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Automatic playback switch automatically broadcast to heaven also has a football fans for Viola Astoria is loading..; Tencent sports news Beijing time on March 6th, Florence, the Cagliari club announced on Tuesday, will he wear the number 13 Jersey retired. Florence retired the No. 13 jersey that Astori was wearing before he retired to The death of 31 year old Astoria on Sunday in his sleep, when he and his teammates together in at the hotel to prepare for Sunday's game with Udine J. Florence in the club's official twitter announced, "to a permanent memory of Astoria Cagliari and Florence, decided that the number 13 shirt retired." ???????????????????????????13?????|?????????????????????????????????? Italy media said on Tuesday that Cagliari intended to retire the No. 13 shirt, and Romania, now w cheap nfl jerseys free shipping earing No. 13, will be re - selecting a number. Cagliari will also own the No. 13 Jersey to honor once played for the club before he to commemorate the unfortunate death of the Astoria, before UEFA has decided this week in the Champions League and UEFA Cup game will be silence. The Italy Olympic Committee President Malago also said, "I suggest in the weekend, all the teams wore jerseys played astoria." The Florence team will resume training on Tuesday. For all the players and coaches, it will be the first training after an accident. He will accept the body Tuesday anatomy, to determine the cause of his death, and he's funeral will be on Thursday morning 10. (Obail)NFL ninth weeks of regular season Philadelphia hawk 33-27 Dallas cowboy sina sports will live video broadcast NFL event Beijing online November 9th. In the 2015-2016 season, NFL Football League is coming to the regular season for ninth weeks. Sina sports is watching the live video of Philadelphia hawk VS Dallas cowboy. Welcome to watch. "click into the video live address "click and see NFL topic (new body)history always likes to joke with people. New England patriots in 1961 had the chance to sign John F.Kennedy (John F.Kennedy) before Harvard University. The patriot in 1961 was badly in need of the reinforcement at the time. Kennedy, who was 43 years old, was close to the age of the oldest player in the league. The oldest player was 40 years old. In the history of NFL, there were 8 players playing more than 43 years old, but Kennedy was different from these players. He left the high-intensity football field at the age of 23. learned that Kennedy spent 2 years in Harvard as the first player. According to his coach, the number of first players has been Kennedy since then, but his shortcoming is that the weight is too light. maybe because of the weight problem. Fortunately, the Patriot didn't choose this presidential player at last, because the Gino Cappelletti, who was chosen by the patriot, helped the team win 9, 4, 1, regular season and Capre Te. obviously the Patriots do not need Kennedy, but the American people need him.The official website of NFL | Mclean missed training, this week to play football | doubt Jeremy Mclean (Jeremy Maclin) missed the team's training on Wednesday local time because of concussion. Kansas City chieftain official also confirmed the injuries of the foreign player. Mclean left the game in the fourth quarter in the fourth quarter last week of the team's defeat to the Vikings. this week the chief opponent will be Pittsburgh Steelers, Mclean through the Union established a concussion detection can be allowed to participate in the competition. The chief attacking weapon, Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles), has been reimbursed for the season because of the laceration of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. The team needs Mclean to take more responsibilities in the remaining games. is the number one passing goal of quarterback Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith). Mclean scored 59 goals as a passing goal this season, completing 39 matches and eighth of the league. ?????531?????1?|???? If Mclean missed the game, Albert Wilson (Albert Wilson) and Chris Conley (Chris Conley) will get a chance.

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