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Beijing time in December 29th, a focus of the North District of the National League in the Blaupunkt stadium, the Green Bay Bay Packers to visit the visiting Detroit lion. All two teams have locked the playoff, the winner of the game will be locked in the North title, and in the first round of the playoffs is bye, do not need to play the wild card game. Finally, the team with excellent performance, the packers beat 30:20 lion. The Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) left the leg in the second quarter and returned to the field in the third quarter. started by the lions first began to attack, when three attack, lions quarterback Matthew - Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford) was killed, but was "three strikes". The packers offense by running back Eddie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) and James Starks (James Starks) launched, two people have not found when the state in Rodgers, continuous punching ball, has been rushed to the 1 yard line, but when the four storm did not succeed, the success of the male lion hold seven points. But the attack of the lion is still unable to take the defense of the packers, and the first score of the competition is completed by the secret service team of the packers, and the lion's discard kick is attacked. The packer entered the second section with a 7 point lead. at the beginning of the second quarter, the lions attack is still not able to get points, and the packers offensive is fast, but Lei Xi rushed the ball off the ball again, the lion escaped unharmed. Although Rodgers did not finish the pass cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in the first match, but the packers at the Blaupunkt court scored 7 wins and 0 losses. Most of his achievements had been completed by this season. At home, he has completed 23 touchdown. Found in section second of the Rodgers constant feeling led forward, at the end of 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the second quarter, finished touchdowns. But after the pass, Rodgers was injured and left the field. After the injured quarterback, male players seem a little excited, Staffordshire is also a continuous passing success, and finally he "Megatron" Kelvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) touchdown attachments make difference back to 7 points. in the second half of the lion continued the good momentum at the end of the first half, Staffordshire put the ball accurately to Megatron in the hands of the red zone, which bypasses the defender ball finished touchdowns, tied the score. But the first level of the consortium of the packers was once again shown, and racy and Starks's run - guard combination had made the lion hard enough. And back to the game, Rodgers passed the ball to his outer relay. In the end, the packers entered the fourth section with a 7 point advantage. the last section of the game, the lion trying to catch the time, Staffordshire dropped the ball and ran Wei Joe - Baer Iqbal (Joique Bell) took over two people two times to let off the ball defense group vanished. And in the lion's 1 - yard line, Rodgers made his own ball to finish the ball. In the end, the wrapper successfully defended himself to get a safety score (Safety), and the lion was also completed.NFL official website, never stop: David Johnson, rugby wo David Johnson will undoubtedly be the best player in your fantasy game. You may love the wonderful performance of the Arizona Cardinals running back, but for him, all this is just the beginning. he is the kind of cute person. , at the Street grocery store in Phoenix, is often recognized by pedestrians and asked for a photo. He told him that you are our favorite fantasy game player. he and his wife, Meghan Brock Johnson, went to New York in the early November Hugh week. When they were walking in the middle city of Manhattan, a middle-aged man suddenly came out and hurried to the best runner in the league, shouting, "what are you doing?" Aren't you supposed to play ball!? You're going shopping here, but it's going to ruin my fantasy team! but the people who really love him are still those who work together in Arizona. It was not long ago on Friday afternoon when he was stopped by the old guard Mike Iupati when he walked under the dim light of the dressing room. He yelled, "that's the person who is going to be praised right away!" Stump Mitchell, the running coach on the side of , followed the nod. He looked up and down the 6 foot and 1 inches tall. 224 pounds of the running guard, and then happy smile. If doesn't get hurt, David Johnson can break a series of League records in his career. Mitchell said: "in our offensive system, his performance is totally unexpected. He has the ability to sweep all the records, and he can play ball and catch more than 1000 yards each year. He was elusive, explosive and powerful, and his hands were steady. In addition to that, he makes himself stronger every day. David Johnson ran off Washington Red Su'a Cravens while running the ball, Feinikesi University Arizona stadium, 2016.12.4 how good is the 24 year old NFL two player? Last Sunday, he has just become the second consecutive 12 player in the history of playing the ball over 100 yards. The last one who got the record is Edgerrin James, a former runner of pony, who spent 13 consecutive games in 2005. Johnson ran the alliance with the total number of 1709 yards and 15 array of data, while his 1005 yards of run numbers were also ranked in the League third. In any way, he's the best running guard in the fantasy game.although the Carolina Panther has not won the super bowl, the team, the players and the coach have been regarded by Sherlock's local residents as a city hero. The team left for San Francisco on Sunday local time. When he went out, the Black Panther coach, Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) received a warm farewell to the fans. When was driving away from home, Rivera's neighbors called for him by the roadside. There were also young fans that mimic Newton's celebrations, hoping to cheer Rivera on. Rivera, on personal network social media, said, "thank the neighbors for sending me off." reported that the fans also carried some slogans, including "continue to hit", "good luck, coach" and so on. The Panther players had previously said they would bring the trophy back to the Carolina for the fans.The official website of NFL | United States think tank report refute "bleeding gate" investigation conclusion | football the new England patriots have an influential supporter on the opening door. The American Enterprise Institute of the think tank has conducted an independent study of the evidence in the release door survey report. They published the findings in a review published in the New York Times on Friday, which they believe are a lot of loopholes. , a think-tank, also found lack of evidence in the scandal of the golden gate of New Orleans saints and provided their research results in the November 2012 NFL hearing. The New York Times article points out that NFL revoked all the sanctions against the players that month after the hearing. their research believes that the problem of the vent door is on the ball provided by the Indianapolis ponies rather than the Patriots. The article says: there are two possibilities in general. The first is that the patriots are overleaking the ball in the game. The second possible neglect of the investigation report may be the small leaking of the ball in the race of the pony. Their research results indicate that the patriot's match ball was measured before the start of the competition, while the pony's playing ball was measured after the first half of the game, which allowed them to increase the air pressure to the ball. NFL may be in the players' Union for Tom Brady (Tom Brady) using the latest research results of the 4 game ban appeal process.

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