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The 2012 home shirts of France, Holland, Poland, Croatia and Portugal were released. Nike promised to combine sports performance and environmental protection measures. The New Jersey shorts are made of 100% recycled polyester, and the jersey fabric is made of 96% recycled polyester. An average of 13 recycled plastic bottles were used for each set. The jerseys also have laser - cut air holes that help players to cool their bodies more in the game. As a part ofHouston Dezhou people lost last season's starting quarterback Patrick Fitz - Ruian in the offseason, instead of the coach Bill Obrien once the disciple Blaine - Hoyer and Ruian - malette. Although Obrien wanted to let the two people compete for each other, marlett's disagreement and a small temper in the field made him lose. But Heuer did not live up to the trust of coach, the season 11 appearances, scored 2606 yards and 19 touchdowns, QBR91.4, compared with before the worst season with Brown, Heuer's performance has made great progress, at least as a starting quarterback and is the result of lattice. Ha cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ve lost the trump card in the offseason wide receiver Andre Johnson, the third grade receiver Hopki de Andre took the ball responsibility of the people of Dezhou, this season he played very good, 1521 yards and 11 receptions for touchdowns are ranked in the forefront of the coalition, if the people of Dezhou to have more excellent quarterback, perhaps Hopki can play a little bit better. The offseason signed from the same district opponent Nate Washington also completed a good auxiliary role of Hopki. Compared to the relatively great passing attack, attack the people of Dezhou road is quite poor, with Forster again the reimbursement season, Dezhou running back only to the number of winning, Alfred - Chris, Jonas - Bruce, pork - Jimenez Lian hand for the people of Dezhou contributed 1314 yards and 4 touchdowns. The Dezhou people who attack almost lame are able to walk in the playoffs, to see if the attack team can play more well. offseason Kansas chief finally introduced foreign coach Andy Reed once took over, Jeremy love Mclean, but their passing yards are still in the bottom third of the League (averaging 203.4 yards). Still not long desire quarterback Alex Smith remained tepid, but this has been 31 year old old man this season has opened a new ground rushed for 498 yards and 2 ball mode: red ball touchdown. Smith's performance is old but vigorous inspired teammates. Wide receiver Jeremy Mclean to the Emirates, undertook the task chief depth threat, an important factor for 1088 yards and 8 touchdowns to help the team to grab the data is a wild card. Although the team star running back Jamal Charles for the season, but the chiefs of the pavement after attack is becoming more and more diverse, in addition to quarterback Smith opened the run run mode, several backup running Weichakandelike - West, Nair - Davies and Spencer - will have good brisk play. In the case of losing the main running guard, the chief's attack on the surface of the road is not shrinking, and the field is sixth of the 127.8 yards in the league. In view of the good performance of the Dezhou people in the prevention of running, it is believed that the offense of the emirate will be limited to a certain extent. When it comes to the Emirates offensive team this season, one has to mention, that is the near end Travis Kelsey, who was 26 years old in front end of the season made of high optical performance, was being touted as "the next Gelon, 〉Atlanta falcons to avoid injuries in the playoffs a long way, but the team in the super bowl to end when they need to pay attention to Dwight (Dwight Freeney) - frini state. frency missed Thursday's training, the team listed him as a calf injury. But according to the insider, the veteran's defensive end was not serious. frency due to the absence of ninth weeks against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game four muscle injuries, but at the age of 36, he has been relatively healthy and excellent performance, help the Falcon second times to enter the super bowl. two other injured players - Falcon wide receiver Julio Jones (Julio Jones) (toe) and center Alex Mike (Alex Mack) (fibula) - again only participate in training, but unless the accident, two people should be able to start in the super bowl.The official website of NFL | Saint Louis rams quarterback again | football season Saint Louis ram's luck is really on the top. The Sam Bradford, the main quarterback, has been attacked again after a long comeback. It's a fatal blow for Sam. The anterior cruciate ligament in the last season to keep him out, and the tear. Bradford was injured in the pre-season match against Cleveland Brown. After the game, coach Geoff Fisher (Jeff Fisher) expressed an optimistic attitude to the media. He thought it was just a stretch. But after a more detailed examination, Fisher's mood must be very depressed. of Bradford, the injury is not a small blow. Because of the two consecutive tear of the same anterior cruciate ligament, people are full of questions about the future of the former champion, and the future between himself and the rams is also cloudy. now unless the RAMs can find a replacement for emergency quarterback Bradford, otherwise the burden fell on the bench - Hill quarterback Sean (Shaun Hill) and Hill on the shoulder, a starting dates back to 2010.

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