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NFL????|????????????????????????|????? U. S. time Monday night games, new England Patriots will be silent for 18 - year - old American children killed on Thursday in a Palestinian terrorist attack. , Schwartz (Ezra Schwartz) is a Massachusetts resident, and patriot fans, his hometown is at Gillette stadium in Foxborough near. patriot's boss Robert Craft (Robert Kraft) is a Jew. He received Schwartz's letters from his former friends. His friends hope that the Patriot can make Schwartz's pre match silence, in order to thank him for his support. so our patriot saw this silence before the opening of the ball to Buffalo Bill.The official website of NFL | provoked criticism of Graham dunks yellow coach | football although the League issued new rules to prohibit players from making dunk celebrations with the goal, but this obviously did not prevent Jimmy Graham's interest. , the super near side has made two catching touches in the pre-season match against Tennessee Titan, and has made his landmark celebrating dunk on the goal after reaching the goal. The two referees were punished for violating sports ethics fouls (unsportsmanlikeconduct). celebrated by the referee in the second throw yellow after the dunk, the saints coach Sean - Payton (SeanPayton) came out to his love a roar -- it i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s not common. Payton said in an interview after the game that I was quite dissatisfied with the team's 22 fouls, especially Graham's two fouls. Graham was not interviewed by reporters after the game. if this happens in a key game, the 15 - yard penalty may bring the team back. And in the view of coach Payton, this kind of behavior is a lack of discipline.The results showed that the Oakland Raiders didn't change his game for the Aldon Smith for the whole season. according to NFL official website reporter Rand Gatlin (Rand Getlin) reported that, because of the violation of the alliance drug abuse regulations, the famous pass player was banned by NFL for a year. Smith, who was involved in an accident in August, was accused of driving and escaping, drunk driving and destroying public affairs. The arrest led him to be cut off for 49 people in San Francisco for four seasons. is a huge setback for the Raiders, and they have made great progress under the leadership of the new manager, Jack - Del - Rio (Jack Del Rio). Recently, the general manager Reggie McKinsey (Reggie McKenzie) revealed that Smith in the team's long-term plan. It is not known whether he will reexamine the theory or not. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported on Tuesday that the Raiders plan to keep him in the team during Smith's ban. The Raiders were expected to eventually be banned in the final Smith, especially considering that this was the third time that he had been arrested on a wine drive. He signed a contract with a large bonus, worth $8 million, on the same day with the Raiders on the same day. Smith made a total of 530 stalls for the Raiders, and he gave Del Rio one of the best combinations of the league's pass. Smith and misogynist star Lille Mike Chong military card (Khalil Mack) to get 62 times after 9 quarterback sacks and 8 quarterback impact. After facing the Detroit lions, Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs, the Raiders were likely to achieve 7 wins and 5 defeats before entering the final stage of the season. but it may be difficult to continue such a performance after losing Smith. The defensive line in Justin Tucker (Justin Tuck) has been a mess because of injury for the season, unless like ray - ray - Armstrong (Ray-Ray Armstrong) and Benson Mayowa (Benson Mayowa) these players can also offer world-class performance, Raiders defensive attack may need to adjust. The more interesting part of the story of is whether the Raiders will give Smith a long-term contract. They have some time to think about this problem, but considering his strong performance at the beginning of this season and the fact that he was relatively calm after his last arrest, once Smith ended the ban, the Raiders wanted him to continue to play. Some trouble players will leave NFL soon, but when you get in his first two seasons the number of captured and killed before the most (33.5 times), will still have a chance to leave you. this is not likely to be the last time we saw Smith. The only question is where we will see him next.The official website of NFL |NFL nearly 50 years of classic battle: hand of marine | football in December 21, 1974, on the Sunday before Christmas, 52817 spectators and 40 million fans of the TV set witnessed the best competition in history. The Miami dolphins were on the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders defeated the opponents by 2 points with two points in the last 4 points and 37 seconds. The quarterback Ken Stabler and run Clarence Davis at the last minute, all in a desperate way, became the legendary classic in the history of NFL, the ocean of hand. era background John Madden radiant, coach after holding winner 1970s, the Miami dolphins in the hall of Fame coach Don Shula under the leadership of three consecutive years in the super bowl, and the two championships, creating a record at the time. In 1974, the dolphins won the East Zone champion with a 11 - 3 victory, while the Raiders won the United States West Zone champion with the league's best record of 12 to 2. A pair of rival teams is the world, 8 meetings since 1966, the Raiders with 6 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses. In addition, both Shula and John coach Don Madden is a legend, two people in the history of the NFL only in the first ten years that can get 100 victory coach. fans, even a commentator for the world strong dialogue so exciting and excited fans, home court uniform wearing black clothes, black carry items, waving black banners, deafening cheers with the Oakland arena in order to melt the black sea. The race passes through winner, quarterback Ken Stabler in search of pass target the whole game reversal story appeared frequently striking one snag after another. 1 and kick-off for only 15 seconds. Dolphin Nat Moore took the ball from the 11 yards of the party, and then drove along the left side into the tearing line to drive directly into the ball. Without any obstruction, it easily completed a 89 yards catch and return attack. 0-7, the Raiders are backward. 2, until the second, the Raider started a decent attack. In a machine like strong offensive lines under escort (five in three days after entering the hall of fame), advancing to the match center. Ultimately 〉

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