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Generally speaking, NFL will make many requests for the Super Bowl city. For example, any bid city must let the alliance control 100% of the ticket sales revenue, including box suites. In addition, the host city will provide more than 35000 free parking spaces around the stadium, and the hotels that the team stays in must agree to play the NFL official channel for a year, until the Super Bowl starts. , according to the sports business magazine, now the league has added another one: the owners of NFL teams voted last week that the team of the Super Bowl hosts need to play a match at home. Under the new rules, the team will have to give up a home game in five years. is not clear when this rule will come into effect, but if it starts next season, it means that the 49 men in San Francisco will have a home game in London in the next 5 years, because San Francisco's new stadium has fiftieth Super Bowl. Even so, the new rules will still not affect any team and city. The alliance will also increase revenue to London's " cheap nfl jerseys free shipping home team", and any team that will be home to London will get a $one million loss compensation. 2014, the alliance arrange 3 London Games, four Oakland Raiders "home court" against the Miami dolphins, Atlanta falcons eighth weeks "home court" against the Detroit lions, tenth weeks of the Jacksonville Jaguars "home court" against the Dallas cowboys.Buffalo Bill's disappointing position in the quarterback continued to the training session of the team on Saturday. A fan even publicly appealed for the return of Kell Orton (Kyle Orton) who had been playing for the team. although EJ- Manuel (EJ Manuel) is recognized as the "winner" of the training game, local media described the performance of the attack group as "disgust". three quarterbacks are connected with the starting lineup, the second team and third lineup with Mannel field, passing 11 times 5 times the success of 105 yards and a touchdown only. The 6 pass by Matt - Cassell (Matt Cassel) was only 2 times a success of 27 yards. When he led the first attack team, the game tactics were mainly to attack the ball. Taylor de Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) show some talent, 13 8 get 83 yards and 31 yards rushing. But the manager of Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) was disappointed in his missed passing. although Lane said that the defense team played well in the offensive team in the early training camp, he wanted the quarterback to have a stronger performance. "I want to see the performance that stands out, but not." Ryan said. Although failed to impress the new team in the off-season training, Cassell can still obtain veteran preferential treatment in the preseason. "We will probably start Cassell in the first match against the Carolina Panthers, and then we will start from him," said Ryan. "Obviously we will rotate the first quarterback."will soon face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Indianapolis Colts quarterback in big trouble. coach Chuck Pagano announced on Monday that the main quarterback Andrew Andrew (Andrew Luck) entered the League brain concussion inspection process after the team's 24-17 victory over Tennessee Titan. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Pagano did not predict whether he could pass the check before the match. "it depends on our team doctors and trainers to watch," Pagano said. is planning to start Scott - Tosin (Scott Tolzien), the 29 - year - old quarterback who started his career only 2 times, according to people familiar with the matter. In addition to passing 1 balls to Green Bay Packers last season, Sean has not been in the regular season since 2013. The severity of 's injuries is not yet known, but there are few players recovering from concussion in a short time. ?The official website of NFL | China Football League game to watch football | Author: 10 Yards with NFL opener started in CenturyLink Field the Seahawks home court, like American football fans finally look forward to the 2014-2015 season. For Chinese fans, the coming of the Chinese Rugby Union (AFLC) is coming to be their greatest gospel. This AFLC is divided into 3 divisions, and 4 teams in each area must definitely have a visual feast for all the City fans. Close to 10 Yards, let's count the profile of the various races. eastern section - the focus of strong dialogue team: Shanghai Warriors Shanghai Nighthawks Shanghai Titans Hangzhou Ospreys Overview: the division division is our most attention division, the reason is of course two veteran Warriors and Nighthawks, since contact football, two teams off the field to meet again in the league, will definitely make the crowd the heart rate. Compared with the two predecessors, the performance of Titans is much lower, and we are somewhat expected. They were assigned to a group of three Shanghai teams. Ospreys seemed rather passive. Despite the rapid development of the team, the competition experience is still short, and the outlet is not very optimistic. The southern part of - Hongkong has the advantage, Guangzhou has a potential for team: Hongkong Warhawks Hongkong Cobras

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