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Beijing time in December 11th, the Feinikesi University Stadium came into a focus campaign. The Minnesota Vikings against the Arizona cardinals. The score has been anxious, until the last moment, Vikings quarterback Bridgewater lost ball turnovers, the Cardinals only narrowly beat the Vikings in the home court. The score of the whole game is 23:20. first game, the two sides quickly entered the state of the game. The first attack of the Cardinals with a close kick in the lead. But Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) a 9 yard touchdown run with the ball immediately responded. Get the ball again Carson - Palmer (Carson Palmer) a long pass to open John Brown (John Brown), completed a 65 yard touchdown pass wonderful. The end of the first quarter, the Cardinals to lead 10:7. the second quarter, the Cardinals offensive continuously blocked, failed to expand the score. The Vikings, even though there was a mistake to drop the ball, leveled the score with a free kick before the end of the half - field. At the end of the first half, the Vikings Cardinals at 10:10. third games, the first attack of the Viking people again lost the ball error. The Cardinals took the opportunity to complete a 42 yard touchdown pass. The catch is Michael - Freud (Michael Floyd). At the end of this section, the Cardinals advancing to the Vikings within 5 yards, but the day before the end of the 3 offensive failed to convert into the arra cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y. The Cardinals with 17:10 score to go in the fourth quarter. the fourth quarter, the Cardinals began to hit a free kick near distance. The Vikings kicked a free kick of 54 yards and bites the score. In the 5 minutes left, Teddy Bridgewater came out of a 7 yard touchdown, Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace). Then the Cardinals left in the game 1 minutes 23 seconds kicked a 47 yard free kick. But it also left the Vikings enough time to draw the score. But in the game with 5 seconds left, Bridgewater was captured and killed off the ball. The cardinals in home court victory over the vikings.Author: NFL official network analyst Elliot Harrison No.1 Eagle (8-1) only need to look at the first quarter of the game on Sunday beat Mustang, You'll see. the Laoyingdui level how. Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) three times before the promotion led to score ended. Among them, the third time to promote the opportunity is a veteran from the free market: Patrick Patrick Robinson picked up the pass of Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) in the half court of Denver, giving the Hawks a good starting position. Another great player is running back Corey - Clement (Corey Clement), the advance he completed a 15 yard touchdown pass wentz. Jack Elliot (Jake Elliott), a kicker to try the free kick before kicking, was one of the treasures that the hawk had picked up this season. No.2 RAM (6-2) 3& a 33 groove external screen short passing game wonderful is it? After the release of the list last week, a number of people on twitter expressed their dissatisfaction with second of the goats. It seems that some people think that the strong team in Hugh week should be automatically ranked down and think beautifully. After 51 points, how can I put the ram down fairly and fairly? Wade - Phillips (Wade Phillips) defense group is getting better, this is a playoff team level. No.3 Steelers (6-2) this week did not match the Steelers quarterback, Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) just use this time to figure out their field performance is often unsatisfactory, why. The offensive team coaches can think about why the ball size 17.7 wide receiver Zhu Zhu Smith Schuster (Juju Smith-Schuster) were involved in the attack group kick off 65.2%, this guy should get more opportunity is. After all, let leviant - Baer (Le Veon Bell) every time the ball is too difficult for him to 28+. No.4 Patriot (6-2) = 1 I can't think of what the patriot is supposed to write today. Steve - Wen Wude (Steve Winwood) is a song called "Valerie", which has lyrics reminiscent of Tom Brady (Tom Brady) - "I" m the same boy I used to be, I still had the boy". I don't know what the fans are not aware of, with Brady in Union will have much meaning. I'm not a poison milk or a winning honey. Whether you love honey or make black (it doesn't seem to be neutral or not, "Cincinnati tigers locked two former first round of rookie team in the local time on Tuesday announced the implementation of cornerback Dudley kerc - Patrick (Dre Kirkpatrick) and the line players Kevin (Kevin Zeitler)'s dish team option contract of fifth years in. as the 2012 season of the 17 rookie, kerc Patrick performance in general, in the past 3 seasons just 5 starts. However, the 25 year old guard still shows excellent athletic ability in a limited time. The final stage of the regular season last season, kerc Patrick had scored two steals Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning). With the departure of Terrence Newman (Terence Newman), Kirk Patrick is also expected to take a first place in the new season. ????27?|??????????????????????????????39??????? According to the PFF (Pro Football Focus) display the scoring system, the score in the League last season Zeitler all guard in ninth. The full line players in pass protection and open have outstanding performance, limitless future.The quality of the New Jersey is not flattering Beijing time October 28th, in today's Jinzhou champion's home games against Washington Wizards, at the end of the second quarter, Bradley Bill and Germany Raymond Green conflict, Green's shirt was ripped off. in the first half the distance over 19.5 seconds, Bill ball breakthrough to the basket to shoot, but was Green on a cover, Green beat to hit the ball far away, this time has been re wizards players control the ball to start the two attack, but Bill and Green have fought together, even two people fell out otc. When two was opened, Green behind the clothes have been torn. Then two people were sent out. saw that the shirt was rotten again. I'm afraid the NBA player, Nike, is going to have a headache again. This is not the first time this season shirt torn. During the preseason, the Lakers player Ennis's shirt torn, Ennis and I didn't even know what to feel. In the season opener, Lebron James's because of a simple pull and rot - 23, "2" and "3" rotten a crack. The torn shirt was sent to the auction and the price of $45000 was taken. is more exotic, the Wizards Wall in the game, actually appeared the problem of the shirt. Wal was wearing a red and white wizards, because the sweat was soaked in the red part, and the white part of the underneath was dyed red. then, Nike executives began a comprehensive review of the reason for the tearing of the shirt. But at present, the problem has not been solved, which may be related to the new technology and new materials used by Nike for the New Jersey. Nike's New Jersey component contains recycled polyester. It is reported that 20 recycled plastic bottles should be used for one shirt, which is good for environmental protection, and can also increase jerk and air permeability of the Jersey. 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