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Bowling Hubei bowling tournament in August by Kham Zhang Zefeng won. the evening of August 28th, Hubei University in 2016 August held a membership Kangba bowling tournament, arc player Zhang Zefeng to 853 points to win the arc female players won the second Pan Xueting 848, Ren Zhenyu 822 players won the third arc, line 822 player Cao Gang was at fourth, Qu Min won the fifth player 814 UFO, UFO player Ceng Zhiyong won the sixth 811. first name Zhang Zefeng second Pan Xueting third Ren Zhenyu fourth Cao steel fifth Qu Min sixth Ceng ZhiyongNFL's official website, Mario - Williams in the dolphins played hard football, wo anyone has his own pursuit, and NFL players want to contribute cheap nfl jerseys free shipping all their energy on the field. Miami dolphin defense coordinator Vince Joseph (Vance Joseph) said the defensive end Mario Mario Williams (Mario Williams) still has much room for improvement. Joseph says: the harder he plays, the better he can do. After lost to Tennessee Titan in fifth weeks, Williams began to question the team. He questioned the defence team. Williams even said that the team's goal is to lose more and faster. but in the past two weeks respectively. The dolphins defeated Pittsburgh Steelers buffalo Bill still rely on the defense, strong ability to promote the ground still. Miami has many talented players in the defensive team. They should have united earlier to play better, especially the team and veteran players like Williams. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Detroit lions 2015 season a mess, even last season with first-class defensive alliance also Its loopholes appeared one after another. Before the start of this season, the team and linebacker Andrea de - Levi (DeAndre Levy) is a 4 year, $33 million 700 thousand contract agreement. But it looks like it won't be any gains in the match. on Tuesday local time, announced the team last season the lions defensive player in the injured reserve list, this also means that the levy has been ahead of the end of 2015 season. Later, the lion announced that James Michael - Johnson (James-Michael Johnson) was promoted to the 53 people's list. this season, levy has appeared only a very limited number of files, and then choose the surgical treatment of injured hips in October. The 28 year old guard apparently takes longer to recover his injuries. This season has been difficult to have as a lion, hope that the next season can see the new Levi lion group led the defensive back.NFL official website: and I can | Witten Romo again 5 years | football last month, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) has attained the age of 35. The veteran still has an extraordinary desire for victory, and his goal is always to win the super bowl. In the offseason, the Cowboys lost running back DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray), the new season is not clear whether further. ??????????????????????????-?????Jason Witten???????쨰?????????????????1??????????????|?33??????????????????????????????????????????????????????4??5?? Although the performance of by the fans and the media has always been controversial, but for the cowboys, he is still not available. As his best partner, Witten with age has lost speed advantage, but he is still in the existing offensive tactics play an important role. He performed well, whether it was a catch or a cover. The offensive frontline of the cowboy will be further strengthened in the new season, and the old partner believes they can do better.

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