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on Sunday to the packers in the game, Steelers wide receiver Zhu Zhu Smith Schuster (JuJu Smith-Schuster) did not play, but this week for the tigers in the game he is expected to return. Smith and Schuster on Wednesday and Zhou Sijun were involved in full training, and the possibility of a Monday night match was not small. He has gained more and more catching opportunities. Quarterback Rothlisberger Roethlisberger explains why Smith and Schuster are popular. "ah, yes, since he has the ability to finish what we want him to do, it's also taken for granted to give him a pass." Rothlisberger said, "trust is a very important link in quarterback and foreign takeover. I believe he will live up to my expectations, do not doubt his abilities, and believe he understands his task. I think this is one of the important reasons for his success: he can be in the right position and I believe him. " safety Mike Michel (Mike Mitchell) and linebacker Ryan Shazil (Ryan Shazier) did not participate in training on Thursday.The official website of NFL | pony proximal front: attack group is the | football rally time The Indianapolis pony has been stagnant in the past 4 games after the first 12 game cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s of the season to score and push the number of storms in the first 12 games. we did not perform well in December, and the near end Dwayne Alan (Dwayne Allen) said to ESPN before the Cincinnati tigers' playoffs on Sunday. It's time to cheer up and play the best performance of this year. After scored 31.8 points in the first 12 games, Alan and his teammates had only scored 19 points since fourteenth weeks. The 7-42 disastrous defeat to Dallas Cowboys 4 days before Christmas was a typical performance of their stage, and the pony did not perform well in all aspects. quarterback Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) has set up an attack team in the past 6 games, there are 5 games, 2 times or more turnovers per season, leading to the conversion of ball weights, and in December, they only scored 67 yards. Star Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) took over the T.Y. unable to keep healthy and veteran Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) lost in the past state is one disaster after another but all teams, the problems encountered at the end of the season. The results of alone can't be explained, Alan said. Embarrassed and disastrous to the cowboy. After the other team win. We don't play the performance we want. He added: "our slogan is to ravage them and get 50 points." We haven't done it so far. It is time to regroup, is a success in the playoffs. played better when the pony has proven itself to be supported with explosive force of the team, but they also showed a peak condition at the early playoff team's weakness. We will find out in the next game whether the long December's experience still bothers them.As of Beijing time on Monday, only 4 teams have at Feinikesi Stadium - Arizona Cardinals new home court - played away, Baltimore is one of the crow. in the Arizona Cardinals in the National League West, currently leads the division crown, but the location is not insurance. If the next round of week night match and the rams lost the Cardinals win, two teams record will return to the same starting line. , in contrast, the Baltimore Raven in the north of the United States of the United States has been a disaster for the season. Ranked first in the competition area, the 5 leaders of the backward area leaders did not win the battle. The 1 wins and 5 losses were only slightly better than those of the Detroit lions, and the League of Tennessee and Mario Kobita just lost second. It seems, they seem to be ready to prepare for the next year's show. for a long time, the construction team philosophy is always "no offense, or death". The keynote of the attack is carried out all the time, while the water rule of the attack is to see the quarterback. In Kurt Warner as quarterback of the times, the Cardinals also scored Super Bowl teams. However, in recent years through the Kevin Cardinals quarterback Kolb (Kevin Kolb), Matt Lennart (Matt Leinart) and other digital level worrying quarterback, and performance. Fortunately, this season, Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) showed the level of the playoffs team quarterback. The 6 games were 1737 yards, plus 14 touchdown, and the quarterback score reached 106.9. Considering the crow's current line guard, it is unrealistic to expect them to give the quarterback enough pressure. Considering the crow linebacker and not be able to solve the Cardinals external medicine group, the crow defensive focus on relatively weak Cardinals to punch the ball attack more practical. even if the crows were in a mess this season, their offensive team was still the top ten of the league. But this season the Cardinals soared, the biggest reason is the improvement of the defense. The Cardinals defensive group averaged only let them run 328.7 yards in the league in sixth. This season the Cardinals came anti anti running data above the league average, but the anti run relatively inferior. Crow, red ball data is very ugly, is expected to face the defense attack group crow probably struggling cardinals.The official website of NFL | team Bill and Mccoy signed a 5 year contract | football forty million Le Sean Mccoy (LeSean McCoy) has a new 5 year contract worth 40 million dollars with the new boss buffalo Bill team, which guarantees the salary to reach 26 million 500 thousand dollars. NFL media insider Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported that in the new season, Mccoy earned $16 million. has not yet seen the full details of the contract, but the Green Bay Packers on Saturday and Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) 4 years of the 40 million contracts are different, it is difficult to imagine that Mccoy will fulfill the contract for 5 years. 's new coach, new player, big hand in the new season, plus the brilliant defensive team, Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan), if he doesn't have the playoffs this season, it must be very disappointed for Buffalo.

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