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The official website of NFL, coach Jeff Fisher sacked Losangeles rams or the biggest winner in football nest in December 12th, the Losangeles ram suddenly announced the lifting of Jeff Fisher's head coach's job. In other words, they finally fired Fisher squid. And announced by the team special teams coordinator John Fassel served as interim coach, in the next election before the battle led coach choose. Jeff Fisher is a 58 year old coach since the 2012 season as the rams, in the 5 season so far, led the rams score of 31 wins 45 flat 1 negative, each no more than half of the season. And he began to enter the NFL 22 season as head coach from 1994, only 6 seasons winning more than.500, the total record of 173 wins and 165 losses, currently he and another famous coach Dan Reeves tied up the losing sessions NFL coach. Although the rams owner Stan Kroenke has been on the Fisher performance of the patient, but 2012-2015 consecutive four seasons to defeat Jeff Fisher is pressure, so that at the start of the 2016 season of "Hard Knock" program, Fisher I'm not fu*king going also said that his 7-9 (I don't have a damn the 7 - 9 season). But by the end of the fourteenth week, the ram was 4 - 9, and it was a worse result. Fisher himself does not have the courage to face their heroic utterance at this time. And the team management has finally lost patience. Although the off-season the team had reached a new 2 year contract with the Fisher agreement, and has signed the agreement in December 4th. But after only a week after the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping goats were lost to the falcons at 14:42, the team officially announced the removal of Fisher's head coach. 's reaction to the team's dismissal of Fisher is more subtle. Although there have been reports that Fisher to deal with the relationship between the good, but there are a lot of hearsay showed that rams players generally unhappy with Fisher, after Fisher was fired, and even some of the main players twitter to thank God for such suspected celebration text (now can not find). is currently a temporary coach ordered by the fire department. He is a John Fassel coordinator of the secret service team before the Gong Yang, from the rugby coach family. His father Jim Fassel has also been the coach of the New York giants. John Fassel led the rams squad full of craft and cunning.No. 3 Jacksonville Jaguars rookie, Chong military dantay Fowler (Dante Fowler) has been announced to be absent because of injury throughout the 2015 season, a few days later, the team by signing the way to support him. On Tuesday local time, Jaguar announced a agreement with Fowler on a 4 - year, $23 million 500 thousand full guarantee contract. even though Fowler will miss his rookie season by injury, the Jaguar still offers him the highest pay contract available at the present stage. Jaguar general manager David Caldwell (David Caldwell) said: "we are very pleased to sign and dante. Our support and trust in him will not be changed by injury. His attitude to the game and the spirit of athleticism are the reasons we choose him at third. He knows what he should do and is willing to do it. They all believe that he will have a bright future at Jaguar and expect him to return strongly in the 2016 season. Fowler himself said, "I have to thank the team's management and the coaching team, and they gave me such a chance. I will focus on how to recover my injuries, and I am confident that I will return.NFL????|??????????????????3????|????? Due to the recent (Percy Harvin) - Percy HARVIN trading events, all kinds of rumors rampant Seahawks team, there is news that HARVIN was traded after the team because of different views and the transaction split into two factions. In order to quell rumors, this Thursday the core team quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) announced that he was happy to be in the Seahawks, no team is better than the seahawks. Wilson said in an interview: there is no small group in the team's dressing room, and there is no problem between the teammates. Everyone is growing up and doing their best to maintain the atmosphere of the dressing room. I have no doubt about the friendship between my teammates. I believe my teammates are struggling to win, and we are still a powerful competitor to the super bowl. This is my team-mates, not as it says in the report. When asked about how to deal with Halven's deal, replied, "Wilson and I are very similar to him. They are all people who are always demanding on themselves and are eager to win all games. We all want to be able to create everything with the ball in our hands. I don't know why the media always have to make a mess of things, and I guess that's what the professional players have to face. As I've always said to others, you have to ignore the sounds.Atlanta falcons 26-13 Losangeles rams opening the two sides on the teeth, a pair of defense. This season has 29.1% rams is the probability of false run pass, the highest in the league, so the Falcon line guards all regardless of GF the backward pass the ball to Gly, all firmly hold the middle, middle linebacker Duhem Jones is gambling can catch up on Na G Jilly's possession, gambling has proven very successful, plus this season Falcon group rushed from the upgrade, they can pass at four, leaving a few people up against the back ram receivers, so the rams offensive don't move. , while the ram kicked Johnny, Haeckel, every time the discard kicked, the falcons' attack position was very uncomfortable. The falcons wanted to use the ball to enter the game, but simply the offensive front line fell to the full disadvantage, so that Devon TA Freeman had no vitality at all. In the pass attack, Aaron, Donald and Robert Quin were the two leaders to interfere with Matt Ryan, the destruction of Jiao Wei Troy, and the defense of rams was also successful. alone talk about Aaron Donald, who still questions when he first defender position, this game is a slap in the face, on the right side of the left guard position you Falcon garland, because this is a main left Jiefeng Andy Leavitt in match reports and go to the top of the bench, a defense group can be two the "two knife", the light is the first half Donald quickly destroyed Garland's self-confidence, 10 first half red pass pressure, Ryan ran out of pocket countless hard ball. is the turning point of the game followed: this season NBA season a male star return manual labor - Cooper did not draw mistakes in punt return in the first lesson, at the end of the kickoff return Cooper again by the opponent off the ball, the Falcon launch a new attack on the rams offense in the first half, the falcons highly compressed not playing well and it is practical! The regular season falcons offensive coordinator Sacchi questioned in Xi'an began to make adjustments, the reverse jet screen Julio punches the ball and Freeman Ryan, the use of fake books ran the ball quickly, the Falcon began to use defensive routines to deal with RAM group, the final star center Arrakis Mark will be running back Freeman hold into the end zone, is just a note of array, but with the previous two free kick, Falcon 13 has 0 lead, that the secret service ram Ho, 13 points in this war to 10 responsible. Inferior 13 points in a defensive war is not small, Sean McVeigh is adjusted, let GF operation without taking poly attack, but the Falcon is still not a big problem, they will focus on defending Gly, plus the most reliable two rams offensive front ring left and left guard Roger Voss Jiefeng Kuwait - Safford repeatedly in a lost one battle, let the defender to solve Gly back, let the "leader" to play Hi, basic defensive success, for the leader of the ultimate limit.

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