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's new England patriots are still in a "bleeking" scandal that has also been the focus of the media and fans for a week. As a rival, the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Bennet Michael (Michael Bennett) also have their own views. He thinks it's just a way of hype, and the media is trying to create a super bowl through this. "I think the media are taking advantage of this topic," said Bennet. They want to seize the opportunity to build up the super bowl and add more topics to the game. In fact, the super bowl is a duel between two great teams, and I don't think this topic will affect any of us. At , Bennet also expressed his respect for Patriots: "patriots are the best teams in 10 years, and they always want to do better. Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) is one of the best coach in history, he has built a very strong team. This is the game itself, the coach, the staff, the team, which is the core of the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping game. I hope people will be able to focus again on the game itself and let him pass the 'air'.The official website of NFL | Dezhou and hopes to get Capet Brown or nick | football Colin Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) recently combined with 49 people in San Francisco for the focus of public opinion. , according to the news, revealed that Houston Dezhou and Cleveland Brown were interested in him, but Capet Nick wanted to stay with the 49. , in the past few years, Dezhou people and Brown have never been able to find the right first quarterback. Although Brown has got the chance to find quarterback in the draft this year, he has to go to a Super Bowl quarterback for several seasons. and Dezhou's head coach Bill - Obrien (Bill O'Brien) liked the strong mobile quarterback, and Capet Nick was obviously the first choice. it would take 49 people to give sincerity if Capet Nick did not want to leave, and it was not difficult for the 49 to leave Capet Nick.The official website of NFL | Titan CEO: next year the team will be a big change | football Tennessee Titan has been performing poorly this season. So far, it has only won two victories. It can only be ranked third in the Southern League of United States. It lost the qualification of the playoffs early. So sluggish performance also makes the management of Titan worried the Titan CEO Tommy Smith (Tommy Smith) on Wednesday expressed his first for head coach Ken Whisenhunt (Ken Whisenhunt) and general manager Webster Ralston (Ruston Webster) understanding and support, but he also said the Titan the team is not for sale, will make a big change in the offseason to the team. Smith said: the squad of the squad is going to be changed next year, so players are going to try their best to fight for the remaining four games, which will probably decide whether they can stay in the team next season. With this contract with long Never mind, some players may have just signed with us about, but it does not mean that next year will not leave. Smith added: "I can assure you that everything I do is for the good team. My goal is to build a strong team that can win the game and make the fans strong. I know that there must be a lot of people saying, 'you're only two - ten now and you want to be a strong team?' ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The official website of NFL | Bill signed cornerback Nicole - Luo Bei | Rugby ?????????????????????????????-?????Nickell Robey??????????????????????????????? Bill announced on Sunday that robe had renewed his contract with the team. NFL official network reporter Rand Getlin, according to a source of information, said Roberto signed a two - year contract renewal. The team wants to repay robe's contribution. , since we signed him in 2013, Robert has always been an excellent and reliable corner guard of our team. Doug Whaley, general manager, said in the statement of the team Doug Doug. I would like to thank our scout team for finding and signing players like Nickel during the rookie signing period. Since entering NFL, Nickel has been playing hard and taking advantage of the opportunity to finish the defense. Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) and the coaching staff under the guidance, we believe that he will continue to grow and make outstanding contributions to the defense group. has a height of 5 feet 7 inches, 170 pounds, Nicole is one of the smallest sub League cornerback, he in the kick-off line near the show a rapid pace with the opponent took over the slot. should be an important member of Lane's excellent defensive team as long as he is on the pitch and stays inside.

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