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The official website of NFL | Super Bowl if held on Saturday? | football if NFL wants to improve their ratings and new fans, there is a simple and effective way to adjust the time of the super bowl. Yes, not gorgeous advertising, better entertainment effect, or what other cool things. is simply changing the time of hosting the super bowl to Saturday. Many NFL fans can not see their love team in the super bowl, so they just watched the game, but for these people, a little late to get up the game may end soon, there are some fans in the morning of the second day is Monday to Sunday to work, watching too excited to sleep too late rather tiring. for the traditional NFL they do not love the league game on Saturday, because it will affect the college game, but the super bowl can be different due to the time of NBA and NHL are still in the middle of the season, the college football game is over, but no college basketball to the schedule, and network TV can give Saturday time. so the super bowl on Saturday is good for the fans and the game itself. if the alliance is implemented in accordance with this plan, it can give the fans a safe weekend, which is definitely a win-win plan.The official website of NFL | packers signed tight end Jared Cook | Rugby Green Bay Packers announced on Monday local time that the team had signed a contract with the free player's nea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r - end Jared - Cook (Jared Cook). But according to the official website of NFL media Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) revealed that the two sides signed a $3 million 600 thousand for the 1 year contract. Cook actually made an agreement with the packers last week, but he didn't sign the contract immediately. Until this Monday, Cook returned to Green Bay for physical examination. He will start the near front side of the competition team next season. Although the starting current packers tight end Richard - Rodgers (Richard Rogers) is the last season after the team wide receiver Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) second ball point (58 receptions for 510 yards and 8 touchdowns), but his performance on the court is still not satisfactory, while another in the end Andrew Quarles (Andrew - Quarless) is still a free agent, which makes the packers for reinforcing the proximal front position is extremely strong desire. Cook was the Tennessee Titans in the third round of the election in 2009, and then follow the mentor of Geoff - Fisher in the 2013 season (Jeff Fisher) to switch to the rams in the three season, the rams in he has not been able to make good use of their excellent physical condition, down three seasons only with 142 catches for 1786 yards and 8 touchdowns last season, there is a catch a touchdown. It is hoped that the cooperation with the top quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) next season will give Cook a new look on the field.The official website of NFL | trapped ankle injury field may not be able to play football | inspire awe throughout the country Detroit lions coach Jim - Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) to prepare star wide receiver Calvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson) if necessary to rest over the weekend. Johnson is not ready to accept this fate. According to the Detroit free newspaper, Johnson told reporters on Wednesday that he hopes to play the lions on the Sunday's face of Minnesota Vikings in . Johnson's high ankle sprains in recent weeks have been greatly dragged. He had to leave the game in the third quarter of his leg in the third quarter of the male lion's game against buffalo. The lion's official on the official website asked Johnson how he would be able to take part in the match against the Vikings. A lot of treatment, he replied. Johnson added that he was not upset about the role of the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) this week in the lion attack to attract the opponent's defense. In fact, before his ankle allowed him to regain that explosive force, Johnson might have been used this way. until Megatron got some real rest before he may not be able to fully recover, you can expect to get him some rest this weekend.Chinese celebration of "Huarun" World Softball day at Chinese base |2016 Cleveland June 13 Zhengzhou Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiangqian) in June 13th, with the happy softball wisdom of life as the theme of the 2016 Huarun World Softball day Chinese celebrations held at the same time in Zhengzhou, the country more than 10 city, is expected to total nearly million people directly participate in the celebration. softball after more than 100 years of development, has become the world wide range of modern popular sports, it pays attention to the rules and etiquette, full of wisdom, skills and fitness in one set of variables, intelligent, flexibility and coordination training, exercise will enhance team spirit, the combination of individual and collective hero perfect sports. The World Softball day commemorative event is a worldwide celebration launched by the International Softball Federation in June 13, 1991 to commemorate the women's softball event, which was listed as the official Olympic Games by International Olympic Committee in the world. In June 13th every year, nearly 130 countries and regions around the world celebrate the festival in a variety of ways. children perform a soft ball rod base 2016 World Softball day main venue celebrations were held with the assistance of the Zheng Dong New Area Management Committee and the education and cultural and Sports Bureau of the new area of the new area of Zheng Dong. The International Softball Federation vice chairman, executive vice chairman of China Softball Association, executive vice president Chinese talks Orioles Education Institute of sports and health branch Li Hongjiang, vice mayor of Zhengzhou municipal government of Liaoning Province, Liu Dong, vice mayor of Benxi municipal government, Chinese Qu Gang Institute of sports and Health Education Association adviser Chen Yongli, Secretary General Yang Xu, China Softball Association Guangdong Huarun paints on behalf of Cao Guoying attended the main venue. Zheng Dong New District Management Committee vice director Chen Pingshan made a welcome speech President Li Hongjiang, deputy director of the sports and health branch of the China Institute of education, China Education Institute of sports and health branch deputy secretary general Bai Rongzheng read the notice of Award awarding ceremony Vice President Chinese talks Orioles Softball Association to Zheng Dong New District Board of education as soft baseball and softball equipment Chinese Softball Association Secretary General Yang Xu gives Huarun paint to Cao Guoying as a souvenir At the main meeting, Bai Rongzheng, Deputy Secretary General of the sports and health branch of the China Institute of education, read the "fourth batch of soft baseball and softball naming", "the fourth batch of soft baseball and softball."

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