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some time in trade rumors, the Seahawks quarterback Colin Capet decided not to sign Nick (Colin Kaepernick). Some people think about it, is it the money problem that leads to the failure of the two parties? reliable source tells you that it's not a matter of money. This is and the Seahawks responded by match, coach Peter Carol said earlier that Capet Nick "ability" in the league as a starter, salary cap space for this type of evaluation of speech are generally not related with the team. eventually decided not to sign the Seahawks starting quarterback level, should also have the first array themselves in. The current performance of Russell - Wilson (Russell Wilson) does not require a team to start looking back. currently has three Seahawks quarterback, the other two are Trevor von Boykin (Trevone Boykin) and Jack (Jake Heaps) - Xipu adams.The sixth week of the regular season will be held between the first and the end of the United States west side, and the Denver wild horses, top of the list, are chal cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lenging the battalion of the wounded this season. San Diego lightning battered this season, more than the main team member was injured for the season at the beginning of the season. It also gave a lot of performance opportunities for the players who had not been able to play in the last season, and they did quite well. Melvin Gordon, a lightning two - grade runner, has finally got rid of the shades of the rookie season, and this season has been connected to the entire league with a total of 7 touchbacks. He has become the most reliable attack weapon of the season in each of the first five games. Another worthy of our attention is the third show the defensive end Joey peak - this year's Bossa, after a long period after signing the contract, botha ushered in the occupation League debut in the tournament last week. First show Sibosa played a stunning, 2 capture and 5 grabs, including 3 escapement resulting in the loss of the number of codes. The new rookie, known as the next "J.J. watt", announced his arrival with his perfect debut. Denver Broncos four points a week may Trevor sago Aberdeen return to the court, the seven round of this season to play before the season show excellent passer rating of up to 134.9. While another rookie four point Paxton Lynch didn't help the team win a victory last week, but he scored in his two games, which also made the fans see his potential. The main line of the wild horse defense, the main line guard von Miller, led the whole league with 6.5 escapement. In his past 10 games in the face of lightning, a total of 11 escapement was taken, and the number of codes was lost in 14 grabs. The famous big brother has been in the league, will use their own actions to give a lesson barbosa. live address Author: Zhang YunThe official website of NFL | pony Coach: we will to defend Julio Jones | football is a big challenge to the 1 - 1 defense of Julio - Jones (Julio Jones) for any team in the league. But the chief of the Indianapolis pony said the pony could. pony coach chuck Pagano (Chuck Pagano) in an interview that the team will make his 1 to 1 cornerback Jones defense: we will try the other teams have not tried the way, this is a challenge for our second defense, and they have a very powerful quarterback. in 9 games this season, Jones completed a number of ball League this season in more than 2, over 80 receptions for 1029 yards and 6 touchdowns performance. although the Atlanta falcons suffered two defeats, but their No. two receiver Leonard Hankison (Leonard Hankerson) will return to the second tier defense is obviously the pony pressure will be greater.Houston Dezhou people Andre - Hal (Andre Hal) was ready to be the key target of the opponent before the game. As it was expected, the young corner guard struggled, and his defensive area became the breakthrough of the Philadelphia hawk's pass. in the first quarter, the eagles in the half 41 yards out to get the first attack, quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) and Jeremy - Mclean long (Jeremy Maclin) connection. Kazakhstan was thrown away by Mclean in the defense and watched his opponent finish the 57 - yard pass. For the failure of the defense, ha son said after the game: "I should have thought they choose a long pass, I should do better." second, Kazakhstan's defense area was again broken by his opponent. The substitutes for the quarterback Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) and Jordan - Mathews (Jordan Matthews) succeeded in completing the 11 - yard pass in front of the Kazakhstan. Although the result of the game is disappointing, it is also a valuable asset for young Kazakhstan. His teammates, Kareem Jackson (Kareem Jackson), have also been tortured at the early stage of his career, and perhaps he should exchange experience with his predecessors. Hal revealed in an interview: "I talked to Kareem and he told me to go on and go on fighting." I will continue to do my best in every defense, and I will try to do the best I can do. I hope to continue to improve in this week's training, to keep fit and to meet the next game. "

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