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The official website of NFL | Germany took over Bollinger outstanding concern | Rugby for wide receiver Moritz Ballinger (Moritz Boehringer) praise show day more and more on Thursday. This kind of praise is hard to stop after the incredible training in front of the NFL scout. At 's display day at Florida Atlantic University, Bollinger did a good job. He was all the items in the test scores can be discharged into the receiver position before five in the year to test the camp. His 40 yard dash is made in the grass, converted to turf on his performance can reach 4.39 seconds -- this year in the measurement of camp outside took over the position can equal second. has made this amazing performance of Bollinger's figure. He has a height of 1 m 97 and a weight of 103 kg. This figure is similar to the proximal ones in NFL. He doesn't have a lot of comparison templates for his stature. The latest two similar players are the 2015 draft two show Devin Funchess and multiple Lille - Green Beckham (Dorial Green-Beckham). In other training programs, though, although some of the quarterback's passes were too risky, Bollinger caught each of the balls that came to him in the direction of the quarterback. The scouts wondered if he encountered pressure marking opponents, so they cheap nfl jerseys free shipping asked the two defender in the kick-off line for his pressure, but there is no problem in his starting. At least two teams want to watch his approach as a near - end front. When he accepted the coach's guidance, he was able to make a quick correction. I come here today to know what I must do, very quiet Ballinger said in perfect english. But I didn't think there would be so many people to watch me. After 's training, he was surrounded by scouts in the dressing room to answer the question. The new England patriots, the Green Bay Packers, the Minnesota Vikings, the Denver wild horse and the Kansas City chieftain are particularly interested. And 24 hours after he completed the training day, seven teams arranged to meet with him, including Chicago bears, Losangeles rams, Carolina Panthers, chieftains, Vikings and wild horses. 's right question for NFL's team is that all the evaluations are expected. He participated in the competition level, even though he finished the German top league performance last season, so far, it is lower than the American university competition level. All his videos are of little value except watching a rugby game. but after training on Thursday, look for NFL will become a Ballinger how players have a better understanding.Cowboy "new" right cut front Lager Collins (La 'El Collins) is perfect to complete the shift from the left to the right. Left handers don't seem to have anything to do with it. "the biggest change was the need to fight with my body because I had used to play on the left." "So I'm focused on improving technology and overcoming this difficulty," Collins said. boss Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) said, "he was stable, and has improved. Even with the start of the camp, his skills were more powerful and cleaner, and he was making progress. Not only is the physique excellent, but the enthusiasm is more human.The official website of NFL, chief linebacker Justin Houston was allowed to return to training in football nest kkansas chief, the chief defender, can get some good news soon. The team training division chief Burkholder (Rick Burkholder) g linebacker Justin Houston announced on Wednesday (Justin Houston) has been allowed to resume training. At the start of the season, the chieftain had put their number one passing ball into the list, which meant he had to be out for at least 6 weeks. Houston has not been formally removed from the list of injuries. The team also said the earliest time that could be done was next Monday, and then he had 21 days of space to be trained to determine whether it could be activated from the injury list. and the team's first runner Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles), who participated in training for the first time on Wednesday, will gradually increase their workload by Houston. Taking into account the current performance of the team's defensive team, Dee Ford ranked the first team in 1.5 hits, and the team scored 5 hits. The chief cannot be lucky when dealing with his star pass. Houston has made 29.5 escapement in the last two seasons, but he received a knee cruciate ligament operation in February this year. , 27, still has a lot of strength yet to play, and the $101 million $6 year contract he signed last year ensures that he will stay in the team to do that. According to the rules, Houston can play for seventh weeks to face the New Orleans saints, but we may see his official return in the next match. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | saints shall sign the Fairlie | football defensive tackle New Orleans saints will add desperately needed helpers to their defensive frontlines. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Friday, according to people familiar with the matter, the saints will sign the defensive cut-off Nick Fairlie (Nick Fairley). the new England patriots in lost, Nicks (Akiem Hicks) after the intention to sign Fairlie, but eventually withdrew from the competition. The saints are in urgent need of a passing attack on the inside of the defensive front. In addition to Cameron - Jordan (Cameron Jordan), the saints did not have a defensive frontline player to disturb the quarterback last season. Fairlie has a shortcoming as a defender in every file, but he can hit the quarterback of his opponent. Last season as a squad player playing for the Saint Louis rams, he was named the defensive football occupation focused strikers sixth good passing impact hands. In the last 5 seasons, Fairlie has been a good passing player every season. has been disappointed in Fairlie's early career in Detroit. He has proved in the past two seasons that he can become a destructive player when he is healthy. He will be on the inside defensive front with John - Jenkins (John Jenkins). The signing of the does not mean that the saints will not choose a defensive front in the draft or to introduce a veteran in the free agent market. Fairlie behaved best in rotation, not the number of 60% defensive gears.

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