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Carolina Panthers quarterback cam Newton (Cam Newton) in Super Bowl press conference in anger, he briefly answered and started after less than three minutes left in the conference. The venue for 's post - match interview would not be satisfied with Newton and the very disappointed panther in 10-24 of wild horses in Denver. The two teams were so close to the interview that the Panther players could hear the delight of the wild horse players. Just before leaving the field, Newton seemed to hear the background board, the other side mustard Chris Harris (Chris Harris) discussed the defensive plan that forced the black panther to pass the ball attack. The microphone in front of Newton also received Harris's speech. Newton Harris's departure in the former direction to look at. Newton's reaction is exactly the same as ordinary people. After a heavy loss in his career, he was not interested in listening to his opponents to laugh at his failure. , while Harris told ESPN reporters that he did not know why he would be arranged so close to Newton when he was interviewed after the game. 's view of the truth of the matter may not change the presupposition impression that most people have on Newton. Some believe that Newton has been arrogant and a pathetic loser who might believe he should still stay in the face of all this. Newton's supporters will say that his reaction is the expression of most people's excitement. eventually, the post game cheap nfl jerseys free shipping interview and the player's response rarely prove that any player's real character or a symbol of his excellent performance on the court. In 2010, Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) failed to shake hands with the New Orleans saints after losing the super bowl. The act did not stain his career. Neither did Newton's reaction.NFL's official website, Peter Carol, why not signing Nick, Capet explained the Seahawks football nest on Friday U.S. time, the Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) to explain why the team did not sign the free quarterback Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick). Carol said: "he is the first class player. We have a start. He can start in this league. I can hardly believe why no one gave him a chance. Carol declined to comment on whether Capet Nick's wage requirement is too high. He said he was a potential champion. Although he was in a state of ups and downs, he could prove that his best time was excellent enough. Carol also recently on the ESPN locker room made back to the Seahawks, he said: our dressing room is great, no matter what you think of our good, everything in the right place. at the same time, Carol denied that only the team quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) got a special treatment. He said: "I have been colleagues for everyone in the team, helping everyone to do their best. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL, a unique patriot organization: Militia, celebrate end football nest , no matter which weekend, you can see Blaine Bausk, the assistant director of the sewage disposal department, Bryon Bausk in the public works Department of Hudson Town, checking the sewage pipes, monitoring the experimental operations, or regulating the process of controlling sewage treatment and cleaning. came to Massachusetts, marburg. People who use up to two million gallons of water a day can always unintentionally see the abalone CISCO wearing jeans, shirts and work boots at the factory side. But in the football season on Sunday, Bob CISCO wears a neat cotton coat, trousers, shirt sleeves, hat wearing a colonial style. he sold his experiment with the test tube, in exchange for a mauser. Bob CISCO and 19 other people stood in the Gillette Stadium North Region after region (Endzone Militia) as a militia deputy for the two new England patriots cheer. it seems to be a totally different two way of life, but CISCO himself says it's just a hobby. Needless to say, the abalone CISCO and the rejuvenation of his unity became the pillar of fox fort and the star in the rugby game. As in this unusual combination of inside glory dry member for 18 years, Bosco said: this can be said to be the best view of the location in the stadium. dormain militia in 1996 by Yoshio O Campbell (Jeoff Campbell) launched. The establishment of the new England revolution football team, and according to its long history (like a fox named after the fort and the Patriots, as Campbell) found the team staff, asking whether they are willing to let oneself and other Colonial Revival makers together, added to the usual game. Campbell and his companions began distribution and flag together, but after their fan favorite, so the end becomes a fixed militia patriot and revolutionary project team to play the game when. The region of the militia has more than 30 members, each game will have 20 patriots home court members play. This group of rejuveners wore eighteenth Century style costumes, played with players and fans, took photos, signed, and fired guns after celebrations of patriots. This is also their most widely known feature. History of new England area and out of the ordinary cultural background, the shape of the one and only the end regions of the militia. Billy Sullivan (Billy Sullivan) set up a team, choose 〉Water polo | flower swim team technical | China 'optional zhanba Bond girls' strong leader Figure : China girl before waiting Cleveland November 20 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter Kang Shaohan) known as the water ballet of the Guangzhou Asian Games swimming competition today entered the second day of competition. In the morning of the collective choice technology in the game, the defending champion Chinese team with 95.375 points lead, the Japanese team ranked second with 92.75 points, 86.375 points behind in third with North korea. The eight girls on behalf of the Chinese team were Liu Ou, Rosie, Chang Si, Jiang Wenwen, Jiang Tingting, Wu Yiwen, Huang Xuechen and Sun Wenyan. Among them, the twin sisters / had just won the double event champion last night. The Chinese group's technology self selected music is selected from the American spy blockbuster "007", which has a strong sense of rhythm and chooses it as a technical self selected score, which is to highlight the technical characteristics of the Chinese team. China team project coach Zhang Xiaohuan said before the game. full of charm of music, Chinese girls have incarnation Bond girl, and completed the difficult movements one after another, the water height, water use, range of motion and coordination between players are the highest audience, this set of movements they scored 95.375 points, including technical score of 47.375, art 48. The Japanese team is also normal play to their level, with 92.75 points behind in second place, the score of 46.125 points, 46.625 points of art, the Korean team with 86.375 points behind in third. 's free choice tonight is a major play, and the Chinese team's performance theme is "rolling". The China team is currently in Asia has much strength, winning is not a problem, the biggest suspense is how many points ahead of the competition. (finished)

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