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Automatic playback switch automatic playing Jersey sales list: Curry beat James Du 76 less high-profile star loading... NBA announced the three Jersey sales season before 2017-18 months today, Stephen curry and Lebron James is still the top two, even the rookie Simmons are down to eighth, but the MVP candidate, the Rockets star James harden was ranked only tenth. such a strong contrast, what is it for? Is it hard to see the ball? Or from the market to see the Rockets Jersey? personal cause this season, harden's excellent performance, averaging a league high 32.3 points, but also with 5 rebounds and 9.1 assists, before the injury to lead the Rockets to a 26 wins and 9 negative results, comprehensive personal data and led the league, said to be the best player, too. However, the sales of his jersey are not inferior to those of library, Zhan, Duwei or even Simmons, even a player like Leonard who has only played 9 games till now. and this is not the first time harden by the fans, cold: prior to the all star fan voting process, although there are Chinese fans votes harden is still way behind the library, finished second in the Western League defender, all players ranked only fifth, and a MVP the level of performance do not match. has an interpretation that it is unsightly that harden plays a ball, and pragmatism is much more ornamental. But this season, this situation has been greatly improved. In fact, harden transport, various technic cheap nfl jerseys free shipping al aspects of technology are shooting skill, excellent start fast rhythm, the European sign is the breakthrough of unrivaled arena, the last two years of transition increase organization, has become one of the league's most comprehensive offensive player. No matter what, such a player, playing a ball will not be difficult to see. does not agree with the harden play fans, mostly concentrated in his love cheat "pengci" foul this point. However, this season's alliance has made some adjustments to this rule. As long as the players who are infringed are not playing the basketball correctly at the moment of physical contact, they will only play the usual foul now, unless the number has arrived, no more penalty shots will be given. even so, he still grind his own skills to a new level. So far this season, he averaged 32.3 points, 4.1 three points, 39% hit the shot hit rate for career record. Often watch the Rockets game, you will have a strong feeling: now the harden ability of individual offensive has reached a pinnacle, a hand stop step back three points, almost godlike! So it's hard to convince Harry to play hard to see.for the Arizona Cardinals, from Larry Fitzgerald to make about the future (Larry Fitzgerald) at the time of the decision one day approaching. The veteran in 2015 on the impact of the salary cap will reach $23 million 600 thousand, while the Cardinals will pay him $16 million 250 thousand at least, the Cardinals will? Or would you like to enter the post - Larry era? Bidwell Cardinals chairman Michael (Michael Bidwill) believe that next season Fitzgerald will remain a member of the cardinals, Bidwell in the local media said the linnet and Fitzgerald's agent preliminary conversation smoothly. "I believe we're going to solve these problems," Bidwell said. "We have already had some conversations, and I think it's very effective. We will continue these discussions. Or, similarly, Steve Keim will have some discussions with his agent," Steve Keim. said he wanted to make Fitzgerald bidell Cardinals retired but this is a long time after the issue of "Fitzgerald has spent 11 years of occupation career in the cardinals, but he is now 31 years old, before the three season production in the past are not, except in 2013 has a good outbreak (954 yards, 10 touchdown). In 2014, however, his number of hits, the number of hits and the numbers were the lowest since his new rookie season. However, still believes that Fitzgerald wanted to stay in Arizona bidell. "Although there is not much progress, but I think it is best for us in the future is on his best results," said "we must bidell, can solve these problems."The fifth world handball | Super Cup handball tournament will be held in May | hand Association in Qatar Luca according to the International Handball Federation news, international hands fifth World Super Cup handball tournament will be held in Qatar from May 14, 2011 to 18, more than harbin. the first World Super Cup handball game was held in Vienna, Austria, in January 1997. The title of the game was the World Club Championships. , following the two successful hosting of the World Super Cup in 2002 and 2010, Qatar al Saad sports club will continue to host the world club competition this year on behalf of the International Handball Federation. According to the agreement signed by the international hand Union and alsad club, the club will host an annual Super Cup for four consecutive years from 2010 to 2013. , unlike last year, will add two teams to the Super Cup this year. The 8 teams from five continents will be divided into 2 groups to advance the group preliminary. In addition to host Qatar al Sadd, has won the tournament to qualify the defending champion Spain and Germany from Ciudad real Club Champions League champion THW McGill club. The other 4 teams are the champions of Asia, Africa, the Pan American region and the Oceania handball club. Eighth teams will be sent by the host Qatar another team, they will be a wild card entry. Below is the list of the first four World Super Cup crowns: 1997 (Austria Vienna): Spanish club Santander tecka 2002 (Qatar Doha): Qatar alsad club 2007 (Cairo Egypt Spain): Ciudad real club 2010 (Qatar Doha): Spanish club Ciudad real (Yi Wen)The official website of NFL | jets fired rookie receiver Saunders | Rugby The New York jets declining made a surprising move in the three game losing streak, Monday afternoon officially announced to cut the four round of this year's rookie wide receiver Jaron Saunders (Jalen Saunders), in order to fill his position the jets signed veteran T.J. Graham (T.J. Graham). Saunders lost the ball six times ago in the match against the Chicago bears in the game. He dropped the ball as a return player, but this week he didn't play in the Detroit lions game. After being cut, he can still get into the jet team's training lineup. The team general manager John Itzik (John Idzik) in the May draft pick three receivers, but until there is no apparent positive effect, the other two are: Shaquille Evans (Saunders in the fourth round of the ten pick), because of a shoulder injury to injured reserve the list of Quincy Ai Nuhua; (Sixth) in September 2nd to be laid off, the signing of the training team and the team in the same week because of family violence was arrested. Saunders was the 4 round of the jets who traded Darrel - Weiss (Darrelle Revis) to the Pirates of Tampa Bay in 2013. When the transaction of ray Weiss for the 2013 first round pick and a 2014 fourth round draft pick, jet with the first round pick in thirteenth overall selection of Sheldon - Richardson (Sheldon Richardson), and to replace Lives Dee milliner's overall pick in the 1 round of ninth. Last year, Richardson, the best rookie of the league, had confirmed his strength, but Milina was still unaware, and Saunders was out.

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