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even-even soccer equipment network on August 19, 2017 morning, Guangzhou bodied Football Club held a press conference in Guangzhou Parklane Hotel, officially announced the R& F; R & F team at the 2017-18 annual Hongkong Football Super League, compete in the Hongkong football top award, Guangzhou R & F Football Club vice chairman Huang Shenghua, Guangzhou R & F Football Club General Manager Zhang Bin F, R& f the football club general manager Yang Qi, R& F decimating coach Marek and R& F; R & f all the players attended the press conference.Florida State University four Wei Jie, Winston (Jameis Winston) - who will be made in the next week to decide whether to stay at school or choose to participate in the draft for a year, and if he chose not to participate in the draft would be a shocking news. There are reports that Winston is at l cheap nfl jerseys free shipping east considering other options. YAHOO sports reporters understand Winston more than consider sources close to the process said the quarterback was seriously considering and stayed a year. earlier ESPN reported that Winston's father said Winston would not announce his decision before the University Rugby championship. The deadline for non - big fourth players to announce the draft is January 15th. scored 348 yards for Winston in the rose bowl of University of Oregon, but due to 5 turnovers in the attack team of Florida State University, including Winston slipping himself to the ball, they lost 20-59 balls to the opponent. This is the first loss to Winston's college career. But the failure would not hurt the NFL scout's performance on Winston's performance. He was widely believed to be one of the first 2 quarterback in the NFL show this year, if he chose to leave school early. if Winston's shock to stay, his team, especially the offensive group -- and this season the team is not the same. The Florida State University will lose 4 senior attacking players. Rashard Green (Rashad Greene) is a big four player. Nick OReilly (Nick O'Leary), who won the John Mcgee Award (John Mackey Award), a symbol of the best near - end front in the country, is also a big fourth player. Carlos Williams (Karlos Williams), the first starting runner for most of the season, is another key fourth player. is not so much a key senior players in the defensive group, but junior defensive end Mario - Edwards (Mario Edwards Jr.) is expected to choose to participate in the draft, and triangle guard P.J. Williams (P.J. Williams) announced on Tuesday that he will leave school to participate in the draft.The official website of NFL, Ma Sean - Lynch in the "off-road Trinidad" build nest, nest shelter Rugby Although Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch MA) retired from the spotlight for a long time, but he is still very busy, first go to a foreign country to play rugby then appears in Madden ad, he recently came to the thousands of miles of cross-country show. In the program, can't set up a tent and can only build a shelter through the branches. Lynch, an ex post interview, said: I don't think this program is called cross-country. It should be called a bear hidden in the mountains. saw from the show that Lynch quickly adapted to the rhythm of the field, and soon built a bed built by a branch. At the end of the program, Lynch also learned the skills to hunt wild boars and cook in the wild. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Ma Sean - Lynch "beast mode" store opened | football Does remember the discomfort of Ma Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) in front of the TV media? whatever you don't love him, he is a very clever man, although the Seattle Seahawks and Lynch failed to reach the super bowl, but Lynch's business trip is about to begin. is learned that the Oakland hero will return to Oakland on Friday to host his own animal model store opening ceremony. Lynch has engaged in the auction of 2 animal models, which will be donated to local charities. Lynch's personal foundation with his cousin Josh Johnson (Josh Johnson) was established to help children and high-risk children grow up after school.

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