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The official website of NFL, Seahawks coach player speech excerpt: Patriot Games, football nest about Patriots: did not do better than the team. I have been paying great attention to them for years, and I appreciate their achievements and the continuity of the team. This is an excellent embodiment of the level of the coach, Bill Belichick has always been the constant of the team, and both he and Tom Brady are the success of the team. His coach has changed and the players have changed, but their team's consistency and style are always at the top level. We have been admiring it all the time. - the Seahawks coach Pete Carroll about the competition: obviously going to new England will be a wonderful game. The two excellent teams compete against each other and we look forward to the challenge. We want to prepare for the competition at the highest level, and that is our goal. Russell Wilson - the Seahawks quarterback about Tom Brady: he looks very well and is in a hot state. He has not yet passed a copy, the success rate of passing more than 70%, his feeling of heat. He even ran a few times with his own ball to show that he kept this abi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lity, and his footsteps looked good too. You can't see any physical strain. He's completely ready. - the Seahawks coach Pete Carroll 's challenge to the Patriot attack group: all of them. It's all they do. Their tactical system is very smart, to do the right action against the opponent, let you try your best to catch your detail holes. They know what they are doing, and Tom Brady can lead the team to carry out tactics and take advantage of their counterposition. It's very amazing. - the Seahawks coach Pete Carroll about the difficulty of facing Tom Brady: you have to do it well. You must be ready for quick passing and occasional long ball. He is very creative in the manipulation of the defense, using his eyes to deceive his opponent. Obviously, we should also pay attention to his collision. There are many provisions to protect the quarterback in the rules, so the way to kill is to be careful. Richard Sherman - the Seahawks cornerback 's protruding point on the Patriot defense group: The most prominent thing about is that they are well taught. This 〉The official website of NFL | signed two Washington Redskins linebacker | football on Tuesday this is not a red can take from 3 - 10 in the mud rescue deal, but there are some changes can help red. On Tuesday, the Redskins linebacker Davies from Kansas training group (Ja'Gared Davis) success and signed their own training group linebacker Williams (Trevardo Williams), laid off three players: linebacker Steve nance (Steve Beauharnais) - Bihar, linebacker Brown (Everette Brown) and Greg shawntae Du Ce (Greg Ducre), they also signed Michael Hill ran Wei (Michael Hill) and linebacker Justin Jackson (Justin Jackson) to their training group. Red skin may need to activate a runaway on the list, as Roy Helu will not play against the New York giants on Sunday. Davies is an outside linebacker, in 2013 to draft by Dezhou members of people signed into NFL, Dezhou in August to cut him, and then signed by new England, he played one game in the Patriots last season, played in three games this season, then cut again sign and return to their training group, training group after being signed again kansas. Williams was chosen in Houston in the fourth round of 2013. Dezhou people cut him off in August. Arizona signed him again, but he was cut off in a week and signed by Washington training team last week.The date of the NFL supplemental draft has been set. , according to NFL official network reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), will be added in July 9th. , since Cleveland Brown picked up a two round pick option in 2012 and picked up Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon), no team has made a choice in the supplementary draft. Therefore, the draft has been ignored in the past few years. But this year, there may be a team playing in the supplementary draft: Clemson University Isaiah Battle, an offensive offensive leader, announced last week that he will be selected to make an additional draft. He has the gift of NFL level and is really likely to help a team in this season. Isiah, Battle. in addition, Western University of Georgia defensive tackle Darwin Stuckey (Dalvon Stuckey), Western University of Georgia defensive end Daly - Caldwell (Darrius Caldwell) and North Carolina took over the Centre College / kickoff return hand - Wilkins Adrian (Adrian Wilkins) in the same draft supplement. if a team picks up a player in the supplementary draft, this team will lose the corresponding pick in next year's draft. (taking Brown as an example, after selecting Gordon, they lost the two round of draft 2013 draft. The player who has not been selected in the supplement will be a free player.regular season fifth weeks with the chief battle, Dezhou lost the game and soldiers JJ- DeGeneres both watt and tamoxifen match reports, this let the experts and fans once felt a dark eyes. Last week, Dezhou trial a dozen players, and the list of 53 national people's Congress made some adjustments, especially on the defensive adjustments. Sixth weeks against Brown, the defense "new faces" good performance, remove the quarterback Watson out of the interception return touchdown, Dezhou defense group only let Brown harvest a free kick and a touchdown at the end of the game of no importance. Brown hasn't won yet another victory this season. It doesn't mean that the Dezhou people have returned to the defensive teams. But at least, the performance of the defensive team has brought the experts and fans a new look. Next, let's look back on the performance of several defensive "new" players. 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