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Jacksonville Jaguars running back Tobey Gerhard (Toby Gerhart) last season from the Vikings to come, the team had been high hopes, but because of injuries and other reasons the downturn, a down season only 101 rushing with 326 yards and two touchdowns in the season at the beginning, also lost the starting running backs position. And Gerhard was well aware of his performance, and he spoke frankly in a reporter's interview: "to be honest, I was really bad last year." in the offseason this year chose the Jaguars running back TJ- Elton (T.J.Yeldon), Elton talented, is expected to become the new season Jaguar ground offensive core, and the other running backs Dana de Robinson (Denard Robinson) will debut as a timely rotation. But the Jaguar doesn't seem to have given up. Gerhard, David Caldwell, said earlier this week: "he looks stronger and faster th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping an last year. I think he can make a lot of contributions to us this year".The official website of NFL | Lynch was fined $20 thousand for crotch grabbing | football Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) was once again fined by the alliance. According to ESPN reporter Facebook news reports, according to the alliance Seattle Seahawks running back Lynch was fined 20 thousand dollars, because he made gestures to celebrate in the crotch grabbing completed a 24 yard touchdown run after the ball. It is also for the Seahawks touchdown also laid the next reversal. in December last year against the Arizona Cardinals in the game, Lynch because of similar behavior was fined 11 thousand dollars. maybe this will not be Lynch's last fines, and the alliance has planned to fines his apparent excessive behavior of over $50 thousand. It was also brewing in a series of events after Lynch's refusal to communicate with the media. The alliance and the Seahawks management is also discussed how to solve their running backs will not insist on reporters to communicate way.The official website of NFL, chief of running back Charles will miss the next game due to a knee injury in football nest Jamal - Charles (Jamaal Charles) is now unable to stabilize. After 's match last week, the Kansas chief of the kkansas City chief was determined to be absent from the Indianapolis pony. chief Andy Reed (Andy Reid) announced the decision on Friday, after Charles's two knees felt sore this week. In the match to win the New Orleans saints, Charles only played the 2 attack, and since he returned to the game since the 4th week, he only completed 12 times to get the ball to get 40 yards. in the recovery from last year's knee anterior cruciate ligament tear, Charles has been the location of the team's main running back Spencer (Spencer, Ware) - the latter occupied, averaging 129.5 yards rushing to catch the ball, ranked fourth in the league. Vill, who has been reused by the team, occupies 35.9% of the team's number in this season and is ranked second in the league. in the past, losing Charles might mean the Sheikh was dead. But this was not the case last season, and it was clear that this season was not the case. There's no need to hurry Charles back to the game. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) recently presented his team's quarterback crisis response: "strong win." on Tuesday U.S. time, Kubiak coach at the breakfast meeting said that the current Mustang there will be more people quarterback competition, he said: "no matter who were brought into the Mustang, it will be a competition, we won't give him a starting position." Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) is now the quarterback of the wild horse, and Trevor - Seaman (Trevor Siemian) is also on the quarterback of the wild horse. is interesting. At the moment, the wild horse is also interested in Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) and Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) of San Francisco. The latter has frequent connections with Cleveland Brown and New York jet. from the manager's point of view, Kubiak seems to be more inclined to Griffin, due to the current Brown for Griffin is interested in the Mustang, if you don't act if perhaps they can pursue low probability of Capet nicky.

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