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, another veteran kicker, joined the saints in New Orleans. revealed to ESPN that the former Tampa Bay pirate kicker Connor - Bass (Connor Barth) would sign a contract with the saints. 30 Buss to Kai forbath (Kai Forbath) competition. If Barth wins the competition, he will be the eleventh kicker for the saints in 11 years. bass participated in the 3 day Saints rookie Mini camp on trial last weekend, apparently the saints love his performance. On Tuesday, the saints cut off another veteran kicker, Josh - Kobe (Josh Scobee), which was signed two months ago. bath in October last year after the pirate back in the 28 kick attempt hit 23 times, 26 touchdowns additional points hit 25 times. The pirates in the second round draft pick to trade Roberto Aguayo (Roberto Aguayo) after he was laid off in the beginning of this month. bass is playing for the chief of Kansas City, and the pirates and Denver Mustang have hit 84.8% for free kicks in their career. saints in the 2015 season using the two kicker, the rookie Zach - Hawke (Zach Hocker) poor performance after they signed forbath in mid season. Forbath hit 9 times in the 13 free kick, 34 touchdowns in additional hit 33 times.NFL's official website, I practice my heart, teach cheap nfl jerseys free shipping you how to correct training, football nest in this summer in addition to the United States, it is estimated that sports fans around the world are paying attention to the games full of Olympic spirit. Do American sports fans don't care about flying fish in the Olympic Games and brushing 23 gold, and finally grow into a generation of legendary magic kings? The legend has just begun, and the real American sports feast just started... mentioned the most popular sport in America. Nine times out of ten will think of rugby. When NFL teams start training camp, they will know that the day of rugby is coming. Although for most fans and spectators, rugby season is only half a year, but for those young people who are full of dreams in their professional arena, every day is a new season, and training camp is a powerful pass Boss. , and the reality may be more difficult than the copy opening. The players who attend training camp need to face not only high intensity training but also unexpected unexpected situations. Easy offseason often instantly in the past, the style change too fast, most of the players do not ah! The training camp is no joke, you think is small strange brush experience upgrade?! A veteran of NFL from the former, what every season began in the summer sun. Every day is long, the pain is real, and the pressure that you can't imagine. Kung Fu does not bear the heart, fairy tales are pure deception. There is no doubt that a group of the most athletic players from the country is the main tone of the league. Talent is innate, but always has to keep trying. Backwardness is to be beaten, and laziness is to be eliminated. In this respect, Marcus - Russell and Jonny - Manzel have made a good example. But if you want to really work for the NFL dream, you really need to remember the following points: 1. focuses on basic training every year, a group of graduates of University of Miami will return to his alma mater in the off-season, accept the Miami hurricanes - physical fitness coach Andrew Sweezy guide. Year after year, such as Willis McGahey, Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, ed Reed and other old drivers always want to go back to the University, and the University players to accept the Andrew Sweezy training service. years ago, a magazine, Sweezy has unique skills, but in his eyes, the most basic training will often have the best effect. In his training, you can't feel any elements of American football. He has only oxygen and rammed iron in his eyes. Even, there is a magazine that sums up his training methods to a number of 〉The official website of NFL, the Falcon Coach: wide receiver Julio Jones returned to training in football nest After scored 83 points in the past two games, the Atlanta falcons who are in a good state are returning to a good offensive player. coach Dan Dan (Dan Quinn) told reporters that Julio Jones, who was absent from the past two games due to toe injury, would take part in some training on Tuesday. Jones has not been fully trained since he was injured in the second half of the Kansas City chieftain in the next half of the thirteenth week. In his absence, Mohammed (Mohamed Sanu) and Taylor Sanou - quite explosive Gabriel (Taylor Gabriel) to fill the vacancy of Jones, the Falcon distance to score more than 40 League single season record and a breakout time distance. had an unstoppable attack on the falcons in the last game, with a 41-13 victory over San Francisco's 49 people. However, it is ridiculous to think that the falcons will be able to spend the absence of Jones in his absence. As the most difficult to deal with in the league, Jones is very important for the long falcons who want to walk in the playoffs. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Mustang and defensive end Wolf signed 4 years | football Denver Mustang ensures that one of their most potential defenders can stay in the team for a long time. The team announced on Friday that they had renewed their agreement with defensive end forward Derek Wolf (Derek Wolfe) for 4 years. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, reported that the contract cost 36 million 700 thousand dollars, including 17 million 500 thousand dollars in the protection income. Wolf could have been able to get a higher salary in other teams, but he wanted to stay in the wild horse. Wolf missed the first four games of the season as a result of the ban, but he still has 5.5 escapement and a total of 49 grabs in his career. According to the rugby focus network score, Wolf ranked the fourth in all 3-4 defensive fronts as the first leading player in the wild horse defense group. did he sign his first task after the new contract? Pittsburgh Steelers defensive group live shorthanded in the next game.

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