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WAIVER AND RELEASE OF In consideration of the right LIABILITYNFL official website, NFL Riflon was appointed senior vice president, the referee Department football nest Dean - Brandi Blandino (Dean) left the league and went to TV work, and NFL found his replacement. NFL recently announced that Alberto - Riflon (Alberto Riveron) will be the new senior vice president of the referee department. At the same time, Russell York (Russell Yurk) will lead the replay Department of the alliance. The control center in New York has received unprecedented rights. Blin Dino's position will be assigned to two people in Riflon and York. With 40 years of experience in the Lifulong referee will be responsible for frontline work, York is responsible for the background work. York has 10 years of referee experience at the high school and university level, and has been working in the replay department for the last seven years. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | pony will not play in the regular season, quarterback to determine the final game | football Andrew - Andrew (Andrew Luck) is a regrettable season. , suffering from serious injuries and troubled offense, was expected to enter the super bowl before the start of the 2015 season. He finally completed only 7 starts, winning 2 games, scored 15 touchdowns 12 passes by steals. The team announced on Wednesday that he would not be able to fight against the Tennessee Titan's regular season. players want to play, and LAK told the local media. You feel that you have disappointing your teammates and others. The kidney tearing that has encountered makes the horse very worried. He was also unusually bad before the start of the season because of some of his shoulder injuries. In view of the lac for their own feeling, may be a blessing in disguise this year. This pony record will inevitably lead to changes in the team, especially in this offseason to sign a championship competition offensive weapons. But after doing so much, LAK was the central figure. his injuries obviously won't prevent pony from seeing him as one of the five best quarterback in the league. If the pony chooses to give up the manager of Chuck Pagano, he will attract a long list of the names of the chief candidates. today's news is a compelling offseason foreshadowing. Lark was expected to get a contract to make himself the highest paid quarterback in the league. The final contract is still unfinished and the LAK has only one year left. The team may be discussing the contract renewal contract with the hope that this season is only occasional rather than a predicament.The official website of NFL |NFL star micro interview: have a chance to compete for the Steelers Super Bowl football | Beijing time on November 20, 2015 at 11 in the morning, NFL Pittsburgh Steelers three legend Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark and Taylor AIKE came to the tiger Shanghai company, and NFL China fans on the network for the interview, the answer Chinese concern for football fans. Q1: how do you think of the old basketball players who can play rugby? Do you think if they don't play NBA, will they have a success on rugby? The feeling of strength is a little bit worse than A: absolutely impossible! Haha, they are not so strong ~ we actually can play different positions, such as Jimmy Graham (the Seattle Seahawks near end) is also very strong, he can play basketball; Antonio Gates (San Diego lightning in the end) is also high school basketball player. But if you are only then just started there will be a time of struggle. Q2: the three stars in the future occupation planning can spoilers under A: Ryan Clark: I'm currently working at ESPN as a commentator, and it's great to be able to continue to discuss Rugby after retiring. Troy Polamalu: I started a partnership with a financial consulting firm Ike Taylor is NFL human explanation guest Q3: pola Maru and the former Baltimore Raven legend Lewis are the best defensive players in the century. How do you evaluate Raytheon from your perspective? A: I think he's stronger than me, haha Q4: can three bits predict a super bowl's opponent? A: panther and the Steelers! Ha ha Q5: I want to ask three predecessors of the Steelers season forecast. A: we think Antonio Brown played well and the defensive team played well. We feel that their current lineup has the chance to win the Super Bowl every year. Q6: did pola Maru think back to NFL when he retired as a coach? A: never never! The time for my playing is over (laughs)! Q7: the three stars that the Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger big this is what kind of person? Do you think you can get this Steelers Super Bowl? (PS: I am a loyal fan of the new England patriots, but 〉

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