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Beijing time was in the early November 13th, and the tenth week competition began in a civil war in the East. The home - run New York jet is facing the challenge of buffalo Bill. Although Bill had a 19 point lead, the jet was reversed in the last 3 minutes. It was good for the defensive team to guard against the 4 - gear attack of the jet, helping Bill get the key game. The final score was 22:17. first game, the two sides tested two rounds, the jet engine rate first rushed into the Bill red area. But the attack in the red area could not be converted to array. The jet took the lead of the 3:0 with a free kick. And Bill's side three round offense only took 2 first attacks, unable to rewrite the score before the end of the first game. The first section of Harding Park, Bill 0:3 jet. In the second quarter of , Bill's attack still didn't start. But the defense team contributed a copy, and Bill turned it into a free kick. Then the special service made the jet's kicker, Devin Smith (Devin Smith), and hit the score. But the additional points did not kick in. Bill 9:3 has gone over the score. At the end of the festival, Bill still expanded the score with a free kick. At the end of the half, Bill 12:3 took the lead in the jet. third games, Bill finally found the attack state, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping four quarterback ty Rhodes - Taylor (tyrod Taylor) found a move to safety in the middle of running back Carlos Williams (Karlos Williams), Williams ran the last few yards, harvest a touchdown. Bill 19:3 jet. The jet is just to get the ball back again off the ball mistakes, this is Chris ivory (Chris Ivory). With this opportunity, Bill got a 19 point lead with a shot. At this time the jet finally responded. Harvard man Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) on the left side of the short passes to Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall), Marshall running completed 14 yard pass touchdowns. Three zhanba Bill is still leading the jets at 22:10. fourth games, the two sides sent two rounds of no first round of the round, and the jet chance to break the deadlock. Eric Dekker (Eric Decker) received a 31 - yard pass from Fitzpatrick and reduced the difference to 5 points. Bill is a jet at 22:17. No first attack of Bill, but because the center opened the ball bad, abandoned the kicker can not hold the ball, forced to fall. The jet ushered in the great opportunity to comeback. But the attack started from Bill's 13 yards did not take the first attack in the 4 gear, and the jet missed the opportunity. Although the jet got the ball at the end of the day, Fitzpatrick's pass was copied again. Jets regret Bill. The final score was set at 22:17.49 people in San Francisco have appointed the new defensive coordinator. NFL official website reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) - Lafoluo Monday reported that Robert - Sall (Robert Saleh) in the 49 new coach Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) under the command of this position. Sall was previously thought to have joined Losangeles lightning. He has been the Jacksonville Jaguar's line guard for the last three seasons. Before that, Sall from 2013 to 2011 as the defensive quality control coach for the Seattle seahawks. worked with Sall in Dezhou Houston Shanahan who worked in Dezhou in 2005, Sall served as a defensive coach practice in 2006 to 2008, he served as the defensive quality control coach from 2009 to 2010, he served as assistant linebackers coach. Sall in 49 of the difficulty of the task, in addition to the current Bauman's injury in the body of the linebacker Nawoluo - (NaVorro Bowman), safety Eric Reed (Eric Reid), defensive end Defuleisite - Buckner (DeForest Buckner) and Arik (Arik Armstead) - Armstead, 49 defensive line-up is very thin. Last season they were at the bottom of the league in terms of the number and the score of their opponents. if the performance continues, Sall will not be better in the days of the 49.The official website of NFL | too headstrong, Lynch again on the media play small temper | football , unlike last year, the Seattle Seahawks running back Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) in the opening this year, but...... All the time he was repeating the same content - I won't be fined because I came. at the American Airlines Center in the stadium five minutes of interview time, a total of 29 journalists ask different questions to Lynch, but no matter what the problem is not to let Lynch heart, Lynch supported his audience with a universal answer, until he shouted: it's time. Lynch believed that he could only avoid five minutes to avoid the Union's fines, which was also the time of his presence in five minutes. It also made journalists who waited for a long time laugh and cry. , but it can't be said that Lynch didn't communicate with reporters at all. When he was ready to leave the corridor, he met a female journalist and offered to greet him: Hey, what are the beauties doing? But the woman reporter obviously doesn't buy it, it's working.The official website of NFL | Payton Manning because of sore feet out of Wednesday | football training 's game on the Indianapolis pony is still affecting the 7 - 1 Denver Mustang. coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) said the quarterback Payton Manning told reporters (Peyton Manning) because the foot ache missed training on Wednesday, according to the official website of NFL reporter James - Palmer (James Palmer) reported that the discomfort has plagued the old quarterback weeks will Kubiak said Manning felt very sore after he finished the game on the artificial meadow in the last game. The Mustang thinks he will return to training on Thursday. we think so, too. It's not surprising that a veteran quarterback is absent from Wednesday's training. In addition, Manning may be absent from training regularly in the next season, and the Mustang hopes to keep his strength in response to a month's playoffs. of course, at the beginning of this year, NFL official website reporter Albert Brill (Albert Breer) reported that Manning was diagnosed with four muscle injuries in December, but he did not disclose most details. The foot discomfort doesn't look serious, but every quarterback who starts the season will experience some physical injuries when the season progressively goes into the later stage. Who doesn't feel sore (in tenth weeks)? Manning asked the media. Try to get better and try to get healthy. can expect Manning to continue out of training in the late season of the wild horse's hope.

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