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Pittsburgh Steelers in defeat to Baltimore last week after the crow lost the initiative in the playoffs, they need to wait for a miracle in the last week. The New York jets upset victory over the new England patriots, the Steelers need to beat Cleveland Brown in the last week at the same time, expect the jet to Buffalo Bill. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) asked whether he would contact Bill coach Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) said: "I have seen Rex as his friend, but this week I wouldn't call him." Tomlin of events that took place last week and next week's game was discussed: "we need to get rid of the past week's predicament as soon as possible, we need to rebound, like a championship team. Forget last week and win the next game. Brown has no ranking pressure on the Steelers are easy to beat them. But the same thing happened to Bill, and whether they would be able to go all the way would be a big point in the last week.(Cam Newton) - Newton Kamm is the Carolina Panthers when the Seattle Seahawks three games, but his mistake is finally defeate cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d by his opponent. Newton said in an interview with ESPN: "I didn't protect the good ball, especially in the face of a strong defense." really, not only did not protect the good ball, instead of sending two to be copied and paid the price. He added: "I overlooked the protection of the ball in a lot of times, but I wanted to advance the number of large numbers." Saturday night Newton three turnovers two times by the Seahawks made back and finally made a touchdown. The first time was that he had a problem with Jonathan Stewart, which led to the ball dropping when the ball was delivered. The second time he was Seahawks safety guard Kamm - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) steals and completed 90 yard touchdown return. although Newton is very optimistic about the future of the Panther team, the Saturday night's error is really what Newton and the leopard team need to overcome in the coming year. 1997-2018 NetEase Ltd. all rights reserved. About NetEase | company | contact | Recruitment Information | customer service | privacy policy | advertising service | site map adverse feedback information reporting (function () {if (window.NTES!) return; function showFeedbackBox (x, y) {var footmainNd = NTES ('.N-nav-bottom-main') [0]; VAR feedbacklinkNd = NTES ('.ne_foot_feedback_link') [0]; if (! 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But I never imagined that I would have two shirts to retire at the same time. The Lakers gave me this honor and I am very grateful to the fans for their enthusiasm. someone asked, "what's Kobe?" is the first player to retire two different number shirts on the same team, and is the first player to play for the same team for 20 seasons. two shirts each had 10 seasons, 8 was growing, and No. 24 was mature. Lakers held a shirt for Kobe and retired two shirts at the same time in NBA. What does Kobe rely on? in the 8 period, Kobe was elected to the all star 8 times, 3 champion, 4 times the best first lineup, 4 times the best defensive lineup, and 35.4 points in the 2005~2006 season, becoming the scoring king of the season, but also created a 81 point miracle for the dragon race. in the period of 24, Kobe was elected all - star 10 times, won the Championship 2 times, and was elected to the final MVP in the 2 times. In the past 10 years, he has been selected as the best first team in 7 times. He has been selected as the best defensive team in 5 times. In the 2006~2007 season, Kobe scored 31.6 points and became a scoring champion in the season of 2007~2008. He was elected the MVP of the season. was one of the greatest players in the history of NBA, Kobe · Bryant started a career in NBA in 1996. It is said that he chose No. 8 Jersey because his idol DAntoni was wearing No. 8 Jersey when he played in Italy. There was also a saying that he got the number 8 from the number of 143 in Adidas training camp. In April 2006, the Lakers officially confirmed that Kobe was going to wear No. 24 in the next season. Kobe said the meaning of No. 24 was 24 hours, and he wanted to put all his energy into basketball. special statement: This article is uploaded and published for self media authors, representing only the author's views. Oriental Sports only provide information publishing platform.

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