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The alliance officially announced the 2015 season's salary cap limit of 143 million 280 thousand dollars in December, which is much higher than that reported in December last year, 138 million dollars. 's annual salary cap quotas have risen to the rise in television broadcasts, with a surge of $10 million in the past two seasons. With the increase of amount, a few pieces of "large wage" team into the free market in March 10th will become more rich and powerful. According to the calculation of the limit of 143 million, the Jacksonville Jaguars to pay $68 million 200 thousand to spare the first, followed by the Oakland Raiders, Clif browns and the New York jets, spare the amount of wages were 55 million 400 thousand, 53 million 740 thousand and 51 million 450 thousand. happened to be the deadline time and team salary cap space announced the privilege of using the labels coincide, alliance also gives each position salary: 18 million 544 thousand, franchise tag quarterback running back 10 million 951 thousand, nearl cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y 8 million 347 thousand offensive players end 12 million 943 thousand, defensive end 14 million 813 thousand, defensive tackle 11 million 193 thousand, linebacker 13 million 195 thousand, cornerback 13 million 75 thousand, safety 9 million 618 thousand, kicker and punter for 4 million 126 thousand. and the position of the transition label (Transition Tag, the team retained an unrestricted free agent, the team will be able to match other teams offer a season of transition labels and tags can only use one of two privileges) amount respectively: cornerback 11 million 82 thousand, defensive end 11 million 958 thousand, defensive tackle 9 million 314 thousand, linebacker 11 million 58 thousand, the line of 11 million 96 thousand players, kicker and punter, 3 million 716 thousand quarterback, running back 9 million 37 thousand, 16 million 155 thousand safety 8 million 263 thousand, tight end 7 million 71 thousand, took over 10 million 971 thousand.The future of the Forte Matt Forte remains unresolved in the future of the Chicago bear, and the team has not yet put forward a new contract to the all-around runner. It also means that the 30 year old runner is going to enter the free market. Local time Friday, Foti said in an interview that he is willing to take a pay cut to join a team with the ability to win the Super Bowl team. Forty said: "this has nothing to do with money, I want to go to the super bowl." The bears, the rookie Jeremy Langford (Jeremy Langford) performance, they are no longer regarded as irreplaceable players foty. Relevant sources, bears no plans to provide a big contract to Foti, cooperation between the two sides is likely to be halted at the end of the season. media predicted that the next station or shift in new England. Patriots are still a super bowl, and their inadequacy in the position of the runner has also become an urgent problem for the team. This season, the Patriots signed Steven Jackson (Steven Jackson) to prove that they were willing to use the old man. If this will be a shift to a win-win decision.DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) found a new home in Tampa bay. The pirates have announced that they have signed a contract with Jackson. The contract lasted for 3 years, with a value of $33 million 500 thousand, including $20 million in income. 30 years old Jackson is thought to have a number of teams chased, but he will eventually partner with young four point guard jemis Winston (Jameis Winston). It was previously reported that Winston tried to make Jackson join the pirates. signed Jackson for the south side's team, and the pirates are trying to upgrade the offensive team that has the potential to be one of the best levels of the league. Last season, Winston ranked the League eighth in the number of passes, and ranked sixteenth in the number of passes. This season, we may see the two data rankings continue to rise. Winston in the last season, Mike Evans took over the first exon (Mike Evans) from striking the ball 173 times, and ranked second in the wide receiver Adam Humphries (Adam Humphries) 83. The signing of Jackson will be pirates of the long ball attack have a huge impact. Jackson last season finished 56 ball 1005 yards and 4 touchdowns, 17.9 yards per catch can. but pirates need to worry about the success rate of catching the ball. The successes of Jackson and Evans are between 50% and 60%. Although Winston has got the chance he wants, he has to make sure his contacts can play a role. fortunately there is no need to worry about the pirate Jackson proud of speed will regress problem. There are data showing that Jackson was actually going to be faster than the 2015 season in the last season. In the end, the speed of every great relay will slow down, and they have to find other ways to open space. But at the moment, Jackson's best weapon looks undamaged."Nous sommes l'Olympique Lyonnais" (we are Lyon) on the inner side of the new Lyon team's home shirt collar line. The Adidas uses a modern white V collar and three bars, while the red / Blue cuff of the shirt uses mesh materials to produce a polka dot matrix effect.

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