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The official website of NFL | wide receiver Roddy White Falcon this week is expected to return | football Atlanta falcons wide receiver Roddy White (Roddy White) last week because of a sprained left ankle was absent and the Arizona Cardinals game on Friday, White took part in team training and the appearance of this weekend's expressed confidence. man, I feel like I'm all very good, things are very relaxed, whether or not the ball moves or no problem. But I also need to practice a little more with the quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) to strengthen the tacit understanding. White said in an interview, "I don't doubt my ability. I'm going to play in order to win the team. The only thing I want to worry about is cold Green Bay, snow and something annoying. is worth mentioning that the team said they were optimistic about White's recovery after the interview last week, but it turned out that White wasn't even activated.The official website of NFL | Robert Kraft: Sherman is a marketing genius | Rugby we all thought that Robert - Kraft (Robert Kraft) was praising Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), but that was not the case. Sherman said on Sunday that the Patriot would not be punished because of the vent door, because Kraft and Roger Goodell, the alliance chairman, were very close. A reporter too cheap nfl jerseys free shipping k two people to appear on the eve of the United States union final. Kaf commented on Tuesday's Super Bowl media experience: I think Sherman is a genius in marketing. Our team only won 10 Championships in its 21 years in my hands. When our league stopped investigating our team to deal with them, I had a party at home to thank my sponsors. But as you all know, there is a way to increase the income of NFL, and I think Mr. Sherman knows very well how to do it because he has earned more than 50% players. was also very resistant to Sherman, who was also interviewed on Tuesday's media day. The Patriots and the Seahawks super bowl on February 2nd Beijing time 7:30 in the morning.????|??11????????????|???????????????|??? (Chen Shujia, July 6th Beijing reports) Beijing time in July 6th, the Eleventh National Games National Games held a press conference. Two days later, the 100 day before the opening of the Eleventh National Games, the preparatory work of the National Games has entered the final sprint stage. Xiao Tian, deputy director of the State General Administration of sports, and Huang Sheng, vice governor of Shandong Province, participated in the conference. with the approval of the State Council, the Eleventh National Games will be held in Shandong in from October 16th to 28th this year. To the basic completion of the contractor required to match various venues construction tasks, preliminaries, test match and early game launched, such as the emblem and mascot logo and the torch relay, the first group in recognition of activities such as programs to determine the basic, the opening and closing ceremony rehearsal in full swing, security, communication, transportation, accommodation and catering, health, power and the weather, volunteer service security work is stepping up to put in place, the overall preparatory work has been dominated by venues hardware construction stage, entered the final stage in the competition organization based software services, the full implementation of the details of running. In the layout of the project, established a running system with Ji'nan as the main competition area and the other 16 cities as the sub division area and the whole province to undertake the competition system. It combined the enthusiasm of all localities with the development opportunities brought by the shared operation. Games a total of 33 large and 362 small. According to the statistics, more than 13000 athletes from 46 competitors participated in the selection competition, of which nearly 10000 athletes would enter the final. not long ago, according to the work needs, the general administration adjusted and announced the opening and closing time of the current National Games in October 16 and 28, 2009. Due to climate and international competitions, 4 winter events and 16 gold medals have been produced in advance. The tennis group final and the football men's age group finals will also be held in mid and late this month in Shandong. In this way, the national total of 96 items in advance during the finals, finals and 266 events. Xiao Tian, deputy director general, introduced the press spokesman system according to the requirements of the General Administration of sports. Therefore, administration in Shandong in mid June in Ji'nan organized by the participating delegations, the Organizing Committee of the Department and the Project Competition Commission departments and the Project Competition Commission spokesman training, so that they are familiar with and master the working contents and methods of foreign news release, the timely release of the latest and most accurate information further, strengthen the information communication with the media. will be held after the Olympic Games in Beijing, and deputy governor of Huang Sheng said the Games will inherit and develop the successful experience of the Olympic Games. Among them, the 230 thousand volunteers were all completed, and the volunteers were divided into the volunteer of the games, the city volunteers and the social volunteers. Positive progress.The official website of NFL | Raiders plans tailor-made for Murray to run | football attack tactics Oakland Raiders' new attack coordinator, Bill Musgrave (Bill Musgrave), is an expert on ground attack. He led the offensive team in the field, in the past 6 seasons, 4 of the top ten in the league. no surprise, the raider's first run next season will be 25 year old ratta Weiss Murray (Latavius Murray). Maas Griff is now very satisfied with the young runner, who said on Tuesday local time: his body is great and the speed is very impressive. He has proved his ability to succeed in college. I will continue to observe him, to find his strengths and weaknesses, to tailor him to run tactics. last season, Murray just finished the ball 82 times, for 424 yards, 5.2 yards to size. At the same time, he also completed 17 times, pushing 143 yards, and the performance of the team was a bright spot. Now, whether Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) and Maurice - Jones - Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew) are very likely at the end of the season after leaving the raiders. Although it is not known why Murray can grow up in the future, the coaches and teammates have chosen to trust the very talented young man.

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