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when Kevin - White (Kevin White) and the Chicago bear came back to the new season, they were again suffering from misfortune. was considered a clavicle fracture and placed in a list of injuries in the bear team's defeat to the Atlanta falcons. White finished 2 times before he left the field and got 6 yards. the injury was White's third injury in his short career. The player, who was selected in the 2015 seventh draft, missed the rookie season due to tibial stress fracture. He missed most of the games last season because of fibula fracture. this is another unfortunate news for the bear team. The current head of exon two they have over the season due to injury. Cameron Meredith (Cameron Meredith) torn the anterior cruciate ligament in the pre - season. The bears have picked up excellent young offense players in the last two years, but the injuries have prevented them from playing t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping heir fist.keno Smith (Geno Smith) has been looking for a new team, and it seems that he has recently had a new city. learned that Cleveland Brown expressed interest in Smith. Besides, Losangeles lightening also expressed interest in him. Smith had just visited New York giant, and there was news that he talked with the giant successfully. Smith seems to have clearly defined his substitutes value rather than continuing to insist on a first chance. Although he will continue to compete for a first chance, only Brown in three teams can offer him a chance to compete. although many people do not like Smith, but this is NFL, Smith can always find the right team to work.The official website of NFL | [group] how to become a defensive defensive end | football The defensive end front is a very critical position in the defense team, and he can finish the defense faster than the other players. In the typical formation, there is a defensive front on both sides. Some teams specializes in the division of the strong side defense front and the weak side defense front to cope with the different fronts. The duty of the defensive end front is to keep the outside of the front line and not let any running ball run out of the outside. Here are some basic knowledge about the defensive end. you in most cases, the defensive end front will be listed on the strong side of the near end front, or the weak side. It depends mainly on the defensive tactics that the defensive end may directly impact from the outside, or just to observe and protect the outside. executes The defensive end front is a member of the defensive front, so in general it starts with three points (both feet and one hand). In this position, defensive end hips than his head, and he must keep up and keep an eye on the eye position. technique Whenever kick off, defensive end must be the first time to attack the opposite shoulder outside the players, because the only way you can quickly use tactile feel each other is to give you a strong impact or back cover pass. if it's a pass the other party will retreat to protect quarterback, time passes. At this point, the defensive end is going to turn the impact direction to the quarterback and take other means to kill or destroy the pass. if it's a running ball will hit you and try to defend the end forward from the original position. At this point, the defensive side must fight against him. If the opponent wants to push the defensive side forward, he must remain at the outside position. When the offensive player runs the ball, he can easily finish the tackle. If the opposite is not done, then push him into the inside and compress the running space of the attackers.San Francisco 49 is currently 1 wins and 6 losses, has lost six. There's nothing to change, and what the team has to do is to avoid more loss, and the team is starting to make a new adjustment for the lineup. is currently 49 people are seeking their own trading Jiefeng Joe left sterin (Joe Staley) opportunities. It is reported that 49 people want to use to exchange villagrande a first round pick, the 32 year old villagrande was selected to 5 occupation bowl, started 87 games in 49 games, his contract will continue until 2019, and next season's income is only 8 million 300 thousand dollars, he is one of the most dominant defensive left Jiefeng coalition force the. We all know that will spread a lot of trade rumors in the upcoming deadline before the transaction, but for such a force in villagrande San Francisco 10 player of the year is obviously trading is big news.

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