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After 's fiftieth super bowl, people were wondering whether Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) would choose to retire. recently announced that Manning will announce his retirement decision after the end of this week, according to the Denver post. in fact this is not a surprise, Manning knew that the Denver Broncos need him to make the right decision in March 9th, the team needs to renew the Super Bowl MVP von Miller (Von Miller) if the negotiation success team will need to give Miller the privilege of using the label, so Manning's contract will become a burden. although the Losangeles rams expressed interest in Manning, but it is the premise of Manning's choice of one more year. but according to the news, Manning has not yet told the Mustang's own decision to retire.The official website of NFL | [] count those who retire early NFL | rugby player at NFL, early retirement seems to have become a trend in the alliance. Patrick - Willis (Patrick Willis), Jack Rock (Jake Locker), Jason Wolierzi (Jason Worilds) in the offseason started soon announced his retirement, su cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rprising. Now, the 24 year old 49 team line guard Chris Poland Borland also chose to retire. , of course, Poland will not be the first and not the last one. Let's take a look at the players who have retired early. Barry Saunders (Barry Sanders) Saunders's career is 10 years, not too short or too long. In spite of this, he is considered one of the greatest running guards of all time. During the 10 years, Saunders had played for the Detroit lions and had never missed any professional bowl. When he retired, he was only 30 years old, and the total running data was only 1457 yards less than the first Walter Payton (Walter Payton) in the history of the time. In 2004, Saunders was elected to the hall of fame. Jack Rock (Jake Locker) Rock had a bleak career and no season was available, but his early retirement was even more shocking. When Rock was still at the University of Washington, people gave him a high expectation that he should be the top player in the 2011 draft. In fact, the Tennessee Titan team selected Rock at eighth. Now, he retired because he felt that he had no pursuit of victory, just to play. Jimmy Brown (Jim Brown) some people think Brown is the greatest professional player of all time. He has all entered the professional bowl in his 9 year career, of which the 8 year season is the first in the league. When he retired, 12312 yards and 126 touchdowns all broke the record NFL. Robert Smith (Robert Smith) Smith played 8 years from 1993 to 2000 in the Minnesota Vikings. He went to the two career bowl and left the top of his career.en Su Damm (Ndamukong Suh) - hole. The Detroit lions realized core players to retain players, they need to start the negotiations as soon as possible. Local time Friday, the general manager in an interview revealed that the team has started to levy and linebacker de Andre (DeAndre Levy) contract negotiations. the past 2 seasons, Levi is the core players defensive lion group, he is also the 2 consecutive season in occupation bowl. Last season, the lion's defensive team ranked third in terms of losing points, and the number of lost numbers was fourth. This season, the basic salary of the levy is only $3 million 500 thousand, the team is expected to provide a ca.. The 10 most valuable defensive player at the age of 28, was also named Levi's official website". according to the relevant sources, the lion also hopes to extend the new aid Kazakhstan Loti Natta (Haloti Ngata) of the contract, but the team also said that the specific negotiations will be conducted after the draft. The new season, the lion hopes to be able to stand on the defensive, strive for again into the playoffs, and go further.The official website of NFL | Brooks: from "selfish" become "selfless" | football in the competition with New York giants, San Francisco 49 people Ahamad Ahamad Brooks Ahmad chose to take the initiative to enter the bench because of playing time. In the team's 17-13 victory over Washington's red skin this week, Brooks took part in most of the team's defensive numbers and had a good performance. In an interview after the game, Brooks said, "I was very selfish last week and I became more selfless this week." Brooks said in a post - match interview. Previously, there are rumors that once 49 people want to deal with Brooks, the team believes he should be the Alton Smith in order of appearance of the location (Aldon Smith) - Lynch and rookie Aaron (Aaron Lynch) after. Although 49 people denied the rumor, the data proved that Brooks's performance was still to be improved. Lynch completed 4 escapement in only 394 defenses, 4 in the quarterback and 24 to force his opponent to hurry. Brooks is not very different from Lynch in the first two figures, but he has 145 more, and the number of opponents in a hasty hand is 20 times less. this game, Brooks played 38 gear, Lynch played 21 gear. He did have a corresponding increase in his playing time. At the same time, his performance also returns the confidence of the coach, the game finished 3 tackles, and grab a ball. Brooks said: I wanted to finish the array, but one of my teammates told me, 'touch the ground and touch the ground.' And then I did it. Although he had not been a hero of the game, Brooks's performance this week proved that he could be an excellent team mate.

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