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The official website of NFL | Winston and thibaut to Orlando condolences shooting survivors | football ten days ago, Orlando in the bar shooting shocked the whole world, including the bartender Rodney (Rodney Sumter) -- a three shot, Orlando was sent to the hospital emergency center area. recently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers four Wei Jie (Jameis Winston) - Winston mays, Tim (Tim Tebow) - Seth Tibbott and Orlando SC star Kaka respectively to the local hospital to visit sumter. It is reported that and Sumter high school is Seth Tibbott teammates, together they play nice in high school, after cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Sumter entered Jacksonville university. after Winston visited Sumter but also to visit the other survivors.Carolina Black Panther coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) will carry his twentieth Super Bowl champion to participate in the fiftieth super bowl next week, but he will not choose to wear this ring. in the twentieth super bowl, Rivera stands for the Chicago bear to win 46-10 of the new England patriots. "The ring represents the past experience and the players," Rivera said. "The ring itself is not a must, the important thing is to fight for it." Speaking of the upcoming games, Rivera was calm and excited: "for the fiftieth super bowl, I told the players that this is an experience, and we need to finish the game at last, which is what we are focused on now. I told the players to accept it, enjoy it, and get into it. " local time Friday, the team ended his last training at Sherlock. On Sunday, local time, they will leave for California. The team revealed that the team carried out full equipment training on Friday to maintain its state and excitement.Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in the right eye chin win Baltimore crow game congestion, this looks like being poked the eye, but with a helmet how? According to , Brady is recalled, defensive tackle Tim crow Jeni (Timmy Jernigan) at the root of his right eye. Brady thought the other was doing it intentionally because he was arguing with a referee, not the state of the game. Let's take a look at the chart below : Brady said in an interview: "I quarrel with this person at the time, and when I yell at him for the referee to poke my eyes. It's true that he obviously knows what he's doing. " Many people think that the should be given Huangqi, now we know our number 12 why so angry.The official website of NFL | Olsen sold his collection of Bumblebee charity football | Carolina Panthers players seem to love their cars, linebacker Thomas Davies (Thomas Davis) is a 1975 Chevrolet, cam Newton (Cam Newton) has a black version of the 1970 Greg Olsen - the scimitar (Greg Olsen) to find a place for your collection. us time on Thursday, Olsen announced that it would auction his own 1969 version of the bumblebee. He did it not to make money, but to make a donation to the heart research institute. It is reported that Olsen's son has been diagnosed as a congenital cardiovascular disease. the purpose of the fund is to help young children with heart disease.

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