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With the club once again to update the brand, home court was "China red shirt" collocation Navy new, emphasizes the localization as well as the concept of passion, struggle and victory. The same shirt design before and the Shenzhen team jerseys, symbolizing the victory front with huge V shaped lines, electro-optic fantasy praised Shenzhen graphics this "city of science and technology". shirt proudly display the club badge at the end of last year, the club once again updated the badge color "red China" again dominant, further convey enthusiasm, hard work, the concept of victory. lead in red, navy blue and gold color ribbon are embedded in the word "Shenzhen", a specially designed size standard also show a English letter "SHENZHEN", a symbol of the club's survival of the fan base. The slogan " A public campaign under theThe official website of NFL | Raiders wide receiver Holmes will be sidelined for 3 to 4 weeks | football ???????????????????????????-????Amari Cooper??????????????????????????????????????????? According to ESPN, Andrea Holmes (Andre Holmes) will be truce for at least 3 to 4 weeks because of a fracture of his hand. He was left out of the field during training on Sunday local time. on the new season of the ball lineup has been cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fully upgraded, Cooper will partner Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) as a starter, rob Street M (Rob Streater) exon 3 is over. Holmes was with Ken brie Tompkins (Kenbrell Thompkins) took over the position of exon 4 competition. After the injury, Holmes's prospect was also overshadowed. , the five grader, made 18 games in the pre - season of the Saint Louis rams last week and completed a catch. Last season, he took the ball 47 times, pushing 693 yards. To be sure, Holmes will continue to stay on the team, but it is still an unknown number for the new season.Washington Red - skinned quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert GriffinIII) stood in the locker room to answer the reporter's 5 question about his slider. "I answered the answer once and again," he answered with a funny angry expression. I was just third right to finish the shovel. " coach Jay Gruden was also asked about Griffin's elegant slipping technique. His answer is, "can't Griffin slip a shovel?" Griffin's self - protection, or the lack of slippery shovel training, has become a hot topic. On Wednesday, Griffin said he was too many on line on Monday night against Cleveland Brown. "This intensity makes me understand what I should do. It's only second pre season games for me, but I can't do that. Griffin repeated the answer to the "successful slipper" repeatedly. In the match against Brown, Griffin used the action of the tackle third times, but his skill was not very graceful. Even when he got up, he got a little limp. It was obvious that the shovel had hurt himself. But Griffin said he was a little crippled after the game, because the knee was caught by two players. Granger said that I understood my quarterback and had doubts about his predicament. I understand that it is very difficult for such a high speed running to complete the perfect sliding tackle and to face the approaching capture. But I never taught her the skill of a slippery shovel, because many athletes learned to slide when they were children. Griffin himself also said, "I'm a newcomer on the shovel. I've never trained a slider, although I've played baseball." "He has played baseball, and it should have been more natural," he said. "Maybe he needs to train more and more skatting skills." The question of is when and where to give Griffin some special shovel training. "The New York jets had asked Rex - Ruian (Rex Ryan) to teach Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) slippery shovel, perhaps this was an idea," Gula said. But I don't know if it makes sense. When he runs too fast, all happened very quickly, and the other quarterback face completely different, sometimes not nature is very normal, but maybe this is a chance for me to teach him slippery skills, not today not tomorrow but one day in the future." Groton said it was an interesting thing to practice his slippery shovel: "I was almost killed at the time, and that was why I was a little lame now." At the same time, he reiterated Griffin's value, so he needed to protect his health in the next 16 pre - season games. Griffin has undergone 2 operations on his right knee, and his teammates do not want to see him running without protection. Griffin's shovel may be a big problem, but when he gets hurt, the problem is bigger. The coach said, "I've seen someone contact slippery."regular season second week competition started in two the first week of the defeated team, in the first week of the home court a scoreless Tiger - Brown Paul will continue to return home court Stadium against the same tragic bloodbath in the first round of the Dezhou people. The two teams have been hand in hand for 4 consecutive seasons, while in the past 9 hands of the two teams, Dezhou's 5 - 4 have a slight advantage. The two teams last played in Dezhou, with running back Alfred Bruce fourth day run the ball 24 yards touchdown 2 points victory over the tigers. last week, the Cincinnati tigers, favored by a crowd of brick homes, met the zero seal of the Baltimore Raven in the same zone at home. The main quarterback, Andy - Dalton, was extremely bad, contributing 4 times to the crow defense. AJ- Green has been able to perform the number of 950+ yards in the first 6 seasons of his career, and has been compared to the legendary Randy Moss. The defensive team leader Atkins, who won the 1 capture last week, has completed 53 capture since 2010, ranking the first in all defensive trenties of NFL. The question of the quarterback was still unsolved by 's Dezhou people. As the starting quarterback Tom savage's poor performance, let the people of Dezhou had sent four rookie quarterback Sean de Watson played, although the performance is still not very brisk, but the people of Dezhou in a move reminiscent of the previous season - malette Hoyer battle, hoping Watson in the next game to the fans surprise, lead the people of Dezhou on the right track. JJ- Watt's comeback is very good news for Dezhou people and Dezhou fans. I hope J.J. can keep healthy and let us see that defensive beast on the court. NFL's chief commentator in Chinese official website: Zhang Yun (EggZhang)

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