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Denver Broncos got the good news in the day before the game, the representative team defense, linebacker Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) in the absence of 2 weeks after united in the semi-final comeback debut. Marshall attended this week, most of the training, although the training project is limited, but he showed very good physical condition and competitive state of the. I announced at Marshall Friday local time after the end of the training, he will participate in the Indianapolis pony game: "I feel great, my health hitherto unknown well, I was looking forward to the game, I'm sure I can play." Marshall said he was sprinting in training, and that the body without any discomfort. The grappling king in the team said he was confident that he would win the game with the team. Although I played Marshall very confident, but coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) said: "the conservative or as in the past I see his progress, but we still have to make a decision before the game." although the basic can be sure will return to the Marshall Field, but we can not determine how much he can get out cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of time. The offensive team pony in the regular season has single game rushing the ball more than 100 yards, the main task of Marshall will be nearly end the combination of marking the opposition.Chicago bears tight end martellus Bennet (Martellus Bennett) that the team at issue is not the talent or strength is not enough, but the mentality of the problem. , in an interview with the Chicago sun times, said: "some of the teams need to have core leadership, and the whole team is the same. But on the whole, I feel that many of us need passion. I don't think everyone can be full of passion, but it's obviously not at all. " When was asked which one of the team was lacking in passion, Bennet didn't say it. But he says it's not a question of one or two people: "some people, I don't say the name, but they know it." but no matter who, the bear team has to get rid of them. The bear team has been unsatisfactory this season, which clearly means the beginning of the sweeping day.The official website of NFL |37 years old guy is still on the road - the story of Harrison | Steelers Rugby remember the "tough guy" training camp in the eighth season that love is not serious in speech and manner appeared in front of the camera's black and hard - James - Harrison (James Harrison)? As a Steelers fans you know, he in 09 years on the super bowl that hundred yards steals blockbuster return touchdown; perhaps you also know that in 2014 he had already announced his retirement, but the parent team recruited the Steelers and let him return to the stadium. The upcoming 2016 season is the fourteenth year of the old guy's campaign for NFL. What kind of surprise will he bring to us as a rare player who played the top three players in the US? Harrison Instagram knows that in the offseason this old guy will be the embodiment of the gym beast, basically every day will see him as punch. Bench press 365 pounds for him is not what he told everyone with these photos, he has been ready for the next season to do what. besides the gym, Harrison has one thing to pay attention to. That's age. In May this year, Harrison will be 38 years old, became NFL in active players (except the kicker and punter outside) the second oldest player (the other is Tom Brady, August at the age of 39). It is not easy to maintain such high efficiency at such high age at such high age. As so far it is still the first Steelers player he rushed past, one of the most terrible beasts came 10 years of union, fully deserve this name terminator helmet. through Harrison's story, we know that as long as you have the ability, you have an opportunity to stand in the league, no matter how old you are. in the past 2015 season, Harrison has become the eighth largest outside guard of the league in the league. And more importantly, in the same position, he has seventh good punching results. , the former loser, had a total of 714 games in the last season, in the official record that was the third season of his debut since 2007. But it was a good fourth season for his career. although Harrison still can remain efficient on the court, in fact, in the field,in the morning of August 14th in Beijing time, the Dallas cowboy 24:28 was lost to the Losangeles rams. This year's cowboy four round show Dako - Prescott (Dak Prescott) on behalf of the team's debut, the performance is amazing. He was before the two wave attack is done in the third wave of offensive touchdowns and lead the team into the shooting area to get 3 points, he in his limited time 12 to 10 to get 139 yards and 2 touchdowns, significantly higher draft Jared gove (Jared Goff) chip. Prescott showed excellent ability to move in the game, broad vision, keen observation and accurate passing the quasi heart, opening two and star receiver Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) connection which particularly brisk, a 11 yard touchdown for the Cowboys scored an early lead. During the half break, Bryant praised Prescott's performance. He said, "I think Dakota's greatest strength is calmness. He doesn't feel like a new talent on the field. He has very experienced experience. You can feel something special about him, and he will succeed in the future. " , of course, for the rookie, the biggest challenge to enter the professional arena is to play a stable and continuous role, but for a four rookie, he still has enough time to grow.

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