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Washington red skinned Rayn Kerrigan has been doing well. He only needs half a kill in the next match, so we can harvest an honor that belongs to him. Rayn. if the next game he can finish 0.5 sacks, he will become NFL fifth in the history of the first six seasons each season finished with 7.5 sacks of players before his players were Reggie White (Reggie White), Jared Allen (Jared Allen), Derek Thomas (Derrick Thomas) and DeMarcus (DeMarcus Ware) - will. Kerrigan is the first round of the 2011 show. So far, he has completed 54.5 kills this season, and his total number of hits is ranked third in the team's history. The United States game time this Sunday, red against the Green Bay Packers, this season the packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) was sacked 22 times, his offensive line protection ability bad, this week his left and right guard Jiefeng may be missed because of injury, Kerrigan is clearly a great chance to make history. ? The official website of NFL | pony boss recalled PICK: thanks to his opponent we cheap nfl jerseys free shipping | football held a press conference on Tuesday, Indianapolis, with the presence of team owner Jim - Jim Irsay. During the interview, yil expressed his gratitude and blessing to Payton Manning (Peyton Manning), and also mentioned that only winning a championship title in Manning's Pony career can not accurately reflect his success. Yel said that both sides would feel sorry for that. later, eel recalled something related to the Andrew Andrew Luck and the draft of the year. Some surprisingly, he thanked a former Jacksonville Jaguar player during the interview. "I want to thank Maurice Jones Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew) very much," he said. "It is he who defeated us in the last match of the 2011 season, which allowed us to sign the champion. His performance changed our destiny. in January 1, 2012, Jones - Drew held the ball 25 times in a match with the pony and ran out of 169 yards. With its excellent performance, the Jaguar defeated the pony. The pony also locked the number one, and selected the lax in the subsequent draft. From the current record and performance of the team, the fates of the pony are really changed because of the draft.not only did the new England patriots and the Indianapolis pony meet a one-sided game when they met in eleventh weeks. The Patriots tight end rob Gelon (Rob Gronkowski) 'in a touchdown in the Patriots offensive pony safety Sergio Brown (Sergio Brown) launched from the floor of a road outside, his behavior was the referee whistled to throw yellow. after that game, he said, "only he can say this." he threw Brown out of the game after Brown was throwing rubbish. The patriot's near end was fined for the foul. This review leads to Brown later regret on twitter said he is "how to swing" Kowski glycopyrronium before the attack. Before , the most important United States League champion on Sunday, Brown talked about his idea of being out of the field in the November game. "I mean, it's a bad defense. It's a tough defense. I mean, I'm not annoyed about it. I was even more annoyed when he said, "throw me out" after the game. We just lost the ball. Ah, you're angry, "Brown told the new England media. "This is the game. I know him. He knows me, too. I mean, I'm very tough, too. " this time Brown wants to back Gelon Koski he threw out action. "Of course I hope," he said. "But you know it's just a game. I am a very aggressive player and I want to be able to perform well. " Kowski is a patriot Gelon success this season. The patriot's record is 11 wins and 1 defeats when the near end front takes more than 40 yards, including playoffs. When he takes the number of yards or less than 40 yards, the Patriots only get 2 wins and 2 defeats (he loses the match's score is 0 to 1 negativity). if Brown and his defense team friends can limit Gelon Koski - even if they have data completely sealed him away upset the pony again -- the possibility will increase.The official website of NFL | Vikings defensive end after adjusting the state of hot | football the Minnesota Vikings in the offseason and defensive end Iverson - Griffin (Everson Griffen) signed a significant contract, in the hope that Griffin will gradually become the leader of the frontier defense. However, Griffin showed a rather low performance in the first six weeks of the season, with a total score of -5.0 and a -3.2 score of only forty-third points for the 4-3 4-3 defensive fronts. but sixth weeks later, Griffin seemed to be suddenly awakened to get rid of the slump in the first half of the season. In the next 5 games he did well in the punching and running, and in five games +17.3 scored the top of all 4-3 defensive fronts. His punching efficiency is up to 14% rows in third, and the 26 time of passing the ball is also ranked first. In the prevention of running, the 11 run cut stop number to lead the 4-3 defense front, the stop rate of 12.5% ranks third. Griffin made his recent performance score rose to +12.3, has jumped to 4-3 defensive ends eighth. Many people questioned that the Vikings were blinded by Griffin's performance in the contract year. Griffin actually demonstrated that he should have got a bigger contract.

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