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The proximal , Bennet Feng matru (Martellus Bennett) that he had to leave the new England Patriots to get paid. now looks like his only season for his patriots last season. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported that Bennet would try the free agent market. He is the most popular near end in the market this year. From his asking price, Rapoport said Bennet is likely to play for another team next season. from this report, Patriots will not use privileges to label Bennet. Rapoport also said the Patriots and Bennet "respect each other", but the two sides will face a challenge after the new year's March 9th League year. Biliqieke times patriot common practice in spending is players refused to adhere to any players set up the market benchmark contract - cheap nfl jerseys free shipping - this strategy now let Bennet leave the team may be small. They don't want to pay more than any tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) $9 million contract. Rapoport had previously reported that he got a new contract of $7 million a year after Bennet got the deal from him last year, but it was rejected by Bennet. at this time last year, Bennet had only a fourth round show. After getting himself from the team poison to the Super Bowl champion, he can now expect the rest of the League to give him a contract that goes beyond his own value.NFL's official website, Darrel ray Weiss answered his poor showing: I am old, football wo we don't seem to see any more of the New York jet's 31 year old veteran Darrel ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) once called the performance of the king of the island. Lives told the New York Daily Times said: because I am old, you have seen only 1 catches for 1 yards in the performance of the game, I was in 23, when I was 24 years old, now I might also get equal to anything, each task executes well? The result was so, I was walking down the slope. for those who questioned his high income contract, ray Weiss said: "I think people just look at the contract price, not what the people do in the game, some data will always be remembered, I'm not arrogant, the data in place, to my performance was the best. 's problem now is that the jet has given ray Weiss's income, not the performance he could provide 7 years ago, but this is not the first time he mentioned his bad performance this season. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The heavy rain is hard to block the enthusiasm of the fans, and the landscape bowling is popular. | Bowling news: CpBA occupation Bowling League Shanghai Morning News reported in November 1st 2014 edition of sports star sports cup China bowling challenge and the 2014 Shanghai gold Bowling League finals, and the race record. Bowling is rare on the news page! Congratulations on the contestants in the finals! We will enjoy your wonderful skills in front of the TV set! Shanghai news morning paper November 1st Sports EditionThe official website of NFL | questionnaire: patriot is not cheater valve is the fact | football recently ESPN made a questionnaire on 100 NFL players. The survey contains 13 questions (not every player answers 13 questions.) There is a consensus that the players agree that the new England patriots played the role of deflation in the match of the United States final against the Indianapolis pony. but 84% of the players were not disappointed at this, and 58% of the players thought the Patriot was not a deceiter. also had some surprising data. 85% thought that even if Brady was banned from 4 games, the patriots would still enter the playoffs. Over 88% of the players agreed that Roger Goodell would not make decisions on Brady's punishment. is reported to have consumed more than $5 million in the survey, and it is clear that the alliance has attached great importance to it.

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