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in the Carolina Panthers and the Minnesota Vikings game, picture display field temperature of minus 7 degrees Fahrenheit (about minus 20 degrees Celsius), so the low temperature makes everything so hard as. When was in the second quarter of the competition, the lens was aimed at a staff who was warming the ball with heaters. Obviously, he wanted to soften the ball and make it easier for the quarterback to grip. However, this does not accord with the requirements of alliance, alliance vice president Dean Buladinuo (Dean Blandino) said on Monday that the two teams are in the process of the game have been warned. "yes, you can't make any changes to the football artificially, no matter whether it's the ball or the ball, it doesn't allow it to be heated. With the arrival of December, the temperature will get colder and co cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lder, and we will continue to inform teams of the rules.less than eight months after the Miami dolphin was traded to Cleveland Brown, Jamar Taylor Jamal decided that he would remain in Brown in the future. Brown has renewed the contract with the 26 - year-old horn for 3 years, with a contract worth of $15 million. Taylor would have been a free agent after the end of the season, but he will now stay in Brown until the 2019 season. He will probably partner with Joe Hayden (Joe Haden) until that time, and the two corner guards are still having a 3 - year contract. Taylor started 10 games in 11 games this season, making 2 copies of his career and 40 grabs. After played 3 seasons for the dolphins, Taylor was traded to Brown in April this year. Now, he will be the cornerstone of one of the most vulnerable positions in the rebuilt team. The official website of NFL | Forster will pass the physical examination | football in 1-2 weeks free agent running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) was one of the top league beyond all dispute running back, but this offseason because of a series of injuries and the high salary contract he was Houston by the people of Dezhou to give up. Now it is only for him to prove that he has recovered to get the next signing. , according to , will enter the free market in the next 1-2 weeks after a physical examination. Forster is 29 years old. He has missed 19 games in the past 3 seasons. He missed 4 games last season because of Achilles tendon laceration. Many players had a similar injury experience. If luck is good, maybe Forster can return strongly. , but Forster's absence is not all his responsibility. In the 3 years from 2010 to 2012, Forster held a total of 1119 times, averaging 371 times in each season. This is the situation that the running guard never encountered before. is Forster's talent, he still have a chance to find a team to prove himself, the new England patriots expressed interest, in addition, the Miami dolphins, Oakland Raiders, San Diego lightning, Indianapolis colts, the Detroit lions are likely to be of interest to him.Saint Louis rams decided to continue to upgrade their horrific defensive frontlines. Local time Friday, coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) announced that the team has with former Detroit lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley in a press conference (Nick Fairley) is a 1 year, $5 million contract agreement. It is reported that there is a reward clause in the contract, and the annual salary can rise to 7 million 500 thousand. though Farley is physically strong, he is regarded as one of the most destructive inner rush players, but he has many problems: poor stability, easy foul, and under field problems. This is the main reason that most of the teams who have been in contact do not want to sign a long contract with him. The RAM array in the defensive tackle position for Brock Michael Adams (Michael Brockers) and Aaron Donald (Aaron Donald), where after joining or with the former out of rotation. Farley's flush ability was obvious to all, but Brock did better in the field. ram in the offseason the goal is clear, complete the transformation of the quarterback position in the team, will continue to focus on strengthening the defense and renewal team player. Next season their goal is still a hit of 5.

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