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NFL official network |SD REGISTRATION| Rugby NFL FLAG FOOTBALL - SHANDONG TOURNAMENT & REGISTRATION GUIDE All football fans ages 9-18+ have the opportunity to compete in Regional Tournaments around China. Winning teams from each age bracket will advance to their respective City Final Championships. City Champions from the University Men s bracket will qualify to "play in University Bowl VII. Dates and locations are released on FLAG.NFLCHINA.com. Venue Jinan: Jinan Shunwen Middle School Taian: Taian No.6 Middle School Schedules: Jinan October 18th - pool games & city final (9-12 coed, 13-15 coed, 16-18 coed, 18-22 University) Taian October 24th - 25th -pool games & city final (9-12 coed, 13-15 coed, 16-18 coed, 18-22) Note: Registration age as of August 1, 2015 RE〉pistol attack formation is one of the most common attack formations in American football. Many modern tactics in the formation were created by Chris Ault, who was then the head coach of University of Nevada. The pistol formation is developed from the basis of the traditional shotgun formation and single back system cheap nfl jerseys free shipping based on. In the formation, about 4 yards behind the quarterback in the center station, than the shotgun in the formation of the 7 yards short of many; and different standing in the shotgun formation quarterback and running back side by side, pistol attack in the running back standing about 3 yards behind the quarterback. In general, the pistol formation, is on the line of scrimmage into the quarterback position gave them more advantages, such as the punch ball, can better read each other's defense; while playing the offensive, they can also have enough time to choose the best pass. Therefore, the pistol formation attack is considered to be a flexible attack means, especially when the quarterback itself has the ability of punching ball, it is very difficult for the defence to judge the real intention of the attacking party. Through reading, which is based on the defensive end in his quarterback after the ball, red ball, pass make a prompt decision, choose or attack on his ball, the pistol formation flexibility can be further strengthened. formation history: 1999, Mill Valley Michael Taylor invented the earliest pistol attack, was also called shotgun I formation. And a friend of Michael Taylor, Tom Kaczkowski, is a coach at the North College in Ohio. In a conversation, Tom Kaczkowski complained to Michael Taylor about the trouble of the team. At that time, the Ohio North College team ran very fast, but the quarterback was tall and slow. Lenovo to some of their own ideas before, Michael Taylor spent a few weeks to perfect his invention of the shotgun formation I. His new tactics worked, and the efficiency of the attack team at the North College in Ohio was greatly improved. , and the Chris Ault of the University of Nevada team, was the first coach to make the pistol form become popular in the college arena. Although many teams tried to use this formation at the time, for example, University of Missouri, Indiana University, Louisiana State University and Syracuse University, Chris Ault and his Nevada wolves were the most used pistol formation teams. In the 2009 season, Nevada's number of punching balls is 345 yards, the first in the country, and their total number of offensive propulsion has also reached 506, second in the country. The first is the Nevada College football history with three run number more than 1000 yards of the players of the team, they are running back Luke Lippincott, the main four - point guard who played for the buffalo Bill team and the Seattle Seahawks Vai Taua and the San Francisco 49 team "The official website of NFL | Rodgers torn calf muscle but still will play football on Sunday | ESPN - Adam Schefter (Adam Schefter) reported that the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) left calf muscle showed a slight tear with a clear sense of austerity. , a newly discovered injury, will not prevent Rodgers from playing against Dallas cowboys on Sunday, but it may affect his mobility flexibility on the field. , a doctor who was familiar with the injury, told ESPN that there was no doubt that Rodgers would be on the game, but that he did not guarantee his full commitment. The question is whether he can recover his injuries to 95% or only half. Rodgers took part in the team's training on Thursday and looked good. In spite of that, he said he would work hard as he did in the final game of the final victory over the Detroit lions.NFL official website of the Chicago bears defensive group | reconstruction confidence will make the playoffs | football the new defensive team of the Chicago bear team has finally come to a big day. the bear team will start their new season at home on Sunday at home to Buffalo Bill. They have been out of the playoffs for 6 times in the last 7 seasons and hope to have a good start this year. As for why the bears are so optimistic, the main reason is that they have joined 5 players in the professional bowl this time, the defensive side Jared Allen (Jared Allen) and another defensive end Lamar Houston (Lamarr Houston). in the pre-season, the bear's defensive team did not show the real strength, after all, it was too little time for the main players to play, so they couldn't dominate the game in a limited time. In addition, the injury of a number of players is another factor. but the bears insisted that there is no reason to worry about their defense worth, coach Mark Treisman (Marc Trestman) said: "our players put in that.

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