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The official website of NFL | pony worried Andrew ruck shoulder | football situation Andrew (Andrew Luck) - Iraq will become an unrestricted free agent after the 2016 season, but the Indiana Polly pony general manager Jamie irsay (Jim Irsay) said the team many times will give the 26 year old young quarterback a big contract, it is not because of his shoulder injury affected the progress of all this the? The United States Wednesday reporter Jason - Kerr (JesonCole) reported the need for pony Lark's shoulder to do long-term observation, Lark's shoulder injury is the key reason why he missed 9 games last season, the team reported in January this year, Lark will be sent to professional testing agencies, and completed the repair operation. , but shortly after the news came out, it was pointed out that in the early 2015 season, the performance of lark passing was not affected, and Kerr's report was untrue. After that, he suffered kidney injury and rib injury, which is the key problem. It is reported that these are all more serious than those of previous shoulder injuries, so in fact, the pony is more concerned about the kidneys and ribs of LAK. if everything is not so serious that the renewal of the LAK and pony renewal is about to start.The official website of NFL | free a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping gent visit rumors: Doctor close to signing 49 | football former Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell (Darnell Dockett) - the doctor will soon find a new job. According to NFL official network reporter, Dokot visited 49 people in San Francisco on Tuesday local time after being a free agent. According to reports, doctor will make a final decision in recently, the 49 is now the most popular, but also can not rule out the possible return to the cardinals. In addition, the Seattle Seahawks and the Saint Louis rams also expressed interest in him. : visit other rumorsBlaine Hart Ryan (Brian Hartline) and Brown, Cleveland, before the 1. dolphins met, and the two sides talked happily. Hart Ryan plans to visit the Chicago bears in the next few days, and the dolphins don't rule out the possibility of re signing him. 2. in Baltimore before the crow attack back hand - Jones (Jacoby Jones) Yakubu in local time on Wednesday visited the San Diego lightning. 3. before the cardinals and the Carolina Panthers wide receiver and return hand TED (Ted Ginn) - Jean has visited the Tennessee Titans, then he will meet 49 people and former club. 4. has just been dismissed from the Oakland Raiders, security Taidong Blanche (Tyvon Branch), visiting Indianapolis pony on Wednesday local accordance with the provisions of the union, in March 2nd before the team needs to decide how to use privilege tags. The biggest goal is the Kansas City Chiefs and outside linebacker Justin Houston (Justin Houston) contract. Houston has been running the league in the season. If the team can't agree with him on the renewal of the contract, he will not hesitate to apply the privilege tag to the best defensive star in the free market. local time Sunday, there are media reports that the emirate will discuss the renewal of the contract with Houston's agent again. The chief is hoping to sign a long contract with Houston to keep the defensive core in the next few years. Houston hopes to get the next big contract, and some people know that there is still a big difference between the two sides on the salary. officials say the two sides will be negotiating by Wednesday. The privileged label use window will be opened on February 16th local time and closed in March 2nd. If the negotiations are still not going to make progress, the chief will use the label directly. Houston, 26, has finished 21.5 escapement this season. The Green Bay Packers in the 2013 season and Craig - Mathews (Clay Matthews) signed a 5 year contract worth $66 million. In order to renew the contract, the chief must put forward a similar contract.The official website of NFL | alliance old foxes will how to use the provisions of the new | Rugby kick-off NFL recent new regulations did not seem to bring what changes, I mean will be formally implemented in the 2016 season of the kick-off (kickoff) of the new regulations, bottomed at kick-off (touchback, open end or kick off after the ball catcher on the offensive), began to attack from their own 25 yard line. So, is it not 5 yards? But in fact, the official statement that alliance to reduce the growing number of kickoff return injuries and make adjustments, because of its position on the field to kick off the offensive group slightly increase will give the League kickoff return strategy and personnel arrangement caused a huge impact. on Thursday and some coach talk, they said they would use more rockets in the implementation of new regulations after the kickoff of the way. That ball up into the air and let the ball fall in the narrow area in the region; or even kick into the corner to attack the hand is also very cheap to practice, OK, so! Why is ? The key is to kick off the ball on the field. This is an endless war in the occupation in the game, and five yards for the land kick-off position is ignored. As a result, professional teams are bound to change the way they are used to kick off. for the kickoff party, the lack of ball control ability in line type thick legs before the kicker (leg strength huge and accuracy deficiencies) will be more and more no market. And if you play a hand ball ability, you don't want to kick the ball into the end zone in this code thing. Such players are bound to be sought after by the market. on the other hand, of course, leg strength insufficient kicker can't score 55 yards shot, though, considering the new opportunities and the kick-off last season played lots of additional points lost (PAT Point, After Touchdown), a precision kicker's advantage is obtained significantly improved. . these factors make the skills and compression ability an important criterion for the position of a kicker, rather than just a big leg. A U. S. couplet coach said. kick-off has become meaningless, oh, besides, let the fans have a chance to get a cup of beer in the toilet. It's not only boring, it's not a X, it's just an excess. At the same time, it also reduces the service group that can be rushed to the nearby ground flight line, affect the completion grab even through any action to change the course of the game players in the game (of course, also make their value and salary was.

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