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ESPN correspondent Adam Kaplan (Adam Caplan) reported that the Tampa Bay pirates are activating their rookie runner Charles Simmons, who will put the 53 people's list from the short-term injury reserve list before 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. obviously, the pirate team's third runner up in May this year is expected to debut in the match against Cleveland Brown on Sunday. But he is still unclear as a starting point or a substitute. The pirate coaching team is not yet able to fully decide, because Dough Martin, Doug Dough, is still absent from training although she has taken off her protective boots. Conservative prediction No. two running back Bobby Rainey (Bobby Rainey) will start, Simmons as a substitute. Simmons's Tenth - week match against the Atlanta falcons will bring out the skills of the outboard and the catching skills he is good at with the Atlanta falcons. Simmons university three years ago at University of Houston, fourth years to go to West Virginia university. In four y cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ears a total of 592 times and scored 3465 rushing yards and 40 touchdowns, catching 203 times and scored 2108 yards and 11 touchdowns.Saint Louis rams round the No. 10 pick off running back Todd Gorli in this year's draft (Todd Gurley), Gorli in the university is called a summon wind and call for rain, Adrian - Peterson (Adrian Peterson) player. However, Gorli tore the knee cruciate ligament in last November's competition and is still in recovery now. Whether he can catch up with the regular season as scheduled is unknown. But even more people are concerned, gorley comeback after can make great contribution to the ram. The first thing has to take into account is the ability of the ram to attack the front. Last season, Scott Wells, the first centre of the ram, is the worst center of the league. No one will be replaced this year by the four round of the 2013 round Barrett Jones (Barrett Jones). But Jones himself is also an Scott player who has not been tested. They also hope to last year's Greg Robinson left the show Bangyan Jiefeng (Greg Robinson) can have breakthrough improvement in the occupation career second. In the second round of the third round of the third round of the third round of competition, Haven Stern chose the right cutting front Rob Havenstein and the right front guard Brown Jamon (Jamon Brown), hoping that these two people can quickly become a reliable battle force. Another worrying thing for is the Nick Foles, the new quarterback of the team, which has benefited from Eagle's attack system and excellent offensive front. Fowles once launched a whirlwind in the 2013 season. 27:2's Nick scoring is impressive. But the data show that Fowles's accuracy of passing the ball will be significantly reduced when facing the rush pressure, and ram's scattered offensive front cannot give Fowles good pass protection. , so for Gorli, he has to face a lot of offensive teams. If his teammates can't play a good standard, Gorli's own strength can't help the team too much.The Cincinnati tigers completed a renewal on Thursday local time to ensure that their biggest free players would not flow into the market. The tiger official announced that it had agreed with Rey Maualuga for a 3 - year new contract, and the amount of the contract was still undisclosed. , the 2 rookie of the 2009 season, was not stable in his career. He missed 4 games last season, and the overall performance was better than his career average, which prompted the team to decide to leave him. Mawaru had a long run against running, but he also showed a degree of progress in the last season. He and Weng (Vontaze Burfict) - TAZ Bofeikete and Iman Nur (Emmanuel Lamur) - lamifiban partner tigers next season linebacker combination. in the contract to solve the problem of Mawalujia after the tiger will turn its attention to guard Clint - Berlin (Clint Boling) and cornerback Terrence Newman (Terence Newman) on the body. Last season, the tiger's defensive overall performance was poor, and the lack of a hand was the first problem to be faced by the team. There was a message that the tiger wanted to sign the Greg Hardy (Greg Hardy)."feels almost blind." This was the answer after the hawk's quarterback Randy Cunningham (Randall Cunningham), who was involved in the famous fog bowl. 1988 in December 31st, at Soldier Field playoff game against the Chicago bears, Philadelphia eagles, the game in the first half from the end and 2 minutes, the bear team than the 17 to 6 lead, a wonderful hurricane blew a heavy fog, and enveloped the entire stadium. The fog continued the entire match time. The scene was only 10 yards of sight, and you could not see anything outside of 10 yards. fog destroyed communication system CBS and commentary, then the narrator is wonner - Dexter Road (Verne Lundquist) and Terry Brandon Hill (Terry Bradshaw), then the funny moments occurred in the afternoon of 3 points: The teams finished half a difficult game in the fog, and the bear team won the victory by 20 - 12.

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