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NFL |NFL teaching website alliance classification | football quarterback Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist 2014 season NFL pre season is in full swing, and it is less than a month from the opening of the regular season. Recently, many fans asked me questions. They thought they had known many main quarterbacks, running leaders and foreign players, but they felt that each player had a poor style of playing. They could not distinguish the characteristics of each player, so they couldn't find the key when watching the ball. So before the regular season, the NFL Chinese official website will be divided into an analysis to make a detailed classification of the types of players. elite quarterback though many quarterback have become Elite, that is, the elite quarterback. Of course, most of these people can't reach this level, so I won't criticize them one by one. Maybe everyone has a definition of Elite QB, but in fact, whether you like them or not, the real elite quarterback is only cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Four people below : Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) won five MVP season, a super bowl MVP, selected 13 occupation bowl, 7 time NBA season the first team, and numerous awards, Manning is to take out the honor to you can get scared, he so much honor and he is almost the pink of perfection pass technology is inseparable. His trick is to constantly change the tactics to confuse opponents before kick-off, can easily pass, 38 years old can maintain very high status of long arm, pocket pace is solid, can easily identify each other's defense form, these are the best part of his technique. Last season his ball hit rate of 68.3% (third), the true ball hit rate of 77% (fifth), the long ball hit rate of 48.2% (fourth), the oppression of the hit rate of 69% (fourth), after reading the data of this group you will find that Manning is really like Wu Yi is almost eighteen swordsmen. In addition to the slow speed of running, Manning was almost the spokesman for the perfect quarterback. There is an amazing career, Manning has led 41 win, in the fourth quarter after reversal with no predecessors is also very difficult to have it. Tom Brady (Tom Brady) as Manning's enemy, Brady has five blocks after blasting Manning's appearance, he has sixth round pick legend plus 〉Houston, Dezhou coach Bill Obrien (Bill O Brien) said on Friday local time that the team's substitute quarterback Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett) has made great progress. The Dezhou people got Malet through a deal with the new England patriots before the start of the season. Obrien believes the experience of patriots can help Malet better understand the team's attack. "He really worked very seriously," said Obrien. His weekly training has a very good effect, and everyone is very good at his evaluation. He now needs to focus on and practice passing skills to ensure that accuracy is the basis of daily training. He was born with an excellent arm, and every pass he was able to listen to our advice, which made him better. Every time he's trained, he comes early and gets back very late. Every game, he has provided us with great help on the sidelines. " "I saw two things from Ryan. One is his understanding of the attack. He was very proficient in the base of the attack, which allowed him to move on. The other is his experience. The last three years have been a substitute for Tom Brady (Tom Brady), which makes him learn a lot. During the gathering, he was able to find a small problem in the attack group during the exercise. I'd love to see him grow up. "The 2015 Shanghai good bowling tournament Li Nan won 4 month | Bowling news: CpBA occupation Bowling League 2015 Shanghai good bowling hall ended in 4 months. Li Nan won the championship. Veteran Xu Jiyuan won second place. The women's flying saucer Wang Jumei was runner up. Ke Zonglin, Wang Hao and Ren Wei won four to six place. Kuang Wentao 226 points won the highest score of the single Bureau, Zhang Jun won the lucky award. April champion Li Nan posed April runner up Xu H. L. April season army Wang Jumei this station reporter, thank you (right) and Kuang Wentao, the top prize winner of the single Bureau, thank you (in), Jiang Weiyu (left), bowling spider Yu Hong (right) 164163211053821The sprain of the middle part of the foot seems to be a problem often encountered by the running guards, because whether they want to cut or move in the crowd, they must rely on the strength of the feet. Hillman had been suffering from the shoulder and ankle this season. and Montee Ball, who made their debut at the beginning of this season, have rejoined the team training last week. It seems that the strain of groin has been basically healed. There is little problem in this battle with Saint Louis rams this week. Monti Montee. , of course, the wild horse fans do not need to worry about the attack of the team. The passing code of Payton Peyton Peyton Manning has been more than 340 yards for two consecutive weeks, so the impact of ground attack on the overall offense is not very large.

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