daliusi will become very rich, and Bill will have a very good defensive tackle in the next 6 years. Daliusi twice in the occupation career first four seasons in selected occupation bowl and selected the best line-up in the last season. However, because of the offenses against drug abuse in the league, he was banned from the game and would not be able to fight the first battle of the season.| diving water polo team soldier hair London World Cup | Zhou Jihong exposed two goal of the competition leader Zhou Jihong bid farewell to the reporter players come out of the apartment one after another Cleveland February 16 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Kang Shaohan) 16 morning, led by Wu Minxia, Chen Ruolin and He Chong, five Olympic champions of the China diving team embarked on the eighteenth fina Diving World Cup journey. Team leader Zhou Jihong said to the London Olympic venues, the winter is the biggest goal of test results. 16 of the Beijing cold, cold wind. At 9:30 in the morning, the players pulled their suitcases out of the athletes' apartment. Although the weather was cold, the players' faces were filled with joy and excitement. This is the first game we have participated in this year. I'm looking forward to it! Olympic champion Lin Yue said. The World Cup will be held at the London Olympic Stadium on -26 February 20th. According to Zhou Jihong, the leader of China diving team, the Chinese team sent 12 players to the competition, including five Olympic champions, including Wu Minxia, Chen Ruolin, He Chong, Lin Yue and Qin Kai. Compared with the previous competition, the biggest change is that men have sent four men this time. One is Qiu Bo, Lin Yue, Cao zhangyanquan / double edge. Before 's London World Cup, the Chinese diving team had just been in Ji'nan for a half month of closed training. In the general Olympic year, the world cup is the Olympic test. For us, the primary goal is to adapt to the Olympic venues, in addition to test results of winter training. Zhou Jihong said that this year the winter men's three meter single, double project have some difficulty, the difficulty will get used to the world cup. in recent years, the men's 10 meter platform has been the short board of the Chinese diving team until last year's World Championship was reclaimed by Qiu Bo. In this world cup, can Chinese men ensure that the city gate is not lost? In this regard, Zhou Jihong said: in fact, Chinese men still have a certain ability, the key to see whether the players can play in the game. Zhou Jihong said, the world male platform has been highly competitive, the top players are also many, and the difficulty is developing very fast. If we want to get this gold medal, the players will play 100%, and each action will get 9 points or more to win the chance. (finished) attached: China diving team's World Cup competition list and women's 3 meter board: Wu Minxia, He Zi women's 3 meter plate double: Wu Minxia / he men's 3 meter plate: He Chong and qinkai men's 3 meter double: Qin Kai / Luo Geno (Geno Smith) will continue to keep the position of his first quarterback this week. He will not be put on the bench for a long time, because the substitute Michael Vick (Michael Vick) has not been able to perform his duties well in the second half. 's last week against San Diego lightning team in the second half of the race completed 19 passes 8 times, won only 47 yards, is an amateur, he admitted that he may not be ready for. Vick said to the New York post: "I may not be ready yet. But I want to tell you." this is a struggling sub - quarterback that has not shown the substitute state, and should be needed to continue to play the substitute role. Vic admits he should be able to continue in the substitute team. He said, "last week I was taught to be a man, and that is to be ready. Last week left me bitter memories, I can not show, no points, not even help the team to have any improvement. So this week and every week after the season I'm going to make a change and I'll do my best to get ready. There is no in the world. But if Vic has been a bit of a normal performance last week, keno is now likely to be firmly nailed to the bench. But Vic's performance, and the subsequent confession, felt that he really didn't expect to win the competition in the middle of the opportunity - at least so far this season.

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