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The official website of NFL | Wilson Mini camp performance was praised | football coach this week, the Seattle Seahawks still continued their mini camp, and coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) for the team quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) the training performance of praise. Carol told reporters in the Seattle times: he can walk ahead of everyone. He controls all the time. He clears the trend of defenders, and his passing performance is more accurate. ???????????????????????1???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????쨹??????? Russell himself said, "I want to spend more than 15 years in my career, so the most important part is to pay attention to my feet and make them stronger, and of course, have more flexibility and mobility.In August 16th, 1976, the first NFL competition outside North America was held in Tokyo, Japan. In 1983, the first NFL competition in Europe was held at the Wembley Stadium. In 1986, Wembley held the "American bowl", which had been a number of overseas competitions in the NFL pre season, and was held until 2005. 1989-2005, Japan hosted the 13 preseason games, the 2002 Washington Redskins vs San Francisco 49 team competition held at the Osaka arena, the other 12 games in Tokyo arena. In 1990-1994, the Berlin Olympic stadium held the pre - season for 5 consecutive years. In 1991-1992, the world American Football League was cheap nfl jerseys free shipping established, with a total of 10 teams. Among them, the Barcelona dragon, the Frankfurt galaxy and the London emperors are 3 European teams and the other 7 are North American teams. 1993-1994, the world football league did not play a game, and the Norway Lehamoer Winter Olympics held a preseason. In 1994, NFL and Fawkes announced that they planned to reopen the world American Football League program in April 1995, with 6 teams going to participate. In 1994-2001, 6 pre season games were held in Mexico. In 1996, the competition was held in Monterey and other competitions were held in Mexico City. In 1995, the world American Football League was restarted and 3 new teams joined. 1997, Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Chicago bears in Dublin in 2009, the Steelers owner Rooney become U.S. ambassador of ireland. In 1998, the world American rugby league was renamed NFL Europe before the start of the tournament. In 1999, the Berlin thunderbolt team joined NFL Europe. The Denver Broncos and San Diego lightning played a preseason game in Sydney, when the lightning team punter Darren Bennett from Sydney. In the same year, the first professional bowl in the southern hemisphere was held in Sydney. In 2004, the Cologne Centurion team joined NFL Europe. 2005, Hamburg Davy Jones team to join NFL Europe. The same year, the Aztecs in Mexico City stadium held a NFL regular season, this is the first outside the United States to fight the NFL regular season, the two sides are against the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco team of 49 people, at that time by 103467 spectators crowded into the stadium, a record in the history of the regular season the most watched single game record. The same year, the last session of the American bowl, Atlanta falcons defeated the Indianapolis Colts won the Tokyo bowl in japan. In 2007, NFL Europe changed its name to NFL after the end of the season.The official website of NFL | Gelon 'want to be taken seriously | football the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) is regarded as the team in the Super Bowl in the most powerful offensive weapons. In recent weeks, people in the discussion Gelon whether Kowski is the history of the strongest near end. A discussion with the Seattle Seahawks players commented, gradually warming up. But I 'Gelon for this discussion is not cold. On Wednesday, local time, he said: I think people underestimated the efforts of the players to do in the game. In order to show good performance in the game, they need to work extra hard in regular training. I mean, some people are accustomed to seeing the success of a player as natural and of course. But the fact is, it's all the players have done their best. As a player, we really do a lot for the game. From life to training, people don't know that. G Ron Kowski said it was very reasonable, but it still couldn't stop the fans from discussing him. What can he do when he retires? At present, he is in active proximal front, the total catch code third series of, after Vernon - Davies (Vernon Davis) and Jason Witten (Jason Witten). If kousky glycopyrronium can keep healthy, such a state of last longer, then he will have the opportunity to surpass Toni - Gonzales (Tony Gonzalez) in the future.automatic playback switch automatic playing career high light moment: Hernandez had a great end nearly comparable to gloon loading... Tencent sports news morning, April 19th morning, the Massachusetts prison official announced that the former NFL star, who was serving a life sentence for a murder, Aaron Hernandez had hanged himself in his cell. at 3 in the morning, the guards found Hernandez in his cell he subsequently become unconscious, was sent to the hospital, was eventually declared died, only 27 years old. according to the Correctional Services Department official Christopher Fallon said that Hernandez's is a common cell for the highest level of the prison guard, he put the sheet around onto the window, a knot into his neck. Hernandez also blocked the door of the cell with many things, so that the guards could not easily open it. Fallon said, Hernandez did not leave any form of suicide, the incident is still under investigation. They did not realize that Hernandez had a whim, or else it would turn him into a cell that would help regulate mental illness. in fact, just a few days ago, Hernandez was accused of murder in 2012 two by Daniel de Abreu and Safi in Boston Luo folta - many cases just finish the trial, because the prosecution to come up with insufficient evidence, Hernandez was acquitted when the jury. He is now serving, was convicted in 2015 of 2013, his friend, semi football linebacker Lloyd occupation of Odin's murder. After winning a few days ago the trial, Hernandez also moved to tears, his lawyer Jose Baaizi told him, after winning the double murder, Lloyd's murder may also appeal to success. So until the time of his death, the future is very promising for Hernandez. However, he chose to finish his life at this time. After was confirmed on the death of Hernandez, Baaizi issued a statement: "Aaron's family and legal team was shocked by his death. From two aspects of the family and the legal team, no thought of any life was perceived in the communication with Aaron. Aaron is looking forward to a chance to prove his innocence. The love of him and the people he loved were heartbroken about it, and hoped to find out the truth. We ask the relevant departments to carry out an open and thorough investigation. Baaizi firm also conducted its own investigation, when the harvest time, will be published in a timely manner." , as a player who was arrested at the time of NFL's career prosperity and was convicted of murder, Hernandez's shock to NFL circles at that time was unprecedented. However, his experience is not so angry as a rugby worker, but more likely to be sad. Hernandez in Connecticut.

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