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Wang Zhiyong bunched 300 Shenyang Tiancheng Acer | Bowling for early May Kuala Lumpur held the 2015 Malaysia international open, Brunswick signing Wang Zhiyong in Shenyang Tiancheng Acer bowling bunched 300 points! has won fifth in the tournament and the Canon cup international champion. 2015 in April 22nd, seventieth and 300, thanks to Rhino pro, Love Brunswick, thanked the sparring teammate Zhao Yuqing, Yang Xu, Zhang Xianshu, Ding Yong. ------ 4 20, 234-280-269-259-241-300 sixty-ninth 300, 280-269-259808, 800+ for a long time thanks Brunswick SoulChicago bears center Roberto Garza (Roberto Garza) this week to participate in all training all. This is the 14 year old for the first time since the first week after an ankle cheap nfl jerseys free shipping injury in training. At the moment, he is likely to start the game with the Atlanta falcons this week. Bears coach Marco - tres Altman (Marc Trestman) said: "he is very close to a comeback. He took part in all the training today, and we'll see it for a few more days. " The team announced last week, if can be detected by Garza will start the game. But ultimately let the veteran Blaine - delapp gornt (Brian De La Puente) to start. In the absence of Garza 4 weeks, Puente has been as a starter. According to reports, the bears have 7 players missed training on Wednesday: running back Matt (Matt Forte), forty left Jiefeng gimooo - Bush Rhodes (Jermon Bushrod), Wei Xia - Maikelailin line (Shea McClellin), D.J. Williams (D.J. Williams) - Jon postic (Jon Bostic) and Lance Briggs (Lance Briggs), Safetys O Ma De Dixon (Ahmad Dixon).Champion Fisher will change the play right tackle football before chief NFL official website 's former prime minister, the kkansas chief's attack cutting forward Eric Fisher (Eric Fisher)'s career was not smooth. The original first left Jiefeng, the new season will be moved to the right. The chief coach of the emirate Andy - Reed (Andy Reid) told the news in an interview with the local media. Donald - Stephenson (Donald Stephenson) will replace the blind test of Fisher to protect the quarterback. He was the 94 Zuo Jiefeng in the pre - season and won the team's confidence through his uncommon performance. In addition to his own ability, Fisher's performance was also affected by injuries. He had an ankle injury during the pre - season. According to the professional rugby focus (ProFootballFocus) scoring system, Fisher's total score in the last season was only seventy-second out of 84. although the chief decided to change Fisher's position, the team remained confident and patient about the former top player. In the 2013 draft, 3 of the top 4 players were selected, and Fisher came to the fore. The team has signed a $22 million 190 thousand contract with him for 4 years, but his bad performance has made it considered one of the most highly paid and low - Powered players.???????????????????-??????DeSean Jackson???????????????????2??????|????????????????-??????Jameis Winston??????????????????? After , Jackson threw his gloves out and roared, but after the game, he said it was not a big problem. Jackson said in an interview on Tuesday: "it's just an attacking player who wants to help the team." At any time when I get the opportunity, I want to complete a good attack performance, help the team win the game, I am a part of it all. " for the team is currently in the game the bad news is that Jackson and Winston reactions have not produced, in the last 3 games, Jackson only received 9 passes for 143 yards and 1 touchdowns, these data is not bad but Jackson certainly didn't want. Jackson is a good deep hand player, but Winston has been unable to lock him. If the next season is still the case, it is estimated that Jackson's field will continue.

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