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thirteenth weeks Thursday night race, back to the north of the National Union. The Green Bay Packers challenge the Detroit lions on the road. The two teams this season on a confrontation, the lion was upset the Blue Salih stadium beat the packers, ending his opponent in the home court of the 23 year old lion streak. In this game, the packers win battles to lion, lion showdown, regain the League of nations top north. 7 wins 4 negative packers after the opening of the winning streak, the results fell a drop, nearly 5 games lost 4 games. Although Aaron · Rodgers still played a good job, but the attack group's large area of injury caused extreme weakness in the attack. On the season the main running back Addie · Lei Xi this season due to injury as a poor performance, also only scored 3 touchdowns, although the last two performance re pick up, but in order to help the packers for partition top still need more effort. Veteran receiver James · Jones this season has become a microcosm of the external packaging industry group play, as long as he is the good performance of the game, Green Bay won the final victory, he scored 7 touchdowns, and Green Bay is the most effective catch target. The offensive team is weak, but the packers defensive group was playing League top ten full of sound and colour, sitting on the defensive line did not say, this year's rookie cornerback DImax Reyes · Randall also played very well, very promising for this year's best defensive rookie. 4 win 7 negative Detroit male lion, exper cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ienced a bad start after a strong rebound, recently won a wave of three consecutive wins. Quarterback Matthew · Stafford awake. In the last week of Thanksgiving war against Philadelphia hawks, averaging 337 yards and 5 touchdowns. The same is activated and "Megatron" Calvin · Johnson, the number one has also recently took over league play well, a strong defensive line with the Hawks, with 93 yards and 3 touchdowns, the game against the Green Bay also good defensive back, do not know "Megatron" take what kind of data. This season, the lion in the fifth round of the selection of the whole guard Michael · Burton has grown into the league's second strong all defensive, although the season's male lion's road attack is relatively weak, but Burton's play is remarkable. Also played well and defensive end has Ansari, Kiel · although the lions lost en Damm · hole in the offseason; Jiangsu, but Ansari's play is very stable, 11 games has scored 11.5 sacks, the data in the League after Watt J.J.. If the lion is able to continue his performance during a continuous victory, it will not be surprising to win at home again.double play! This is not surprising, the same district rivals season double play opponents commonplace. But how do the giants do it for the only two loss of the cowboy this season? Many fans will say that the first week of the season, the cowboy has not completely entered the state, and recently a low tide of attack, so the giant met the cowboy at the right time. It is true that if we describe the status of the cowboy as a parabola, the two giants must have met the parabolic trough. Can the giant really just get the league's first record and the cowboy of the same area? I summed up the giant, do the following four points, to be successful, "bull" beat mighty Cowboy: 1. Let beckon come to the game. Beckham became famous: "three points to the ball." But few people remember that war 11 times to Eli Beckham, 10 receptions for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns, football is what feel hot, this is it. So it's marked that Beckham is the key man to deal with cowboys. at the beginning of the season I will Eli likened the "game of Thrones" - the daenerys targaryen queen, Beckham will be likened to the black dragon, meaning both of them together will be invincible. But the A version of the poison milk has the ability to make Yi Lai this season almost play a role in the latter stage of the league. And Beckham seems to have lost the magic of the past this season. can observe carefully Beckham changes, or when a rookie season can only play outside (most of the time listed on the right side), foot hot wheels vertical attack weapon, hostility is too heavy, very hard; and the start of the season, you may find that he can slots outside, can be short or long, can be initiated attack from any corner of the stadium, a lot of people say that he is more and more like Antonio Brown, not without reason. look at this season two wars, opening to 8 week Beckham 4 in 73 yards, the 9 pass 4 in 94 yards, with a touchdown catch at a third ball + conversion efficiency is low, sell, number of common mistakes again and again, Beckham's performance can't even describe the "excellent" two word. But I have seen every game that opened the game of the week, he received many block in the middle of the advance, only from the outside singled, and Brandon - Carle on his mark is almost closely, but he still got a 45 yard pass, to help the giant start; in this game, if not the two time out may be early in the game, out of sight, as for the winning touchdown ball, the cowboys just still immersed in grief was steals, like Beckham should be left up qiongkou Yong when the horse, is in the oars, pain is bitter salt in the blood oozing wounds, he suddenly appeared at the crucial moment. annals of the "three finger ball", David escaped from Brandon - Carle won the ball behind the opportunity, so Carle again but also to the outside to Beckham, and the winning of the ball, he suddenly ran "tilt" route to assassinate inclined Road, Carle Lingeven-even football equipment network in order to further understand the print is how to become a wonderful part of modern Jersey, we found the Puma company Ulrich · Prana, and through him a deeper understanding of this great movement for Football Jersey font design for it. Jersey design creativity into a tiny bit, and Jersey print can be said to be the most football the most low-key praise. This is Ulrich · Prana, the Puma Jersey senior graphic designer in answer to our question when the experience and wisdom of. what is the starting point for the general design of the typography for a Jersey? When we focus on print, we are in the middle of this jersey design process, so we know what this jersey looks like. This is very important, because the shirt itself is our starting point. We will focus on the decoration of the jerseys, trimming and frill, which have been applied to the elements of the Jersey, and try to express the language contained in that design by printing. Because when we design the number of the shirt, the image of them must be combined with the overall image of the shirt. The important effect we want to achieve is that every detail of the shirt looks like a tightly connected whole.You will start printing elements in the design before the release of therecently, there is news that the Denver broncos are considering trading safety TJ- Ward (T.J. Ward). Von Miller (Von Miller) is unbelievable. "I thought it was a fake news." "I think it's a big joke," Miller said. TJ is an outstanding player, but this is NFL, some things make you dumbfounded. TJ is great, and I can't find a reason for it. Elvy (John Elway) and above those guys have been allowed the organization to the right direction, I will continue to bring the title for them. I can't believe it - it must be false news. I really don't believe it. " , according to the Denver post, reported that the wild horse not only received a phone call from the hope of trading, but also offered to make a phone call to deal with Ward. Maybe they want to work hard to save Ward's $4 million 500 thousand salary.

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