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's contract for the new England patriot trump Darrel Weiss Darrelle will expire at the end of this season. Although the team has 1 years' team option for the contract, it will cost a lot to execute the option. This season, the Patriots paid 12 million dollars to ray Weiss, and if the team wants to leave ray Weiss, they need to pay 20 million dollars for the next season. The team needs to make a choice before April 1st, if ray Weiss still stay in the team, he will get 12 million of the bonus list. NFL official website reporter said the Patriot would try to sign a long contract with Lives, but the insider revealed that if the negotiations failed, the team would not rule out the possibility of Lives's contract execution team option. That's the case, but 20 million is really a price that is unacceptable to the team. If you want to keep the number one, the Patriot still needs to find a way to provide Lives with a longer, more stable contract. expert analysis, if patriots can not agree with Lives on the issue of contract renewal, they will not cut it down ahead of time, they will wait until the last minute. At that time, the free market has tended to be flat, and the team that will still have enough pay space to sign Weiss in April will be the number one. This will also provide the Patriots with the opportunity to press the price. At the moment, the team has 2 months to negotiate with ray Weiss. No matter whether or not this season will win, both sides are looking forward to continuing to work in the next season., according to NFL official Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the New Orleans saints have fired defensive coordinator rob Lane (Rob cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Ryan). a few hours before the saints coach Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) also expressed the need for the team and executive vice president and general manager Mitch Loomis (Mickey Loomis) meeting to make a decision after discussion and confirmation of Ryan is still defensive coordinator. asked the team to help him create the league's most comprehensive second line defense after the league's fourth defense team in the 2013 season. The team in 2014 with 6 years and $54 million to sign about fertilizer safety jarius Byrd (Jairus Byrd) and this year with free agent cornerback Brandon browner (Brandon Browner) signed a 3 year contract. But the next thing was that the saints defended the team in the top second last season, and this season they ranked first in the top. 's 14-47 defeat to Washington's red skin seemed to be the last straw. The Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins let (Kirk Cousins) 324 yards and 4 touchdowns, saints to become the NFL's first team for continuous three quarterbacks came four touchdowns and did not pass by team steals (ELI Manning (Eli Manning), Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) and Cousins). The saints lost two of the three games. After being fired by the Dallas cowboy, said he would not be out of work more than 5 minutes. No one knows how long he will be unemployed, but every fan that occasionally watches the saints will agree that the long hair image will be remembered by everyone. kept jokes aside, and little coach Blain wanted to be a top defense coordinator. Will he get another chance?The official website of NFL | seventh weeks in the United | rugby league player Awards announced The Denver Broncos quarterback Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) Sunday night with 4 touchdowns to break the legendary performance quarterback Bret faffe (Brett Favre) career touchdowns record and their record will be followed, so the 42-17 Mustang victory over San Francisco 49. In order to set off his new record, became the seventh - week best offensive player in the United States. Do you expect anyone to take this award? In addition to the passing of the ball, Manning's pass rate reached 84.6% (26 in 22). His pass was not copied in 318 yards and the quarterback scored 157.2. is also the most valuable player in the season. The Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) has won the honor of the best player of the league. Rodgers has played a dominant role in the past few weeks, one of the best players in the league, or the best. The packers quarterback to overcome the poor performance of the Carolina Panthers team in the 38-17 game of the 22 ball 19 times success (success rate 86.5%), 255 yards and 3 touchdowns and no pass was intercepted, the score reached 154.5. When is going to be over half of the season, any early prediction of the list of most valuable players must start with Manning and Rodgers, so only they are good at winning the best player of the week. below is seventh weeks of other award winners: week seventh AFC defensive player: Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Teerwen - Smith (Telvin Smith), made 4 tackles, steals the victory and lock 1 sacks led off the ball, help the Jaguar first win of the season. (in the rookie team defense group leader Paul (Paul Posluszny) - the Lasini will continue to contribute to the team after the season) seventh weeks of the American League's best special teams player: new England patriots defensive tackle Chris Jones (Chris Jones): in the Patriot 27-25 victory over the New York jets game, fourth jets last attack he blocked 58 yard shot may juesha. seventh week National League defensive player: Washington Redskins linebacker Jinan - Robinson (Keenan Robinson): 14 amazing victory over Tennessee in the hold of a Titan game (a career high). week seventh NFC special teams player: Saint Louis rams punt returner Stedman Bailey (Stedman Bailey).Beijing time on November 4th at 8:30 in the morning, NFL ninth weeks of the regular season competition has opened. The 5 - 3 Atlanta falcons present to Tampa Bay, the challenge of 3 - 4 - the Pirates of the three home games. The two national rivals last hand in the first week of the season, when the Tampa Bay pirates won the 31:24 victory over the falcons. At the start of the game, the attacking teams entered the game. Pirates attack first receiver Mike Evans (Mike Evens) with four Wei Jie - Winston (Jameis Winston) who completed 17 yard pass, the ball. In the middle of the Falcon, Mike - Evans took 11 yards again. Eventually Evans took 3 yards and the pirate 7:0 took the lead in scoring. The Falcon took less than two minutes to tie the score: quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) to find the short running backs de Feng tower - Freeman (Devonta Freeman) for 27 yards wide receiver Taylor Gabriel (Taylor Gabriel) won the ball 15 yards, tight end Toy Lolo Levine (Levine Toilolo) completed 32 yards receiving touchdown, the game was 7:7. ball, pirates running back Anton Smith (Antone Smith) and four Wei Jie, Winston Meese with mistakes, the ball was picked up off the falcons. The falcons took the opportunity to hit a 29 - yard free kick by kicker Matt - Bryant (Matt Bryant), and the falcons 10:7 took the lead. Pirates attack again, and the way to promote the Falcon four first half, however, Wei Jie, Winston Meese the ball off the ball, causing failure of pirate falcon. second, Falcon dvon von von Freeman flush the ball 20 yards, followed by the kicker Matt Bryant 41 yards free kick hit, the Falcon 13:7 lead. The pirates quickly abandoned kicks. Subsequently, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was killed and dropped by Gerrard Mccoy (Gerald McCoy) in the half court. This time the pirates made a mistake in the other half. Pirates to take over Mike - Evans in the other side of the corner of the guard to connect the 24 yards to pass the ball, the pirates at 14:13 anti - 1 points. The falcons refused to yield, wide receiver Taylor Gabriel take the ball 26 yards, tight end Austen - Hooper (Austin Hooper) won the ball 16 yards, and finally took over Gabriel 9 yards rushing touchdowns, falcons lead again at 20:14. Before the end of the second quarter, the two teams did not build again and went into the midfield. in the second half of the falcons advanced attack, the external relay Julio - Jones (Julio Jones) completed the three consecutive matches, a total of 48 yards. In front of the scoring line, all Patrick - Dimareo (Patrick DiMarco) received a 1 - yard array, then the two - point conversion failed, and the Falcon 26:14 was 12 points ahead. Pirates out of gear. The falcons receiver Mohammed - 〉

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