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, the French national team announced the New Jersey home court early in the first month, and in the two playoff with the Irish national team wearing it, New Jersey was the French team to bring good luck, they can head into the world cup in South africa. This is the last Jersey launched by sponsor Adidas before the expiration of the French Football Association's sponsorship. The pattern on the inside of the collar collar, the French Football Association logo and the Adidas logo expresses the respect for this nearly 40 years' cooperation history. Since 1972, the French national team's image has always been closely linked with Adidas, they won the 1984 European Cup and 1998 World Cup classic French Football Jersey style ever in the history of design inspiration from the New Jersey two classic shirt designer groundbreaking 11 red and white the slash consists of a V font used on both sides of the trend, the 11 lines represent the football field 11 players together into a whole, large white V collar from 1998 the shirt collar, Zidane in the final two header repel Brazil picture still make many fans remember. In addition, Adidas has provided Formotion and Techfi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t two Jersey choices for players. Players can choose loose Formotion or tight Techfit according to their preferences, which has always marked the team's unified Jersey and opened the personalized era. also has a team uniform with PowerWeb energy bar. Now we don't know the purpose of launching this jersey, and we don't know whether the jerseys with energy bars will become the flagship product of Adidas later.Denver Broncos cornerback Aquino Budd Talib (Aqib Talib) on Sunday against the Kansas chiefs of the game emotionally pushing his teammates, the veteran stand out on Monday apologized. the game wide receiver Jordan Norwood (Jordan Norwood) in the fourth quarter after the punt due to the failure of the ball is second times, because of personal mistakes in this game, Talib apparently is very angry, in the former after the end he pushed Norwood back. pushed his teammates is obviously not good, after Talib aware of all this, the United States Monday the veteran players take the initiative to apologize. Norwood said in an interview with reporters: "I sat down for a one to one chat with Tarim, and we talked about many things, and ensured that our goals were the same. The game will have a lot of emotion, American football game is very long, there are a lot of good performance also has a lot of bad performance, after will have different feelings, but love your teammates, like your brothers and sisters, I'm sure he is fine now." "I love American football, and that's my way of playing," apologized after he apologized. ? The official website of NFL | von Miller on a new contract or W: earn too little | football When Houston of Dezhou and J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) signed 6 year contract worth $100 million news, everyone, the fans, the media, experts on TV, and the whole social media -- think that every penny in this contract are worth. 9 watt in the 2011 draft pick in the second place, Denver Broncos linebacker von Miller (Von Miller) are still not satisfied. In my opinion, he did not earn enough, Miller said to Lindsay - Jones (Lindsay Jones) of today's United States network. He has made a contribution to the people of Dezhou, and none of the others can do so much for his team. The star quarterback who got the big contract did not. J.J. watt should get a contract that is similar to those of the star quarterback. He did everything on the court, and he did everything under the court. He was fully qualified for a bigger contract. I think he should make more. Miller's rookie contract remains 2 years left, although he and Watt are different types of players, he is also destructive. Miller laced the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee in late December, but he was going to return to the full blood. If he continues to show the best pass in the league, the impact level of his hand -- according to the data of Pro Football Focus, he is the highest scoring among all the 4-3 top players, and he can also win the big contract. However, negotiations may be more trouble for his field problems. Miller was banned in the first 6 games of 2013 season, but now the line guard is not worried about extending the contract. The officials of the team management are great, he said. My team is great, too. I'll let them operate this.The official website of NFL | jets defensive star toe injury may lack of war | football Muhammad Muhammad, a Muhammad defensive player on the Tuesday, underwent MRI to check his toe injury on Tuesday, which might make him miss the first match of his career. The detection results of NMR will not immediately come out, the New York jets haven't updated initial treatment in the state of Wilkerson, but Lex - Ruian (Rex Ryan) sounds very worried. he didn't look well, Ryan said, but there was a hope that after a few days it was possible to get out of the injury. Wilkerson is the jetted leader of the jet now. He was injured in the second quarter of the 3 - 38 defeat to Buffalo Bill, and never came back to the match. By Daozebao (Leger Douzable) substitute. After the match, Wilson didn't provide any details, and didn't explain how it happened, but he couldn't play again. It's a big thing, because Wilson is one of the most durable players in the team, and he has not been absent in the first 59 games of his career. jet until next Monday night against the dolphins, so Wilkerson will have an extra day, the jets (2 - 9) on Wednesday will have a relaxing training, then there will be a day for Thanksgiving break, after this Friday training Saturday will be ready for the game. Jace Amaro, the new rookie, is also in doubt. His head is hurt in the game and will be evaluated by the NFL concussion standard.

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