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The official website of NFL | Aigo will sign for 2 years | football defensive tackle Blanche according to the NFL official website reporter, the new England patriot has been defending the defensive Alan Blanche (Alan Branch) with a team of 2 years, the maximum value of up to 6 million 600 thousand U.S. dollars in the contract reached an agreement. Last season, Blanche joined the Patriots and signed a 855 thousand - worth contract with the team. In the end, he won the team's trust through his own efforts. In the 2014 season, the patriot's defensive frontline was plagued by injury, and Blanche's arrival has greatly improved the depth of the team's lineup. As a defensive rush, Blanche made 8 appearances, including 2 field first, completed a total of 13 tackles. His excellent performance helped the team to rediscover the defense team and solve the biggest problem in the first half of the season: the frontline loophole. Blanche's renewal also hinted at Vince Wilfork's future to a certain extent. Volfork was cut off by the team before opening the free market, and the Patriots still haven't ruled out the possibility of resi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping gning the Big Mac. But does the same place Blanche suggest that the team has given up returning to volflock?Roger Goodell, President of alliance, said in a letter to all the top executives on Wednesday that NFL will hire a new full-time chief medical officer to replace Elliot Pearlman, a controversial medical consultant for many years. Elliot Goodell. Godell said Pearlman was going to retire, but according to people, Godell made the decision to make Pearlman retire. Godell believes NFL must show strong leadership in health and safety and prove that players and fans must believe in the alliance. Pearlman retired after 30 years of work for NFL. He was a rheumatologist who was the president of the New York jet team doctor and the Alliance Research Institute. has always been the main figure in the league, when the alliance tried to solve the worry about the gradual increase in concussion. Pearlman is the chairman of the alliance's brain minor trauma Committee. The committee was founded in 1994 and has been releasing research reports that concussions are minor injuries. Pearlman and his colleagues attacked independent scholars who linked Rugby to brain damage. ESPN reported in 2013 that Pearlman served as a private doctor for the former president Paul Tagliabue (Paul Tagliabue) for many years. Pearlman also used the research results of the committee's problems to work on his own team doctors, often allowing concussion players to return to the game. In 2005, "New York Times" disclosure Pelman beautify their own resume, conceal his acceptance of medical education experience in Mexico. Pearlman soon resigned as chairman, but remained in the Committee. In 2010, under pressure from Congress, Godell disbanded the Committee. But Pearlman was surprisingly still working as a medical consultant for the alliance. In Wednesday's letter, Godell said that the role of the new chief medical officer would be to coordinate health related matters with team medical teams, NFL players unions and medical committees. said This role will ensure that the team is able to get the latest information and that NFL's research funds are effectively and purposefully used.who will be the quarterback of the Indianapolis pony in the regular match against Tennessee Titan? Chuck Pagano, the coach of the pony, is unsure. according to Pagano, Matt - Hassel Beck (Matt Hasselbeck) and Andrew - LAK (Andrew Luck) are all determined to be absent from the game. This left the little horse left the recent quarterback quarterback Josh Freeman (Josh Freeman) and Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley) and the rookie Stephen Maurice (Stephen Morris). One of the disappointing points of the news of is that we may not see Hassel Beck out of the race again. The 40 year old quarterback played heroic performance this season. Before he was injured, he led a 4 - 0 record as a substitute. After a series of injuries, including the jaw injured and can only eat liquid food, for him to finish the race. "I have so many questions to ask myself so many times, 'Hey, if I didn't play in the game, if this was the last time I came out. What in case? ' Hasselbeck said to ESPN. "I don't know, I really feel that nothing has changed in my mind. I think it will be one of the things that I can sit down and think about when the season ends. This season has been a somewhat different season. is described with a different word or a ridiculous understatement. Who would have thought that the pony will now be in such a situation. When they are about to enter the next match, they will try to find a suitable substitute for Charlie quarterback three Whitehurst Charlie Whitehurst. for the boss of the pony Jim Ilse (Jim Irsay), he must expect the 2016 season to come soon.|2015 Shanghai high Bowling bowling alley "golden bottle cup" bowling Xu Minfa won the race in October high point bowling alley "Gold Bottle Cup" bowling October champion Xu Min hair (647 points) high point bowling alley "Gold Bottle Cup" bowling October runner up Zheng Kaiyuan 610 points high point bowling alley "Gold Bottle Cup" bowling October season Zhang Jianmin 578 points high bowling "golden bottle cup" bowling cup in October 576 Rengui fourth gold high point bowling alley "Gold Bottle Cup" bowling fifth in October, thanks to 576 high bowling "golden bottle cup" bowling cup in October highest single game 218 points high clouds high point bowling alley "Gold Bottle Cup" bowling October high point bowling alley "Gold Bottle Cup" bowling October lucky draw 505 points

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