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The official website of NFL | selected long jump record holder Cowboys cornerback Jones | Rugby Dallas Cowboys picked out Byron Jones (Byron Jones) in the first round of the first round show. As one of the most outstanding players in the physical quality of the draft, Jones broke the record in the long jump because of its test and was known as the fans. The 6 foot 1 inch, 199 pound weight corner guard jumped nearly 12 feet and 3 inches in the test, and the net jumped 44.5 inches. All players second and 40 yards sprint for 4.36 seconds. , according to the prediction of official website experts, Jones is expected to be selected in the two round of the first stage, but eventually the cowboy started early and got the young horn guard with athletic ability. According to reports, Jones can cheap nfl jerseys free shipping mark multiple positions, whether man or regional defense can correspond freely. The cowboy's present combo is the first round show Maurice - Clayborne (Morris Claiborn) and the veteran Brandon - Carle (Brandon Carr). The performance of the two did not satisfy the team, and Jones was expected to win the first place. had previously reported that cowboys were thinking of going their own way with Carle. Jones's arrival also further increased this possibility. The team said the team was very satisfied with the choice, and they were confident that Jones could be transferred to the top corner.Baltimore crow with a future Hall of Famer players part company each going his own way. crow on Monday evening match against the new England patriots, they give up the kickoff return after a German - hand Hester (Devin Hester). 's a week to 1 years before the start of a $4 million contract to join crow in the season. He was cut off by Atlanta falcons this summer. , the former Chicago bears the legendary players never really return to the team in bear peak, he attack only 7.2 return yards in the season average disposable kick back, the average kickoff return for 24.5 yards and 5 times off the ball. Hester has no return touchdown in 12 games played in the crow. in 3 games, the crow has to find other people responsible for the attack. Possible alternatives include Michael campanaro (Michael Campanaro), Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace) and Webb (Lardarius Webb) - darys. for Hester, if he did not sign a contract with the other team, his next destination may be located khamthong Hall of fame. He has 20 career kickoff return touchdowns and 14 punt return touchdowns is a League record, which makes him worthy of recognition.even-even soccer equipment network Nike released the Mexico puma (National Autonomous University) club season 2014-15 new jerseys, including gold and navy blue jersey home court as the main body of the away kit. Design inspiration Golden shirt with collar design simple home court, puma famous landmarks is placed in the middle of the most prominent Jersey, with a very high degree of recognition; the Navy Blue away kit body, left chest badge with relief in the form of display, the Universidad Nacional Autó logo "noma de Mexico"; show that the club and the University of Nacional Autonoma Mexico in close contact.the start of the 2018 season, the club of Philadelphia updated its brand image, the Central Jersey club for the first time gold band removed, it is filled with the vitality of the blues two-color horizontal stripes. The club badge on the chest is also reshaped, which optimizes the original form. The bright and active gold is matched with the navy navy blue, while retaining the sky blue element, which is more fashionable and avant-garde than the past. Jersey chest is remodeling after more vibrant club badge, badge casting exquisite horizontal stripes into the subtle, and Jersey theme complement each other. Jersey collar after pattern comes from Benjamin · Franklin (Benjamin Franklin) in 1754 the creation of political cartoons "or unity, or death", this sentence is the club's official motto. The overall style of

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