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But now, Milan diehard fans, a video of Italy young hip-hop singer Ernia release may have been that Puma and Milan cooperation will start shortly. The video takes the San Siro as the background, and the Ernia and other actors in the video are wearing Milan scarves. In this video, there is a word that has caught the attention of everyone. This sentence is in Milan to exchange the Puma clothes, although the uniforms changed, the Rossoneri will never change. (And now the Milan wears the skin of the PUMA and the, Jersey changes, but the colours remains the same.) if hip hop players, he belongs to the brand and his love for the team, so the relationship is not perfect?The official website of NFL | Newton finally admitted that he did | football injury on Tuesday, coach of the Carolina Panthers, Romania - Lifurui (Ron Rivera) said Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) and was not injured, but no ma cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tter who is as long as the eyes can see the lost to the Philadelphia hawks Newton is not 100% of the state. , on Wednesday, Newton stood up and told reporters and denied the coach's remarks on Tuesday. He admitted that he had been hurt. He had not felt strong for a long time. , he said, was injured and injured, if you asked me you were injured? I'll answer yes, I'm hurt. You asked me a question. Did Newton get hurt? Yes, I was injured. It was an honest answer. So can I be able to play the game? Yes, I may play and continue the game. This is the only thing I can make up to myself. but Newton's tenacity is worthy of recognition, you can make a person believe online after was sacked 9 times and then also said he did not feel hurt? A healthy Newton can bring a victory to the Carolina, but our coach should think about how to protect our super quarterback. Monday night race, Newton's flexible movement and pocket protection barely seen, we kept seeing him fall. Now it seems that Newton's injury may be the result of the game.is the Dallas Cowboys played Sunday night race, the team hopes to solve the defensive tackle Tyrone Crawford (Tyrone Crawford) as soon as the extension of the problem. In the 2014 season, Crawford did well and the team planned to reward his previous efforts with a new contract. According to the NFL official, the cowboy is about to agree with Crawford on a long contract. Without a surprise, the two sides could reach agreement on Sunday local time. , the 25 year old Crawford, has been stunning in the 2014 season. After changing the defensive front from the defensive end, he forced the quarterback to hand in a hurry and hit the quarterback 12 times, 29 times. As the 2012 season's 81 rookie, in the "rearrangement" of the official network, Crawford was regarded as one of the best 15 new rookies in the year. The Cowboys believe that the new season he can further advance to lock the young striker midfielder is imperative. NFL official website experts consider Crawford as a poor man's grace Damm (Ndamukong Suh) - hole Su, he will partner Laurence (DeMarcus Lawrence) - DeMarcus, Randy - Gregory (Landy Gregory) and Greg Hardy (Greg Hardy) defensive attack. The team new season.Brescia Club officially announced the new badge club was founded in 100th anniversary official celebrations marking and the team, the club of Brescia was founded in 1911, they now use the logo is the front side with a white V shield stood a fierce lion, the lion on the new badge lines more clear, form is also more and more fierce, and the white shield V word lines are more concise, the lower left side of the 100 words represents the team's one hundred years of history; the official ceremony marking in the external new badge with a golden frame and surrounded by a laurel branch, the 100 words are 1911 and 2011 place. The club announced that the team will wear a Jersey Centennial in January 6th next year home court against Cesena in the game, like many teams re enabled in the early days of Centennial jerseys style, inspired by Brescia team this Centennial jerseys the same from the inception of the Jersey in the team, and now known as the blue white V shirt was first started in 1927. Brescia's real understanding of the world is also attributed to Robert Baggio's joining in 2000. In this historic 4 years, the team is known as "Baggio's Brescia", and is the most brilliant stage of the club in Serie A. The team was unfortunate to fall into the second class in 2005 and after the end of last season they finally returned to Serie A.

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