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, according to NFL media man Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the Philadelphia Hawks have completed a deal with Tennessee Titan team about the DeMarco Murray, but the details of the transaction have not yet been known. It is reported that Murray has adjusted his contract to meet the requirements of the transaction, but he will not lose a $21 million deposit. on the same day, the eagles will linebacker Alonso kirke (Kiko Alonso) - Byron and cornerback Maxwell (Bryon Maxwell) sent to the Miami dolphins, this series of actions is also considered in the removal of the former coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) left the system. 2014 season, played for the Dallas cowboys Murray scored a total of 1845 yards rushing yards and 13 touchdowns, after the end of the season, Murray accepted the contract hawks 5 years 40 million. However, Murray lost himself in the system of the Kaili coach, only to hand over the total number of 702 yards of the season. The arrival of Murray provided an excellent complement to the bad offensive line of the Titans. Maybe for those with the top champion, this is just the first step to improve the offensive the face of quarterback Tom Brady (T cheap nfl jerseys free shipping om Brady) on the topic of the four games in suspense, the new England patriots coach Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) did not say a lot. but in a recent interview, Biliqieke admitted that he could have a star quarterback can not play the opener and after the match. he asked if the backup quarterback Jimmy Gallo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo) to lead the team to face Pittsburgh Steelers in September 10th, his game will prepare for the Baltic Garo change. "once we began to prepare for the game against the Steelers, all of the information we have - injuries and no matter what information, we will use the best way can be based on the most competitive way to prepare for this game." Billy Cheik said to ESPN. "We will look at our hands, this information may have many sources, whether it is Tom or some physical condition of the players, we will see when we began to prepare our state, and then began to reflect these to training. It doesn't make any difference to a player who can play a game or a player who can't play because of a injury. When we are getting closer and closer to the game, we will pay attention to the development of the situation. " but he said they haven't started to prepare for the game against the Steelers, so the training is not something the first player training such. "Our goal is really to make everyone ready," Billy Cheik said. "We can't just pay attention to one player. We have to get the whole team ready. That means everyone is ready. This is what we have been doing. This is what we will continue to do. It changed at some time, but I don't think it's time. " whether these words need to be read in depth, at least that means something is going to happen. Maybe, just maybe, but don't want to know what Biliqieke revealed.Matru , Bennet (Martellus Bennett) returned to the patriots. got him after the Green Bay Packer cut the veteran's near end on the grounds that it failed to reveal the medical condition. Bennet, 30, returned to the team that made him a Super Bowl champion last season. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to return to the game soon. The shoulder injury prevented him from playing on the Monday night match of Detroit lions. Before packing him, the packers decided that he would miss the next match against Chicago bears. Bennet last season the ball 701 yards and 7 touchdowns. has only completed 24 games in the 7 games of the season and has scored 233 yards. Bennet publicly suggested on Instagram that he is seriously considering retiring after the season. what role the Patriot plays when he returns to health is worth paying attention to.The official website of NFL | ram key: "cunning" secret | Football Group this week to Saint Louis rams defeated the powerful Seattle Seahawks key special teams play wonderful. With several very cunning deception tactics, the goats help the team to end up. punt return touchdowns of how difficult it is to imagine? in the face of the Seahawks, it is hard to imagine a team with 90 punt return yards completed touchdown. In fact, the game studman - Bailey (Stedman Bailey) that return touchdown, the Seahawks history is long by the distance of second punt return touchdowns. In 1987, the New York jets had been in the game with the Seahawks in completed a 91 yard punt return touchdowns. This is the second consecutive season he completed more than 90 yard punt return touchdowns last opponent is the Indianapolis colts, the distance is 98 yards. is what makes the fake punt successfully? it's hard to imagine what the ram coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) is thinking about before making a false kick. If Jonny Johnny Hank fails to pass the ball, the RAM will directly give the ball to the opponent in the red area of, and the difference is only 2 points. According to the calculation and prediction, if the pass failed, the winning probability of the ram was only 34.9%, and the number was 85.8% after the success of the pass. The prediction shows that if the kick is chosen, it will take 13 seconds and the distance of the abandoned kick is about 40 yards, and the hawk will launch an attack from 42 yards of the half of the side. At this point, the winning probability of the ram is 54%. many long distance Seahawks allowed it to return in the first quarter, rams running back Byrne - Corelle (Benny Cunningham), has completed a 71 yard kickoff return. It is also the long distance back attack, helping the ram to complete the array. The Seahawks last season only allowed it to complete 1 70 yards above the return. Since 2010, there has never been a single game of more than 70 yards by the opponent. For the ram, the 71 - yard kick back attack, also since 2010, the new high.

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