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After our football equipment released Cologne Carnival network have a unique style Jersey in the last year, "they become aggravated," Cologne Club launched the 2016 Cologne Carnival Jersey say crazy, because the design of the shirt and the traditional carnival outfits such as a frog. The new cologne Carnival jerseys produced by Erima, the team will wear the new Fiesta Jersey to play against Mainz next month's Bundesliga match.The official website of NFL | trial of | Mustang rugby and bass two kicker ferry The main Denver Broncos kicker Brandon Macmanus (Brandon McManus) in Miami last week in the face of dolphins game missed a 33 yard shot, almost let the team lost the game, but before Macmanus tried 5 times more than 40 yards shot 3 times cheap nfl jerseys free shipping missed. After Macmanus's shooting, he could see that his teammates were very angry and disappointed. As for the coach and management, they began to think about finding new kickers instead of Macmanus. According to NFL famous media people Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) revealed that the Mustang will be on Tuesday on as a free agent veteran Jay Faria (Jay Feely) trial, another veteran kicker Kono - Bass (Connor Barth) will also be on trial. After all, every shot in the playoffs may determine the trend and result of the game. It is imperative to choose an old future instead of the rookie.The official website of NFL | veteran safetys Woodson did not rule out to continue playing next season | football when quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) of the body state and looked down, safety Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) continue to perform well at the age of 39. , who was expected to compete for the best defensive player of the year at the time of the year, did not rule out his nineteenth season at the age of 40. I guess I'm going to think about the next season, he told reporters on Wednesday. Do I think it will continue to play next year? Well, I guess I might, I mean, it's close to the next season. It's not like five years, so it's a matter of time. So yes, I can look ahead to the next season. Will I return? I'm not sure that. van derson is currently using 5 times to cross the ball and tie the League first, while he appears on the second line of the raider's defence wherever it is needed. He is not so fast as he was when he was young -- often defeated by the opponent's fielder. But he is still the most stable player in the second line defence of the Raiders. ????????????????????????????????|??????????????????????????????????????|??????????????????????????????íž2?????????????????????????????????? After all, it should have been a race for young people.Miami dolphin legend four points, Marino Marino (Dan Marino) joined the dolphin team as a consultant in August of this year. It is not clear that the exact position of Marino in dolphin team is unclear. On Wednesday, now the dolphins quarterback Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) Taney said in an interview that Marino did give yourself a lot of help and advice, so he is very useful. said: "Marino Tenney Hill is great, he often came to the team recently, participate in some team meetings, I also studied the video game with him. His experience and knowledge are good resources for us. After all, he is one of the most successful players in history. He can always see the small details reflected in the video. These little details are about the route of the catcher, and some of them are about my behavior on the spot. Obviously Hill urgently needs the guidance of Marino Tenney, after all, his performance is not satisfactory, especially in the long struggle, the team's leading receiver Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace) had said in an interview with the obscure lack of long ability of dissatisfaction with Tanja Hill.

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