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The official website of NFL in the offseason -- AP article, football - wo has always been the center of the new England patriots team topic in the offseason, they are still in the focus of the spotlight. In the time of the most amazing reversal of the history, the Patriots were immediately involved in the team building of the new season. They have both Stephon Gillmore, a large free player with forty million guarantees, and a round of signing of the heavy trading of Brandin Cooks. Of course, it's a little unexpected, like Gronk's WWE wrestling frenzy. , like they have been in the past ten years, will start the season as the most popular team of the United States Union. In 2007, they were only one step away from perfection, but they were still in the last yard. And this year, who would be the most likely to keep them out of the super bowl? on the eve of the draft, we came to see what the United States team had changed. list of small new England patriot for older Brady, the secret of keeping the young on the field may not only depend on himself. The patriots have provided him with a very deep line that has long been missing. Billichick has told the players want to get home court advantage the playoffs is not easy, but they have seven consecutive years among the top two American League and avoid playing the wild card game. After adding Gillmore, if you can leave the Malcom Butler again, then the second line defense is enough to be the top of the league. Any score below the top two of the United States can be seen as a failure, which is the lowest standard of Billichick for the Patriots. failed in the playoffs as a failure Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, Denver broncos, Kansas City Chiefs for the Steelers, the end of the Martavis Bryant suspension can be said to be the biggest power attack group. The Marshawn Lynch (most likely) and Jared Cook joined the raider's lineup to look a little unstoppable. Andy Reid and in previ cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ous years in the Emirates to everything in good order and well arranged check network, and this time around Alex Smith around the lineup looks do not have many loopholes. The wild horse may be the most uncertain prospect in this group of teams, not only because they have changed a team of coaches, but also the quarterback problem has no final answer. However, their Champions League team still made them the most popular playoff player. 〉NFL's official website, teammates think Tyrone Smith is perfect, the left Jiefeng football nest Cowboys may have the best offensive fronts in the league. However, in the view of Zach Martin Zack, a player is coming out of the league, and the level is higher than that of the rest of the Zack. in the heart of Martin, left Jiefeng Tyrone Smith (Tyron Smith) is a monster, not better than he left Jiefeng. we often joke about Tyrone Smith is God's left Jiefeng. Martin said that, big, tall, 320 pounds, and 6 abdominal muscles. It makes people feel unfair. He is super durable, can easily erase each other defensive end to. When he catches you, you don't exist. Moreover, Tyrone is harder than everyone else! in 2011, when Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones) selected him with the 9 sign, Smith was only 20 years old, but his unique talent could not be ignored. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.looks like the packer center JC- Trent (JC Tretter) will be back at least 8 weeks later. The team may give the player who used to be the first centre forward at the beginning of the season the only designated to return in the season. , "his recovery schedule makes it reasonable for him to use this quota," Trent's agent Alan Herman (Alan Herman) said on Tuesday. Tuesday is the first day that the team can use this quota to the able players, and it will not show the use of the Quota until the official news of the player changes on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening, Herman said he has not told telete has been the number of. if trate had used it this week as expected, the first match he could return would be the Chicago bear against the November 9th. This is the first game of the packer after the end of the weekend. The packers last season in the receiver Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) in the sixth week of the game against Baltimore crow after tibial fracture with this number. Cobb can but until he in the fifteenth week of the regular season finale against the return of the game before returning the bear. This step of will enable the packers to make room for other players. But unlike the regular injury reserve list, Trent can return to the middle of the season. The most likely substitute for the squad was Garth Gerhart, who was signed by the team at the center of the training team. This year's five round show center Cory Lindsley (Corey Linsley) has not yet worked with quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) in the pre-season match, but he will take the lead instead of Trent. At present, there are only 7 healthy offensive strikers for the packers.10:58 PM ETEL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- Entering what Magic Johnson told him will be "the biggest summer" of his life, Lonzo Ball will work on but not alter his shot and he wasn't too concerned about what he showed LeBron James, Paul George and other potential free agents in his rookie season."No, the way I play is to help my team win, I am not really worried about who is not here, I am worried about the guys that are here and I tried to do what I could and help my team out," Ball said when asked if he felt pressure to show star free agents what he could do this season. "So, whether it be LeBron, Paul George or whoever, if they liked it, they liked it. If they didn't, they didn't, I can't do anything about it now."During the Los Angeles Lakers' exit interviews Thursday, Ball said Johnson, the team president, and GM Rob Pelinka's message to him was that this would be the most crucial summer of his life. The 20-year-old must get stronger physically after missing 30 games this season to shoulder and knee injuries. As for his shooting technique, Ball said he would not alter it in any way and that he just planned on working on it through repetition this summer.Johnson had said earlier in the season that management would see how the 6-foot-6 Ball shot the ball this season and then decide whether the team needed to tinker with his unique shooting form. Ball averaged 10.2 points, 7.2 assists, 6.9 rebounds and 1.7 steals while shooting 36 percent from the field and 30.5 percent from beyond the arc."Shoot it with confidence for one and just keep putting the work in," Ball said when asked what Lakers brass told him about how to improve his shooting and if any changes would be made to his technique. "Don't change your form or nothing. I have been shooting like that my whole life, they said they are fine with it."Just make sure I am getting the reps up. Just perfect it pretty much. If you want to be a good shooter, you got to shoot and start making them and that will translate to the game."Ball missed the final eight games of the season because of a left knee contusion but said the injury was feeling better. Ball, who also missed 15 games earlier in the season because of a sprained left MCL, finished with 13 double-doubles and two triple-doubles as a rookie.The Lakers are excited about Ball's passing, rebounding, defense and ability to push the pace. But Ball had stretches where his shot was hot and then ice cold, and he has to develop more offense off pick-and-rolls, drives and in the midrange game -- all things he said he would work on this summer.The No. 2 overall pick in last year's draft also had to deal with constant attention surrounding his outspoken father LaVar, and even smaller things like getting a haircut that went viral.Ball said his father was not a distraction this season. LaVar criticized Lakers coach Luke Walton earlier in the season and said that the coach had lost the team during a nine-game losing streak in early January.But he didn't make much noise regarding the Lakers after that, as he spent most of his time in Lithuania with Ball's brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo, who were playing professionally there. Lonzo Ball was asked if he asked his father to tone things down."Nope," Ball said. "Never tell him any of that. He pretty much does what he does and I do what I do."Asked if his father was ever a distraction, Ball added: "Nope. First year was all me and it is done now and on to the next one."It is a massive summer for Ball and the Lakers. Johnson and Pelinka plan to pursue two max free agents this summer with James and George the biggest targets if they opt to consider the Lakers. Lakers management has positioned the franchise to be able to potentially clear as much as $70 million in cap space if restricted free agent Julius Randle does not return and the Lakers find a solution, probably the stretch provision, to the $37 million owed to Luol Deng, according to ESPN's Bobby Marks.The Lakers not only will try to sell free agents on playing in L.A. but also on their young core of Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart that helped them finish 35-47 -- a nine-game improvement from the season before despite a rash of injuries.Kuzma, who averaged 16.1 points and 6.3 rebounds as a rookie, said that no matter who the Lakers get in free agency this summer, Ball knows he has to be "bring it" next season."I think he's going to attack his mentality," Kuzma said when asked how his best friend on the team will go into the offseason. "There's one thing he needs to do -- for us to be great, no matter who comes here, everything is going to fall on his head no matter if it's a superstar that comes or not. That's just the reality we live in."For him and us, we all know he has to bring it next year and he will for sure."

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