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management of the New York giants have decided to team preseason ticket price is reduced to half the total price to reduce the fans of the season tickets. The news came from Tuesday, America's time, and the giant sent mail to every fan with a season's ticket. The team said that the tickets for the pre-season games will be reduced by 50%, while the 8 tickets of the regular season will increase by 10-20 dollars for the fans of the club, which will increase 15-25 dollars for the club fans. In the past the package in the regular season and season ticket price is the same. This is the first time the team ticket since from the giant white MetLife stadium, may be the reason is in Tom (Tom Coughlin) under coach Coughlin team has missed the playoffs several times, including last season 6 wins and 10 losses. team partner said: "we believe that the team, our price adjustment will let you get a more original taste of the game."Fuzhou Ao Kai Bowling Center launched the "sunset red" Friends of | bowling bal cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l news: CpBA occupation Bowling League in order to develop and expand the Fuzhou bowling group, our pavilion has launched the "sunset red" bowling ball friends club. as long as you meet our requirements, join us quickly. 1. Standard of admission: the age of men is over 60 years old and the woman is over 55 years old, and the first purchase of the morning coupons is the first purchase of the 100 coupons. two, consumption pattern: 100 morning coupons 500 yuan, from the purchase of vouchers on the date of consumption in four months, this coupon is only used by the purchase of coupons. three, use time: every Monday to Sunday, seven days in a row at 8:30-11:00 a.m., in addition to this designated period of time to pay the price of the ball. four, entry flow: 1, sunset red members out of a single office more than 190 points to send 1 coupons; 2 and more than 210 points to send 2 coupons; 3 and more than 230 points to send 3 coupons 4, coupons only for the next consumption, the use of time and morning exercise coupons, the use of coupons consumption of the ball Bureau no longer enjoy high marks to deliver coupons. five, this activity OK bowling alley has the ultimate right to explain.The official website of NFL | Kelaimingsi can play the Vikings starting offensive tackle? | football The main Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Phil Lord Holt (Phil Loadholt) were injured on Saturday with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers preseason, is likely to encounter the Achilles tendon rupture, it is expected that all games will not play the 2015 season. for the Vikings is a major blow, Lord Holt is the best offensive player in front of the Vikings, with tall stature (height 6 feet 8 and 343 pounds) with flexibility, the 2013 season was his best season, when the season his ground cover score ranked in all fourth offensive tackles, first all right tackle. Last season he was affected by his 5 games in the absence of injury, even though his ground cover score was a positive score. His injury is undoubtedly a major loss to the Vikings. as for the loss of how much, the key point is rookie TJ- Clemins (T.J.Clemmings) on the body, he is the team most likely to replace Lord Holt. Clemins by the Vikings in the fourth round pick in this year's draft, was widely believed the Vikings had accounted for a great deal, after all, Clemins in the pre draft sequence to predict the first round, he scores in the last year is the 2015 rookie offensive tackle in fourth. Although is still unable to determine the true level of Clemins, but from his performance in the game hall of fame can be seen slightly a little something, he did the ground cover in the game, the score is also negative, but the ball cover has done relatively well, passing 16 times did not let each other have a shield on the side of quarterback pressure. This is a positive sign that more tests are needed as to how he will perform during the regular season.on Sunday, the Denver wild horse team got their Super Bowl champion ring. The wild horse held a ring ceremony in Denver. Although linebacker von Miller (Von Miller) and the team contract talks stalled, he still attended the ceremony, in addition, because of the recent shootings treated cornerback AKI Budd Talib (Aqib Talib) also attended. The wild horse players have published their own photo of the champion ring in social media. wild horse's champion ring is considered the largest champion ring in the super bowl. The champion ring is inlaid with 212 diamonds in all. In addition to the "50", "world champion", the three long Battie cup and the Mustang team logo, it is written on the side of the ring, "this is for pat", to commemorate the team boss Pat Bowlen. , however, was disappointed in this great day. The team defense coordinator, Wade Phillips (Wade Philips), was unfortunate to get a ring with the wrong name. In his ring, his name was carved into the Peters "(Peters). He had to wait for the ring company to give him a new one as soon as possible.

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