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the new England patriots are no longer only a quarterback. Tom Brady (Tom Brady) ushered in the return of an old friend. Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer), who had previously worked for 49 people in San Francisco, joined the Patriots on Wednesday. The two parties contract for a period of 3 years. Heuer used to serve patriots from 2009 to 2011. was cut off by after 49 people traded in the Patriots' substitutes for the quarterback Jimmy Gallo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo). The deal was supposed to be Heuer as a bargaining chip, but due to pick up the problem of compensation. is not only interested in the Patriot Hoyer team, the Green Bay Packers are interested in signing him. played for 49 people before, Heuer also played for the Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Brown, Houston Dezhou and Chicago bears. In the meantime, he was inflexible and rep cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eatedly encountered such a fate: to get the first place, but then to be disparaged as a substitute or cut. Hoyer can make offensive operation, but his ability is limited to the bench and sometimes he also errors caused by the ball. But he is the ideal goal of the Patriots, his arrival to Brady with our old friend and let the Patriots got a team player with cultureDoes remember the last time buffalo Bill was playing with the new England patriots? Two weeks ago, the Patriots tenth wins, rob Gelon kousky (Rob Gronkowski) in the fourth quarter of White - Davies (Tre'Davious White) in the whistle and deliberately from the neck after elbow. time will heal everything, but the two teams meet again in just 17 days, White was unpopular with Gelon? "I'll take time to think about it, and I know he won't be such a player. We will continue to train and forget about it. The best way for me to deal with it is to come out and get a big win at their home to help us keep the playoff suspense. White added: "so that's right, I'm not the kind of dirty act that is going to be cheap after the whistle. Do nothing. I only play the way I have in the game. Respect the game. As I said, head-on, victory is the best revenge." It was just before Gelon suspended for one game, a lot of people are unable to accept, White has said the ban is "a joke". In the last week with the Pittsburgh Steelers game, Gelon rushed to ban off 168 yards, is a major contributor to the Patriots win.Patrick - Peterson (Patrick Peterson) can be said to be the best offensive player in abandoned back, but due to injury risk increases, the last two seasons did not let him too much for this job. The new manager of - Steve - Wilkes (Steve Wilks) has brought about some new weather. "the role of the special service team is very important, and I hope all the players understand that." Wilkes's new special teams coordinator Geoff - Rodgers (Jeff Rodgers) the conference said, "I want Peterson to be responsible for all punt return? No, he and Luke - Jikuli (Luke Kuechly) the role of almost. The special service needs him, but he does not take the main task. We need to be selective and put him in an important round. " Peterson since 2015 has served as a full-time return hand, two years before the Cardinals are on special occasions to let him play. 2016????????13????????????6.2????????13?|???????6.8?? 2011, Peterson scored 4 punt return touchdowns, but then no harvest.The official website of NFL | Auburn cornerback Jonathan Jones 40 yards in 4.28 seconds | football Auburn University's Jonathan Jones Jonathan Jones will probably refresh the 2016 pick 40 yards data. On Monday, in an unofficial calculation, he completed a 4.28 second run. this is the first time we saw so fast in the NFL training camp. training camp 3 days ago did not seem to have what passion, especially this year, the catchers have bad speed, until Jones changed our thinking on Monday morning, such data gave him a chance to challenge Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) created in 4.24 seconds. The second official test score of Jones was 4.33 seconds, which proved that his first run was reliable. for Jones, speed advantage is very important, because he is a small corner guard, perhaps in university will not have any influence, but to NFL, he had to rely on his speed to make up for his height disadvantage.

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